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Seahawks teammates may not let Marshawn Lynch retire

Posted in Trending Topics on 8th February 2016

Seahawks teammates may not let Marshawn Lynch retire

There were times when Marshawn Lynchâ ???? career when he can not be stopped. As career nears its twilight, his teammates are the people trying to stop him.

The infamous private walk people have reported back to him, along with some in the Seahawks organization, that he intended to resign, according to ESPN. But his friends make pleas for him to return, try to get more mileage out of his 29-year-old legs cancellations.

Lynch is limited to 111 carries and 417 yards last season, both career lows. Beast mode, especially heralded for fuel over defenders in the playoffs, it’s not in Seattleâ ???? The wild-card victory over the Vikings, still recovering from an early-season dyspierbesering and abdominal surgery in November. He returned to the Seahawksâ ???? Divisional-round loss to the Panthers, but rushed for only 20 steps to carry six.

Since coming to Seattle from Buffalo in a trade in 2010, Lynch is one of the top management backs in the league. His 9112 career noise exceeded its 36th place on the all time list, and since 2011, hea ???? s the league in rushing touchdowns (51) and the top three in carry and rushing pace not.

Although convince those around him to slow hangs up his records, there is no assurance the franchise will take him back. Lynch, a five-time Pro Bowler, cost $ 11500000 against the salary cap next season. 22-year-old Thomas Rawls was filling in for a revelation Beast Mode (for Rawls himself with a enkelbesering) and hea ???? only $ 530,000 owed for 2016.

For example, the binding Lynch finds himself an interesting: When he turned his head and back, he can not pass the friends and teammates who HEA ???? s play. When he retires, he can make those same teammates.

Former WSU Cougars QB Ryan Leaf reflects on career, says he should have sought help like Johnny Manziel

Posted in Trending Topics on 7th February 2016

Former WSU Cougars QB Ryan Leaf reflects on career, says he should have sought help like Johnny Manziel

The former quarterback Ryan Leaf Washington State might never labeled a ???? biggest draft bust in NFL shake historyâ ???? but he now finds himself with a company.

After a police report to this week came portrays ahead of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Brown’s first-round draft pick (22nd overall) in the 2014 NFL Draft will probably be released by Cleveland this March and former Texas A & amp; amp; M star already marked by some as the biggest draft bust since Leaf.Â

Time and perspective helped Leaf comes to catch with his turbulent past and he empathizes with what the beleaguered Manziel, 23, by middle of the corridor.

“It feels like I’m like a mirror,” Leaf said on Friday in an interview with Dan Patrick on NBC’s Dan Patrick Show. “When I heard stories come out (about Manziel), I go,” Oh my God, I did it. This is how I acted. “

problems Manziel’s even his parents were afraid for the past two years. His father, Paul Manziel has the Dallas Morning News this week said his son did not get help,” I believe he will not live to see his 24th birthday. “

magazine, which selected is no. 2 overall by the San Diego Chargers, never lived up to his promise, and soon had a bad son standing in the NFL. He and Manziel faced several off-the-field issues early in their NFL careers, but there are similarities are arcs between their career.

As Leaf, Manziel has a tough time in his first two years in the NFL and many of his problems seem to have been self-administered .

Manziel opslae made this week after a police report revealed depict Manzielâ ???? allegedly assaulting his girlfriend on January 29th. According to the woman, Coleen Crowley, Manziel hit her repeatedly while she at a hotel in Dallas, Texas, and while he manages her home.

the COMESA just months after Manziel pulled over by a police officer in Cleveland in the fall when a fellow motorist observed the couple arguing intensely enough which Manziel’s girlfriend at the time, Colleen Crowley, trying to get out of the car while it is in motion.

Manziel also has a reputation as a partier. He was demoted to third string in November for a video of his party went viral online, and his party-boy tendencies came to light when he was at a Las Vegas casino the night before the Browns last regular season game.

For this season, Manziel checked himself into an alcohol abuse rehabilitation facility in February 2014, and continued for more than 10 weeks before surfacing again to close the Browns in their offseason workouts.

sheet problems were frustrating more of his poor play, and manage due antagonistic relationship with Chargers, his teammates and the media.

Looking back now, he regrets the way things unfold and says he should have sought help.

“If things start going badly, I started to fight against the media and then my teammates and I was like,” I’m a big, strong football player, there is no vulnerability in mine, I will it out. Leave me alone, “said Leaf.” You just do not win about going to war. You play the best defense every weekend and fight against the media all week long. It is only exhausting.

“Your central nervous system is on tilt every day for about 20 hours.”

Leaf has also battled substance abuse, but unlike Manziel, he struggled more with opiate painkiller addiction with alcohol and drug abuse problems have come to light only after his speeldae was over.

