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US|Police Trying to Determine Cause of JFK Airport Gun Calls

Posted in Trending Topics on 16th August 2016

US|Police Trying to Determine Cause of JFK Airport Gun Calls

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is busy airport in lockdown as travelers cowered on the floor while armed police swept through terminal

The calls come in individually at 21:30 and 10:15, sparking a massive law enforcement hunting for an armed individual.

It was later suggested thunderous applause for 100m Usain Bolt’s Olympic victory might be mistaken by crowds of gunfire, NBC reported.

NYPD Emergency Services Unit officers with automatic weapons recently shed the field as passengers booty sheet cement traffic obstacles.

Thousands of people was finally forced to the airport in the aftermath of the incident flight.

“If you do something that is not your life is worth to mention, everyone move now!” an officer shouted during the chaos.

As a precaution, flights diverted chose to nearby Buffalo and airport police to allow the main highway leading to the airport.

Thea first call from the departure area of ​​Terminal 8, while the second took place in Terminal 1.

“I get a boarding pass, screwed the guy from the kitchen counter and everyone is walking around and I’ll be like what the f ***, “recalls Robert a New Yorker fly to London.

“We learn to go to safety, we wait there and the police waved us to go out. So we all run out … It was strange.”

Norweign Airlines passenger Demetrius Pipkin said Terminal 1 turned into a “madhouse” as those trying panic flight, but has nowhere to run to.

He Pix11 “. We have previously said get on the floor and take cover behind any and all we could get

” When we finally were able outputs, the led to find the runway, which is not necessarily the safest place. “

to deplaning, hundreds of people queuing through immigration checkpoints pass is stuck in the area for more than two hours under heavy police presence.

Panic spread quickly through the crowd as police advise people lying on the ground, they evacuated through corridors leading out of the tar.

“Get down on the ground! ! Off, off “Policemen yelled Other times, ordered them.”. Move, move, move “a terrified children crying and people to safety fled

A German traveler who just has her name as Gisela, said a police officer told her:” There is an active shooter, out to feed. “

When the travelers return to the immigration area, there is renewed panic as armed police walked back and forth.

Some travelers have been ordered to stabbing away at immigration cabins. They given was no explanation for the security incident by the police.

A woman cried hard because she lost her nine-year-old child in the uprising.

Joshi Herrmann was at the airport when the mass panic broke HEA wrote on Twitter: .. “Six of us hid in the closet of the Alitalia lounge for about half an hour, or feel that

” we have hundreds of people outside built sprinting away from the airport and lie behind vans cover. Inside it was completely silent.

“armed police alone and let us out of the closet and took us out of Terminal 1, where tons of people waiting.

“I have heard no shots, sprinting on this side of the sounds of people in all directions. No one I have spoken, they have said, either. It was a high degree of panic.”

A ???? Robbie Rob (@locodoggy) August 15, 2016

???? Robbie Rob (@locodoggy) August 15, 2016

A statement from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, servicing the airport, confirmed that there is no evidence of gunfire was found, and that the evacuation was due to “an abundance of caution.”

said: “Preliminary investigations shots notes is fired at JFK There are no injuries Currently, no gun shells or other proof of shots found

…” Terminal evacuated out of an abundance of caution. Travelers should their carriers.

“There is considerable PAPD and NYPD presence at JFK and LGA. Investigation continues.”

New York police later confirmed on Twitter that all terminals activities will resume after no evidence of shots fired after it was found in a terminal.

???? Andrew Noy (@CLWDcommerce) August 15, 2016

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Emma Coburn of Boulder advances to finals of steeplechase at Rio Olympics

Posted in Trending Topics on 14th August 2016

Emma Coburn of Boulder advances to finals of steeplechase at Rio Olympics

Rio de Janeiro â ???? In a case where the problems are lurking around every corner and turn features on the track, Emma Coburn slide over each hurdle with fluidity, grace, and a calm face that her Americaâ ???? made best female obstacle precursor.

â to jump 30-inch high wooden barriers 35 times in 3,000 meters (1.86 miles) ???? with every fourth a well with a water for a landing of a ???? is a dangerous way to make a living. A minor accident at the obstacle can beat a runner, and out of the race. More serious accidents can injure or chain pile-up caused. Coburn makes it seem like a skirt on her favorite trail runs in Crested Butte, where she grew up, seemingly unaware of the potential for slaughter.

The former CU star advanced easily in Saturdayâ ???? Olympic semifinals and will run in the final of the event on Monday. Her time of nine minutes, 18:12 seconds was third among the 53 women who participated.

???? They look control, â ???? said Mark Wetmore, Colorado College track coach who currently coaches her as a professional. â ???? She is ready to perform well in two days.A ????

After running in the pack for the first half of Saturdayâ ???? race, Coburn has a move to get away from the traffic and led to the final round when Beatrice Chepkoech of Kenya over her, slipped (9, 17,55). Coburn her run, do a top-three finish would put her in the final.

???? I felt good lead and I felt comfortable and I felt like if I had another gear that last kilometer I’ve had it, â ???? said Coburn, 25

Coburn is the US rekordhouer (9: 10.76)., after it acquired this year by fellow Colorado grad Jenny Simpson, who left the hurdle five years ago to focus on 1500 meters. The two training partners Boulder is the top US athletes in their respective events.

