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Posted in Trending Topics on 21st February 2016

Election live: Sanders and Clinton deadlocked as Nevada caucuses results trickle in

the third round of the 2016 election begins with Democrats facing off in Nevada and Republicans try Trump catch in South Carolina

The third round of the 2016 election begins Democrats in the face stare off in Nevada and Republicans are trying to overtake Trump in South Carolina

Just a correction from earlier in the blog, I reported that Hillary Clinton has “all six” coin tosses in Iowa.

An eagle-eyed reader pointed out that this – which reached record from an article in the Des Moines – is not entirely accurate. According to the Washington Post:

Other news articles over the course of the day showed that Sanders won another elsewhere in the state; it was mainly those, it seems, that allegedly the state Democratic Party. We were never allowed to know how much coin toss there in total. But we can estimate how important it was. If Iowa County 11,000 delegates selected Monday finally compared to 1400 state deputies, implying that about eight County deputies equal to one at the state level. Clinton Iowa by four state-delegate equivalents, which means – according to my calculations – it would have taken to win 32 more coin flips to have been like Sanders who’s seated on the top

more . Over 40% of Nevada districts reporting, the race remains painfully near: Clinton 51.6% to 48.3% Sanders.

The former foreign minister seems to build a wider margin in the key Clark County, home to Las Vegas and most of Nevada’s population. But since the Nevada System split delegates – descend several districts to obscure valbylpot rules on a pack of cards – the state may prove to be no clear winner, as the Iowa caucuses earlier this month

. Democracy in action in Reno, Nevada, where supporters of Clinton and Sanders tries to lure undecided voters to their candidate

The unpredictable. “You can imagine these great ideas, but if you do not support behind ca get it, I’m just saying …”

Sanders-ISTA: “I think that our country is moving in the towards a more progressive direction … I’m not saying that we have these other people leave behind, but … “

the Clinton-ITO:” the right to much more right, and it is fair scary … “

In Las Vegas, Le Roy Graham and Linda Devaull Graham is a house divided. He returned Clinton, as he did in ’08. She supported Sanders and together with Obama eight years ago. She was to vote in a classroom at the Del Webb through the school, where they each attempt to win over the fans go under the compound caucus. Le Roy stomped the line Hilary things can be done.

“I’m watching Hillary since his first wife, the first lady of Arkansas was,” he said. “She always people she is for Obamacare argument under Administration Bill Clinton In a perfect world, Bernie will be the candidate, but I do not think he is eligible …”

His wife jumping in “this is what he said about Obama, he was not eligible.”

Her husband admit to the point. But when it comes to the vote, Clinton Sanders knocking out water: Linda was one of only three voters who support him in the classroom. Clinton 24.

Reno partisans for Clinton and Sanders work on the number of uncertain voters.

More than a quarter of the districts results in Nevada is now. What do we know? At this time, it is not enough, except that it already begin to feel now as a repetition of Iowa, where Clinton and Sanders was tied in effect.

The former foreign minister and the Vermont senator his neck and -neck. Much can and will change as the rest of the results came in first, and it may be that either Clinton or Sanders pulling for, but it might think worth about what a close race

answer :. Good for Sanders. This was a prerequisite Clinton campaign thought they win from the back of minority voters (they make up nearly half the population Nevada’s – very different from mostly white Iowa and New Hampshire).

polling in the state is notoriously unreliable, but only a few months ago, the surveys show Clinton has a big advantage over its rebellious challenger. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it is no longer the case.

Nevada still absolutely nail biting as results trickle in.

32% of districts reporting, Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders leads the traditionally margin – 51.66% to 48.24% ..

It is always one game this point

gekoukus is very consistent in Reno, reports Sam Levin:.

at the University of Nevada Reno website, where many students who participate for the first time in the caucus, the organizers have briefly ran English forms

This mean non-Spanish speakers Spanish taalvorme had used to sign up, so help a bit of confusion and forcing some Spanish speakers with the translation.

After a short period, but the site has documents in English.

“We have a resupply of English forms – so we are good now,” a representative of the Democratic Party has just Guardian

It is a very slow start here. – The organizers still processing voter two hours after the official beginning of time

Interesting:. A neighborhood in Pahrump decided by cutting deck: has had some pretty incredible luck

Hillary. with tiebreaks so far this election cycle

This factoid, MSNBC’s Ari Melber, is bad news game for Hillary Clinton – first caucus-goers are more likely to be for Bernie:

only from Chris McGreal, the full results of the caucus at Del Webb school in Las Vegas.

Many of the koukusse has slowed, but

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