“I was right to say that my drug use was the reason why I played bad, but I did not start drug use until after I retire,” Leaf has Patrick. “So I do not about the blame that. I just do not play well, so this is another dynamic that I do not know.”

blade is twice arrested in 2012 and charged with burglary and theft of medicines.

Both cases concerned Leaf broken homes and steal oxycodone and hydrocodone pills. Leaf served two years

Since then leaf in prison in Montana and was released in December 2014, has kept a low profile. until this week, his last known public statement has been on Twitter in May 2015, when he commented on how the NFL deal with the New England Patriots scandal known as become “Deflategate,” versus how they interact former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s abuse his fiancà ©.

“2 (sic) games to defeat your fiancé © unconscious, four games to deflate a stupid football, get your priorities right, NFL,” Leaf tweeted then.

& amp; amp; mdash; Ryan D Leaf (RyanDLeaf) May 12, 2015

In his interview with Patrick on Friday, Leaf has been introspective side, wondering how things could be different worked out for him if he sought help early for some of his problems on.

“What happened last year, I thought it was the greatest thing,” Leaf said, referring to how Manziel checked himself into a rehab facility.

“Imagine that I would have to – just go get behavioral counseling when I fall into my second year and things off the rails,” says Leaf. “Sometimes, things just spiral for maybe about a year. You’ve gotta be out of football for a year. You’ve gotta get things right.”

Leaf has only three seasons with the Chargers for the team on him after several incidents of bad behavior. He has a reputation for having a poor work ethic, and he quickly lost the support of his coaches and teammates.

After his release from San Diego in 2001, Leaf caught on with Tampa Bay and Dallas, but never fixed. In May 2002, leaves from the NFL. His career quarterback rating is 50.0 and he threw 14 touchdowns to 36 onderskeppings.

It is not lost on leaf old arranged to have a place above him in a storybook career and will play that could be the last game of his career this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

to come out of college in 1998, Leaf and current Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was considered two sure-bet NFL beginners. But their careers couldnâ ???? t taken more diametrically opposite lane and thrive Manning and Leaf floundered in the NFL spotlight.

Manning has an All-Pro and a future Hall-of-Famer playing this weekend for a second Super Bowl ring. Leaf, meanwhile, realizing that football fame and fortune ones with the kind of talent he shave to come out of WSU’s no guarantee even in 1998.

“While this is a great game and it’s a institution in the country, this is transitory, “Leaf has Patrick. “It’s gone in a second. Everyone is not like Peyton Manning and can play 18 seasons.”

Kylie Jenner Teases Future Makeup Line As She Releases 3 New Lip Kit Shades

Posted in Trending Topics on 6th February 2016

Kylie Jenner Teases Future Makeup Line As She Releases 3 New Lip Kit Shades

If youâ ???? re a fan of lip Kits (or desperately trying to get your hands on even a shadow), the introduction probably comes as no surprise. Kylie is teases the new colors on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts throughout the week, and promised all would be revealed (and available for purchase) soon.

Add started the trio of neutral tones for the line, True Brown K, K Dolce and candy K Kylie selected for brighter colors this time. Mary Jo K is a classic red shade Kylie named after her grandmother, Mary Jo Shannon, Posie K is a better press shadow and Koko K (WEA ???? re guess this is named after the big sis Khloe Kardashian) is a dusty light pink â ???? all liquid lipstick matte finish

But in our excitement, we should point out that Kylie is the announcement of three new shades with an insta pic color swatches and this interesting message:. â ?? ?? I Kana ???? t wait to announce # KYLIE COSMETICS @ kyliecosmeticskyliecosmetics.com all shades available right now.â ???? If you together result ???? youâ will remember her Instagram account and website easily Lip Kit By Kylie called so WEA ???? back to the guess that means they are more liquid lipstick planned for future pilot.

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Lip Kits shop ???? or more likely to wait until they become replenished ???? on Kylieâ ???? website and wait for what we can only accept it much makeup pilot comes Kylie.

Already a Kylieâ ???? Lip Kits tried, HollywoodLifers? What color is your favorite

Who will win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

TVLine Items: Last Man return date, FNL Reunion at ATX Fest and & amp; amp; hellip;

Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in Music Comedy & amp; amp; hellip;

4 more patients with Zika virus symptoms tested in Dallas County

Posted in Trending Topics on 5th February 2016

4 more patients with Zika virus symptoms tested in Dallas County

Health officials now say four people may have been infected in Dallas County on the Zika virus confirmed in addition to the two cases this week.

copies of the four patients after dispatch Centers for Disease Control & amp; amp; Prevention for the test. Four people have recently traveled out of the country, said Dallas County health director Zachary Thompson. He does not have any details about the patient, including the question of whether a pregnant.