???? I always looked up to her, â ???? said Colleen Quigley, another American who advanced to the finals. â ???? I think everyone has Emma as these beautiful creatures we could only dream to be in a race with. always knows what she’s doing – calm, cool and collected. She is the one you want to track in a race like this, because she knows exactly how to treat them. She takes the obstacles out herky-jerky, very smooth any time. ????

It takes a special personality to be comfortable in drag. Those obstacles is wood 4×4’s, and they donâ ???? t move when a runner their hits.

???? It takes a lot of heart and it takes a lot of guts, â ?? ?? Coburn said. â ???? to do all the track and field nommers, but there is something about the barrier: If accidents or stressers bothers you a lot, as you have everything needed perfect, this is not your kind of event. There are times when you get a barrier and had no idea this is, you need only look to jump to the head in front of you and it’s your white to go. Or if someone in front of you jump into the water … There’s just a lot of problems which may occur some drama. If you’re not a quiet person, it can really upset you.A ????

The potential for disaster is to Coburn drove to the front Saturday.

Father Charged After 11-Year-Old Shot in Tennessee

Posted in Trending Topics on 11th August 2016

Father Charged After 11-Year-Old Shot in Tennessee

August 10, 2016 AT 2:22

Last update: August 10 2016 03:48

A 11-year-old Tennessee girl shot dead by her father after her first day of middle the school.

Timothy Batts, 29, explained to police that he accidentally shot his daughter, Timea Batts, yesterday afternoon â ???? then she screamed and scared of him, â ???? according to court documents filed in Sumner County.

He said the police he was asleep at the time but woke up startled when he heard noise and had reported a pistol from his dresser, The Tennessean, citing the documents. He then shot the girl in the trunk, read the documents

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The police said that Batts had originally detectives his daughter is shot him after he got out of school. When officers searched his house, it is revealed that the shooting has plăcea inside the residence, and the weapon he used Wasa out of the house. As a result, it has had his first statements ???? not fair, â ???? said the documents.

???? The suspect had to the police later and said he wants the truth about what happened told, and recognize the story that he had not said before, â truth? ??? An affidavit. â ???? The suspect then remove the gun from the scene and said the gun was already in Nashville.â ????

According to WTAE, an Batts drove his injured daughter TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center. She then flew to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Timea is just two hours later declared dead.

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Batts was charged with reckless homicide, false reporting, possession of a firearm as a felon and evidence tampering. He was put in prison and was held on $ 1000000 tape. He has previous convictions for drug, police said.

Timeaâ ???? Death snatched the community.

???? Shea ???? only 11 â? ??? nearest Leanna McKee has NBC News. â ???? She does not have much more energetic ???? t even got her first car, Hasna ???? t even gone to high school, Hasna ???? t have even experienced life so thatâ ???? is a kind of sad.â ????

Counsellors is has attended the school, Knox Doss Middle School. â ???? Timea was a bright and kind girl well-liked by her classmates and teachers, â ???? the Sumner County School District said in a statement. â ???? They will be largely missed.â ????

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Kerri Walsh Jennings, April Ross shrug off Zika jeers in win over China

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th August 2016

Kerri Walsh Jennings, April Ross shrug off Zika jeers in win over China

Rio de Janeiro -. Kerri Walsh Jennings, American beach volleyball star, has a message for the Brazilian fans that her and her teammate April Ross during a match that starts at midnight Monday targeted with cries of ‘Zika’ ‘

“I’m Zika concerned about, ” Walsh Jennings told USA TODAY Sports. “I got my honest mistake Spray on. I care. We do our part.”

Apparently the Brazilians were not hard enough.

Walsh Jennings and teammate April Ross said they could not ‘Zika’ spot during their 2-0 victory (21-16, 21-9) over China’s Wang Fan and Yue Yuan to let them play top group C in group though. But the spotlight was unmistakable, if less noisy than the first aimed at US goalkeeper Hope Solo before it became the two US women’s volleyball team goals.

“I do not pay attention to those things, ” Walsh Jennings said.

But it was a surreal game, with song of” USA, USA “alternating with the increasingly familiar refrain of “Whoooooa, Zika! ” But perhaps no more surreal than that feels so much like one of the nearby night clubs as a beach volleyball venue, thanks to a deejay, colored flash and dance music.

Although the Brazilians playfully booed the Americans, they also have the Americans cheered when Walsh Jennings and Ross made clutch play during a match that ended at 00:33

“People appreciate good volleyball here, ” said Walsh Jennings.

Nadia Comaneci clarifies that shes Romanian, not Russian

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th August 2016

Nadia Comaneci clarifies that shes Romanian, not Russian

Rio de Janeiro (AP) -. Nadia Comaneci want to make sure that everyone knows Shea ???? s Romanian, not Russian

Comaneci posted a Screengrab on Twitter a listing on Marie Claireâ ?? ?? s website of her perfect 10 on the uneven bars at the 1976 Montreal Games. The post shows a gymnast in a red leotard and describes Comaneci and Russian. Comaneci say on Twitter, â ???? Noa ?? | is not mea ?? | I Romanian.â ????

She was 14 when she first perfect 10 in Olympic history. She has five gold medals made entirely in 1976 and 1980.

Comaneci is attending the Olympic Games in Rio.

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