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Comcast outage affecting customers nationwide

Posted in Trending Topics on 16th February 2016

Comcast outage affecting customers nationwide

Comcast responding to a nationwide interruption thousands of television and Internet customers Monday morning.

Comcast official outage map on their website show affected customers in the Bay Area, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston ,. Seattle, Atlanta, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Boston, Washington, DC, and Fort Lauderdale

Comcast released the following statement: “to examine our goals’re also what appears to be a temporary network outage that some impact our services (Monday) morning.’ve worked our engineers on this and services is working to recover. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing our customers. “

a lot of people are tweeting that she can ‘t reach customer service.

According to the website Comcast’s start the interruption reports at 07:20 PT and within an hour she had a peak of 446 outage reports.

Although some internet outages have been reported, the majority of the reports appears to center around cable channels available.

We prove Comcast box at KTVU and noted that local channels were available, but was extension cable channels.

Several KTVU employees reported the same problems with their home cable boxes.

Hundreds of people have also informed of the interruption on social media.

Click here to see the living interruption card and report your diensontwrigting.

I Dont Worry That Batman V Superman Is Bad. I Worry That It Is Unconventionally Great

Posted in Trending Topics on 13th February 2016

I Dont Worry That Batman V Superman Is Bad. I Worry That It Is Unconventionally Great

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Yes, there’s a Batman v Superman trailer out. but it is the latter, bat-pinky promise and everything. Soon you will be free.Â

Although Warner Bros. can technically push Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel more than is usually the movie sitting at the moment in the strange position of visibility apparently outweighing its hype. Trailers, TV spots, viral marketing. All are downloaded to the world, but the focus Hasa already appeared to drift away from Batman v Superman to the later opening Suicide Players who do not even fall to August.Â

It is not very difficult ‘ find some hesitation opposite action Batman v Superman’s in its marketing; with trailers inconsistent driving gloomy epic to It’s spicy-spicy, heavy guitar riffs more “Bro-air punch” vibe the new trailer’s, as if the film is an attempt to draw in fans of the Batman:. Arkham series of games, unlike Man original rag would reflective sell. Steel’s

that said, these new jobs do offera fight a better look at Batfleck ‘SA strategies, but Arkham-like as they can be, it is quite impressive to see that kind of intense choreography snatch in the live-action off Plus we spoiled with lots of Jeremy Irons’ Alfred,. because who does Alfred


Donald Trump to MSNBC hosts: You guys have been supporters

Posted in Trending Topics on 11th February 2016

Donald Trump to MSNBC hosts: You guys have been supporters

“You have fans,” said Trump said co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski said at the end of an interview. “And I really appreciate it. And not necessarily fans, but at least believers. You said that there is some potential there.”

Trump also hosts “This was a great” to see how the previous evening. Scarborough and Brzezinski visit Trump hotel room Tuesday night during the New Hampshire primary results to the role, according to two sources with knowledge of their visit. Scarborough and Brzezinski do not respond to a request for comment.

After this article was published, Scarborough posted a series of tweets accused CNN of lying about him. “Your sources are wrong,” he said. Scarborough expressly denied that, however, he visited Trump hotel room.

Trump has a unique relationship with “Morning Joe.” He appeared on the show more than any other MSNBC program – although most of these “appearances” came over the phone, as was the case Wednesday.

Scarborough and Brzezinski also has a personal history with Trump, which is felt in the interviews. Last month, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt driven even have the possibility of Scarborough as Trump’s running mate. Scarborough shot down the idea.

But the hosts, clearly uncomfortable with the “supporter” label, wanted to comment Trump’s ready on Wednesday.

“If you say a supporter, you’re of course talking about the fact … there was a handful of people who for six months to say what happened could happen last night and the rest of the media world is mocked and derided exactly what he did, “said Scarborough.

Brzezinski, whose more liberal than her Republican colleague host was quick to point out that it has not always agreed with Trump.

“It’s not like Donald and I have the same view of the world,” she said. “But we knew he could do it from the get-go, so I think the feeling that we believed that his talents can actually follow through and translate it into something while everyone underestimated him.”

The show has not always provided cozy confines asset. In December, Brezinski has the GOP predecessor that he was “scared” her with his calls for Muslims forbidden to carry out the United States. And cutting at the same interview, Scarborough for commercial when Trump refused to stop talking.

But “Morning Joe” is much friendlier territory for Trump as MSNBC’s other programs lean more left. And it is true that Scarborough and company have been optimistic about the chances Trump.

When Trump decided last month GOP debate on Fox News store, Scarborough said on Twitter that it be foolish to doubt the candidate.

“Someone thinks Trump lost this game of chicken is not paying attention for the past six months,” he said.