An outbreak in Latin America caused warnings this week from the World Health Organization and the CDC for pregnant women not travel to the affected countries. Scientists studied a possible link to babies born with birth defects, with small heads and brains.

have confirmed that come the mosquito-born virus Zika Dallas on Tuesday, Health officials. Two people tested positive for the virus, and one of them may be contracted by sexual contact. Officials said, Patient 0 having sex with the patient 1 After returning home from abroad.

Patient 1 is the first person who acquired the virus in the US, and the case serves as an evidence that the virus can be transmitted sexually.

Thompson said both people recover from the virus. He stressed that the four new possible cases are all travelers. Thompson said that he does not believe there is any mosquito locally to have the virus, which is transmitted from humans to insects.

Thompson describes the virus as a ???? containedâ ???? local. Medical workers are screening people with symptoms of the virus and alert health officers from someone who has recently traveled to South America.

Although the outbreak is mainly limited to South American countries, there is no sure way to prevent more cases in the US of stop people from traveling completely

A ??? ? Shortly I donâ ???? t know what the solution is going to be, â ???? Thompson said.

GOV. Greg Abbott also has assembled a task force to determine how civil servants should respond to infectious diseases such as the Zika virus. Local city officials have been meeting weekly with mosquito control personnel. She started a public awareness campaign earlier than usual to encourage residents use mosquito repellent and drain any standing water where mosquitoes can breed.

???? We must now exercise that â ???? Thompson said. â ???? When mosquito season approaching ?? | we want to exercise our residents to make sure theyâ ???? weather mosquito breeding around their home. not ????

About 80 percent of people who acquire the virus will not ???? t show symptoms, and the biggest concern is for pregnant women. The Zika outbreak in Latin America is linked to a rash of babies born with microcephaly.

Zika WHO declared a global health emergency on Monday.

Toyotas Scion brand is dead

Posted in Trending Topics on 4th February 2016

Toyotas Scion brand is dead

Welcome to the end, here’s your black Camry

So! We already awake today to find out that we cover a less car brand, as Toyota is killing Scion

It is not we kill the auto industry about here -. It’s a while since Scion has been sold in significant volumes, and I do not think anyone is shocked to see that it is. But here’s what I take away from it:. Pleasant die

It is not an exaggeration. Take it in. It is a real one. The transport industry is working in white bread before our eyes.

Scion was originally rolled out in 2002 to get teens and twenties in their first and second cars. And Toyota will tell you that was successful, because that’s how spiders work! “Scion achieving its objectives the development of unique products and processes and loads new, younger customers Toyota,” the company says. “Today’s younger buyers still want fun to drive vehicles that look good, but it is also more practical.”

“More practical.” Read it again. If you had come down Toyota’s full press release to a single sentence, the one to be.

If you have been as a result of the automotive industry all over the past few years on the edge or elsewhere, you will have noticed that major car companies are trying very hard to find ways to get sold cars. They read the same reports we do; they see the same trends. “Millennials do not want to own anything,” she told. And technological pressures of Silicon Valley – a place that many Millennials it happens – makes the case against the car owner even more attractive. There is uber, there is Google, there are a half dozen other companies that we march to a pool of fully electric driver pods we call an app. No oil changes, no insurance, no burglaries, no alternate side parking, no pain in the hole. You just get where you go when you need to get there.

Practical is the sworn enemy of fun. So when you put your brand in fun, bizarre hanging cubes with wheels, DJ culture, and the young, your species, spray today.

Dan Neil, whose reviews I’ve always liked, in 2003, wrote that the bizarre cube with wheels – the xB – is “aimed squarely at Japanophile Gen-Y buyers barely old enough to drive.” So here’s the thing: Generation Y live in the burbs now, buy minivans and trick soaking. And the boys and girls who replace them are told that they do not need licenses in a few years woe, because only a robot do the work for you. You know, maybe you’ll even simply log on to a fleet of vehicles for moving people and cargo.

It’s practical!

Strangely, even as Scion collapses been US vehicle sales at an all-time high, driven by fuel prices which were at a decade-plus. Most cars around these parts still running on gas, and we have hilarious, cutting to make full faint memories of spending $ 70 to the tank.

But if you look at the numbers, you can see why it is not fountains. Cheap gas inspires people to trucks and SUVs, do not buy it:

Technically, Toyota is the role of the Scion line-up in the Toyota brand. It does not really mean anything, though, because Scion is a shell of its fleur itself. His best sales year was 2006, when it sold 173,000 cars, and it has never recovered since.

Meanwhile, Toyota, the image of practical role. The children can now only buy a Camry. And you know what is great about what? . You can drive Uber with a Camry

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