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Did Kodak Black Get Sentenced To Prison For Three Years? Viral Rumor Claims Rapper Set To Serve Hard Time

Posted in Trending Topics on 1st August 2016

Did Kodak Black Get Sentenced To Prison For Three Years? Viral Rumor Claims Rapper Set To Serve Hard Time

If Kodak Black on his way to jail for the next three years?

Viral spreading rumors this weekend that the 19-year-old rapper was sentenced to some serious time for the long piece indictments HEA? ??? s face, but some are more reliable stores come forward to disprove the rumors and set the record straight.

Kodak Black is still in prison after his latest arrest, which in May. He was arrested in Broward County, Florida, on charges of armed robbery and false imprisonment included WSVN reported.

The arrest of May, just a few weeks after the Pompano Beach, Florida, native was arrested for another incident in which he allegedly has tried to arrest him, the police on a chase after them for making a drug deal. He has the incident with the costs for possession of marijuana, the flight of civil servants, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

So, while itâ ???? Obviously Kodak Black is on trial on a number of serious problems, the rumor circulating the HEA ???? s was sentenced to three years in prison just ISNA ???? t true. Ita ???? is not exactly clear how the rumor started, DJ Akademiks noted that itâ ???? difficult to trace back to the source.

But DJ Akademiks was one of a handful of media personalities try to disprove the rumor. He posted a YouTube clip calling those false reports that Kodak Black was sentenced to jail spread.

His report can be seen here [the video contains some adult language].

???? DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) July 30, 2016

Although the story of Kodak Blacka ???? the legal problems is the biggest news around him, hea ???? is still managed to make an impression as one of the most up-and-coming rappers in the industry. As MTV pointed out, he used a mixtape while he was still behind bars, one thatâ ???? s has a big impact on the rap world.

???? New Era Promotions (@ NewEraPromo954) July 30, 2016

Among the songs on the mixtape also affects the problems HEA ???? s is the preservation of the problems, noted the MTV report.

???? the fact that Kodak is in trouble with the law provides for an unfortunate timely backdrop for the tapeâ ???? Best track: â ???? Letter, â ???? where he describes how in the prison and reads a letter from a friend. The song may over-sentimental, but Kodak mixes it with the vicissitudes of two friends talking shit together. His friend â ???? just out of prison for him ???? Kodak wants the best if he does fight his case, told him how all his friends miss him, dreaming of what theyâ ???? will do together once HEA ???? free (a ???? I hoped if I could drive us out to the Cityâ ????), and even offers a bit of life advice (a ** t ???? It’s just a lesson to you , bruh, pay attention / when you, Kodak, holds just focus and keep spittingâ ????). Ita ???? SA novel way known desire to make it out of a difficult situation and to keep oneâ ???? up.â head ????

Kodak Black has his first mixtape, when he was 16 years old, and he has his first big break two years later when Drake a video of himself dancing Kodaka ???? the number â ???? Skrt.â posted ???? Kodak Black later signed with Atlantic Records.

And even ā after his last arrest, Kodak Black racked one of the greatest honors for a new rapper ???? is referred to XXLâ ???? s cram class of 2016.

???? XXL Magazine (@XXL) June 13, 2016

Former NFL player Antonio Armstrong and wife shot dead by teenage son

Posted in Trending Topics on 31st July 2016

Former NFL player Antonio Armstrong and wife shot dead by teenage son

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The shooting took place in the early morning hours of Friday morning at the couple at home in Houston

The teenage son of former NFL player Antonio Armstrong was accused of the murder of his parents at their home in Houston, Texas. Mr. Armstrong, who for a time as a Backer with the Miami Dolphins, and his wife Dawn were both shot in the early morning hours of Friday morning. Armstrong me at the scene, while her husband declared dead later at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the city, a gunshot wound suffered at his head.