–CNN’s Dylan Byers contributed reporting from New Hampshire.

Parts Of Long Island Bracing For Heavy Snow; NYC Issues Travel Alert

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th February 2016

Parts Of Long Island Bracing For Heavy Snow; NYC Issues Travel Alert

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New York (CBSNewYork / AP) â ???? Ita ???? s snow on the Tri-State and parts of Long Island will be hit hard as expected to urge officials managers to be cautious.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning until 06:00 Monday to Suffolk County, where forecasters say 4 to 8 centimeters of snow is possible. . Winde could reach 20 to 30 mph with some stronger flags

label: Forecast & amp; amp; alert | Traffic & amp; amp; transit | Schools

The municipality Riverhead said Monday that roads were already slick and snowy by 8:00

Town officials are also residents remember to keep cleaned hydrant areas, watch over the elderly and ensure pets protected.

Rich Inca Dela by Babylon Department of Public Works, the snow is especially wet and heavy and the department is still dealing with fallen limbs from the last storm.

???? We have already snow on a few limbs and WEA ???? weather will get more snow on the limbs, have â ???? He tells CBS2â ???? s Diane Macedo. â ???? If it is damaged in Friday’s storm, today she is able to complete and snap down the branches.â ????

And while the village has been dropping salt and sand on the road since 3:00, teams can be a challenge.

???? Heavy wet snow is harder to push, picking trucks we use Kana ???? t push it back so far so I have bigger truck thus making it takes a little longer to clean the streets, â ???? Dela said Incas.

But some residents Arena ???? worry about the snow.

???? Four to six centimeters, ???? thatâ is not a big deal, â ???? a man in 1010 Winsa ???? Roger Stern. â ???? WEA ???? Re New Yorkers ???? Weâ ve got this covered.â ????

Others say they make the best of the winter weather.

???? January wasnâ ???? t too bad, so itâ ???? is kind of just par for the course, I think, ‘???? said Lindenhurst resident Scott Falls.

???? Got to play with the kids in the snow, build a snowman or something, â ???? Another man has WCBS 880A ???? se Mike Xirinachs.

Meanwhile, a winter weather advisory is in effect until 06:00 Monday for New York City, Nassau County and Westchester County.

New York could get 2-3 centimeters of snow between Monday and Tuesday night and the snow can stretch into Wednesday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has issued a travel consulting forums Monday by mr.

“We encourage residents to prepare for snow and icy roads this week,” the Blasio said in a press release. “While traveling, make sure to drive slowly, use big streets or roads where possible and careful when walking, cycling or driving. Go to friends, neighbors and the elderly to make sure that the people around you safe and prepared for the coming snow. “

New York Cityâ ???? Sanitation department also issued a a ???? snow alert.â ???? The move allows the department to staff, loading salt spreaders filling, attach plows if necessary and prepare tire chains.

Coastal flooding is also a concern with alerts and warnings in effect for parts of New York City, Long Island and Westchester.

Some flooding is already reported Monday in areas of Queens.

Seahawks teammates may not let Marshawn Lynch retire

Posted in Trending Topics on 8th February 2016

Seahawks teammates may not let Marshawn Lynch retire

There were times when Marshawn Lynchâ ???? career when he can not be stopped. As career nears its twilight, his teammates are the people trying to stop him.

The infamous private walk people have reported back to him, along with some in the Seahawks organization, that he intended to resign, according to ESPN. But his friends make pleas for him to return, try to get more mileage out of his 29-year-old legs cancellations.

Lynch is limited to 111 carries and 417 yards last season, both career lows. Beast mode, especially heralded for fuel over defenders in the playoffs, it’s not in Seattleâ ???? The wild-card victory over the Vikings, still recovering from an early-season dyspierbesering and abdominal surgery in November. He returned to the Seahawksâ ???? Divisional-round loss to the Panthers, but rushed for only 20 steps to carry six.

Since coming to Seattle from Buffalo in a trade in 2010, Lynch is one of the top management backs in the league. His 9112 career noise exceeded its 36th place on the all time list, and since 2011, hea ???? s the league in rushing touchdowns (51) and the top three in carry and rushing pace not.

Although convince those around him to slow hangs up his records, there is no assurance the franchise will take him back. Lynch, a five-time Pro Bowler, cost $ 11500000 against the salary cap next season. 22-year-old Thomas Rawls was filling in for a revelation Beast Mode (for Rawls himself with a enkelbesering) and hea ???? only $ 530,000 owed for 2016.

For example, the binding Lynch finds himself an interesting: When he turned his head and back, he can not pass the friends and teammates who HEA ???? s play. When he retires, he can make those same teammates.

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