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The home of the White Sox is being renamed Guaranteed Rate Field

Posted in Trending Topics on 26th August 2016

The home of the White Sox is being renamed Guaranteed Rate Field

The home of the Chicago White SOXA is to thank a new name to a new name Regte agreement this afternoon announced. Beginning on November 1, the stadium will formerly known as US Cellular FieldA called guaranteed price Field, named for Thea national mortgage lender which is headquartered in Chicago.

The White Sox and guaranteed rate has signed a 13- year name Regte agreement, the financial terms of the transaction with the option to extend the deal ended in 2030 have not been disclosed, but Sox have $ 68,000 of .000 US Cellular in exchange for a 20-year deala ???? there is a good chance agreement that guaranteed rate is even more profitable.

Of course, it’s not the first time the home of the White Sox have switched his nickname. The stadium was opened in 1991 as Comiskey Park, which pays tribute to the name of the field where the Sox played since 1910. In 2003, the stadium was renamed US Cellular FieldA ???? a name thatâ rejected many fans, while some chose to call it “the cell.”

Watch Americas Got Talent Singer Grace VanderWaal Crush It, Again

Posted in Trending Topics on 25th August 2016

Watch Americas Got Talent Singer Grace VanderWaal Crush It, Again

You probably have not heard of Grace Vander Waal, but there’s a good chance you will. The 12-year-old singer is blazing a path through the current season of America’s Got Talent, deserves heaps of praise from the jury, which has its compared with Taylor Swift, with good reason.

On Tuesday evening (August 23), the preternaturally mature singer of Suffern, New York, one has done it again, breaking hearts with an original ukulele ballad inspired by her older sister, Olivia, entitled “Beautiful Thing.” they earned rare standing ovation from hard-to-please consider Simon Cowell who said even though his buttocks hit a few notes, it was perfect.

“There’s something so sweet and charming about you and so real,” Cowell said. “I’m going to predict we Alla, the momentums remember in years to come, when we saw Grace sings live for the first time.”

“You’re my other half / U is incredible for me,” Vander Waal sung in her scratchy voice, describes how they can do nothing with her big sis and completely satisfied.

Cowell is praise-a-thon with Howie Mandel, who earlier in the season has its golden bell to Vander Waal go to the live shows under a different original, “I do not know my name, “about trying spotted in thisa big, wide world.

“You’re a superstar … you’re the best thing I’ve ever seen on this show,” Mandela said the audition videos between who has racked up more than 100 million YouTube views to date. He said they may have the potential to be “bigger than Taylor Swift. I predict you the biggest star ever come out of this show.”

Wednesday (August 24) results show will reveal if they make it to the semifinals.

Courteney Cox on aging: I regret cosmetic procedures

Posted in Trending Topics on 24th August 2016

Courteney Cox on aging: I regret cosmetic procedures

Courteney Cox spoke about the pressure to look a certain way in Hollywood on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.’Â (Photo: Justin Tallis, AFP / Getty Images)

When you oorlewings- an adventure that will slide over a ravine on a wire and cook maggots for food, which means you ca not really something.

Maybe that’s why Courteney Cox opened Ona Running Wild with Bear Grylls Monday during their company Ina Ireland, which has the actress-producer gets mourning on the issue involved aging in Hollywood.

“There was pressure to look a certain way or not?” Grylls Ona said the episode.

“Only a woman in this business … age is not the easiest,” she replied. “But I’ve learned lessons. I think I’ve tried to keep pace with that parent.”

Cox launched to fame as a star Ona friendsâ from 1994 TOA 2004, and then with a star Ina Cougar Town from 2005 TOA 2015. She said she bother gracefully aging have in Hollywood, “” Oh. God, I’m terrible “you find yourself trying, and then you look at a picture of yourself and get a”

“I have things that I regret, and fortunately they are things loose and go so it’s good because it’s not always done my best look, “said she stayed Ina are undergoing reference TOA cosmetic surgeries in the past.

Cox, right, Monica played on ‘Friends .’Â (Photo:. Warner Bros.)

Increase Parent Engagement With New Google Classroom Features

Posted in Trending Topics on 23rd August 2016

Increase Parent Engagement With New Google Classroom Features

Google just announced that a set of updates to Google classroom, integrated platform for Apps for Education, Gmail, calendar and more. These new features will greatly increase parent involvement and 24/7 learning – just in time for the new school


How many times have parents heard a.? ??? But I really need X tonight. Ita ???? s due tomorrow.â ???? That conversation is a thing of the past with Google Classroomâ ???? new summaries.

When teachers ask students in the system, parents or guardians to receive daily or weekly summaries of student progress, class announcements and upcoming deadlines. Not only can it avoid the last minute rush to get the materials needed for an important assignment, it can also help parents more involved in their childâ ???? his progress so they can intervene early if they see a problem. For example, if a parent can see their child ISNA ???? Hurry and do what she could, knowing they can start a conversation with the teacher on how to better support learning at home. Or they can plan some fun science-based activities such as a trip to the local museum of natural history or aquarium to help their child be more involved and enthusiastic about the work in that box.