All three of the few children were in the house at the time of the shooting, police said, including a 20-year-old boy and a teenage dogter, whose uninjured. The suspect, 16, called 911 about 01:30, shortly took place after the shooting. He is charged as a juvenile and his name has not yet been announced.

Police said they did not believe there was no history of domestic violence. Houston police detective Jimmy Dodson has KPRC that Armstrong was “a great family” and added that Mr. Armstrong was an accomplice pastor at a local church. “He’s a great man. The mother was apparently a great mom, according to family members,” says Mr Dodson. “It was a kind of all-American family.”

Mr Armstrong, 42, has a college football star at Texas A & amp; amp; M University, and was named an All-American in his senior season as a linebacker for the A & amp; amp; M Aggies. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the sixth round of the 1995 NFL Draft but broke a enkelbesering in training and was released later that year, the signing of the Dolphins, for whom he played four games.

a motivational and fitness coach, he and his wife owned a chain of three gyms called First Class Training in Houston area. Former A & amp; amp; M head coach RC Slocum said in a statement: “Antonio, he was a special young man an all-American and an excellent player, but he was a better man so he had a positive influence on his teammates, he always has a … great big smile and a pleasure to coach. “

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John Hinckley Jr. History of Deception During Previous Releases

Posted in Trending Topics on 29th July 2016

John Hinckley Jr. History of Deception During Previous Releases

Prosecutors strongly objected to release John Hinckley Jr.’s a psychiatric hospital due to the fact that he had lied about his doings several times when he was released temporarily in the past year.

Federal Judge Paul Friedman has a 103 page opinion when he saw Hinckley’s release -. and in the documents that he says the government pushed for more restrictions and protective measures for President Reagan aspiring killer

The government pointed out that when Hinckley was released in 2011 on a runway leave he told regulators he plans is to watch movies … which has been approved – but instead he went to a Barnes & amp; amp; Noble. They say Hinckley twice … but both times he lied supervisors and said he went to the movies.

She supervisors he’s lying because he was under constant observation.

Google searches omitted key US presidential candidates (update: bug)

Posted in Trending Topics on 28th July 2016

Google searches omitted key US presidential candidates (update: bug)

Google has a rich, unbiased source of information American elections so far, but it is obviously not perfect. NBC notes that certain searches for aspiring presidents (such as “presidential candidates” or “US presidential candidates”) not show major candidates in the list of active campaigns, including Republican nominee Donald Trump and pick Libertarian Gary Johnson. They have always included Bernie Sanders – strange when his party nominated Hillary Clinton

We have Google asked his opinion about what happened, and we will let you know if it was a reaction .. As it now , the problem can be solved by the time you read this, depending on the cards at all during the writing of this article will disappear. It is doubtful whether there is a sinister conspiracy here. indicate regular still results in the missing candidates, and Google have shown results for other hopefuls in the past. Most likely, it is a mistake – though it is one that definitely eyebrows light

Update: A Google spokesman Sure enough, tells us that this is the result of one. “Technical error.” They search code is only emphasize candidates engaged in an active primary election. Since Trump and Johnson already sewn their candidacy, she was wrongly excluded from the results. It is still strange that Sanders is included (only because the DNC is underway does not mean his campaign is active), but things are effectively back to normal. You can read the full statement below.

Kristen Bell Shares Wedding Photos With Dax Shepard

Posted in Trending Topics on 26th July 2016

Kristen Bell Shares Wedding Photos With Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell shared photos of her 2013 wedding to husband Dax Shepard this weekend, giving fans a look at the private ceremony. The 36-year-old actress â ???? previously, the Internet with its response to the meeting a sloth and a lip-sync video Totoâ ???? s-Africa ???? brought to light the beautiful pictures in an interview for CBS Sunday Morning.

???? We were married in a small room at the Beverly Hills courthouse, and it was still one of the best days of my life, â ???? She said the marriage

The choice included shots of Bell and Shepard nominated their vowsâ ?? |.

The signing of the marriage licenseâ ?? |

And share a smooch.

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