Helping Students Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Google Classroom has also strengthened its mobile experience can annotate as students and teachers and to work together on their school work, no matter where they are. It is a great blessing to 1: 1 program, where students and teachers have access to their devices and files at home but also at school. The body instruments provide fast and simple edits and comments via a stylus on a tablet or smartphone – and students can get their teachersâ ???? feedback and adjustments that same day instead of waiting for orders to be handed back in the classroom.

Making Learning More interesting

A few more of the additions will also help to create a more engaging learning experience. Teachers can now add images to their quizzes in Forms, makes it more attractive and help integrate visual learning into the curriculum. And both teachers and students can now set their e-mail through the class with Inbox by Gmail, which allows them to quickly and easily stay informed.

The Google updates Classroom is an important step in the use of technology to increase engagement older, keep the students interested and keep learning exciting in and outside the classroom.

In addition to helping parents more involved, technology tools, teachers can help promote innovation in the classroom.

Increase parent involvement in New Google Classroom Features

Education, News insights

A simple solution to Provide Security Awareness major priority [Video]

Mobility, Mobile Security

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From plumber to MMA superstar: The evolution of Conor McGregor

Posted in Trending Topics on 22nd August 2016

From plumber to MMA superstar: The evolution of Conor McGregor

McGregor is every centimeter of his â ???? Notoriousâ ???? nickname. The fast-talking, fast punching Irishman has the UFC as a storm of bravado that enthusiastic crowds on both sides of the Atlantic. He is one of the most talked about athletes of his generation. Chances are, if you do not ???? t seen him fight, youâ ???? heard the stories. The measure of his personality is such that even the lives of those interested to penetrate the work of his hands.

Some see it as a step sound bite, a showman which became a crossover star. But the evolution of Conor McGregor has been much more complex. Before Instagrammed Rolls Royces and adjust the size David August before making the first MMA fighter to Forbesa ???? list of top 100 highest paid athletes, McGregor whirlwind began as a whisper.

McGregor grew up in the South Dublin area of ​​Crumlin surrounded by a family of Manchester United fans. Young Conor was returning home from his Gaelic language school football in the street and dream of pleasing crowds did not play in the octagon, but on the pitch.

When he turned his football kit, he was sent to box, workout at local Crumlin Boxing Club along distinguished professional fighters. Here McGregor sweetened the devastating striking ability that saw him win 17 of his 19 fights to date by knockout, before going into MMA as a teenager. He says he has a ???? once a factory forums ???? Novices, developed into an A ???? addiction.â ????

But fighting wasnâ ???? t seen as a credible life McGregor, despite career rarely beat in his blue -collar neighborhood. Instead, he has an apprentice plumber in his late teens, a more suitable career for a modest man from Crumlin, but not for Conor McGregor

Read more:. A McGregor and Rousey has suffered at the hands of UFC? â ???? I spent a year and that only wasnâ ???? t for me, you know. Ita ???? s either all or nothing in this match. If youâ ???? again not training twice a day if youâ ???? re not youâ ???? dedicated re nowhere, â ???? McGregor said in an early interview.

???? I felt that I had enough talent, enough dedication and enough love for the sport’s time to pack up my job and take me dream.â was? ???

Thatâ ???? who has McGregor, Novices makes his work in 2008, under the leadership of the Irish martial arts pioneer John Kavanagh. Although she pushes has become stronger, it wasnâ ???? t long before its dependence on notable is exploited.

McGregor ???? The third pro outing, he was confronted Russian Artemi Sitenkov in Dublin. He was beaten in the first round by kneebar submission.

???? He considers himself a star. He was undefeated until my fight, â ???? Sitenkov recently to tribuna.sports.ru.

???? Although I donâ ???? t think that he has made such a big star like the UFC him. HEA ???? s talk a good fight, hea ???? is Irish, and Americans and Irish because about 10 million Americans have Irish roots.

???? [After the game] He began to cry. Kavanagh over and comforted him.â ????

The lesson Sitenkov was hard but, despite the setback, a dreamy McGregor marched in pursuit of his goal. To become world champion

???? eK ???? ma professional MMA fighter with a record of 4 and 1. eK ???? m an up and coming fighter and no doubt you will see me in the UFC in the near future, a ???? McGregor said his words without poison, his vision skull without the brash hairstyles and know without a beard disguises preened a pock marked complexion.

He won his next two fights by knockout. Although his words were firm, but a year later McGregor beaten by his compatriot Joseph Duffy. Again by submission. Weather in Round 1. This time his opponent needs only 38 seconds to win.

Since that night, McGregor have gone on to win 15 of 16 fights seal, fulfilling his dream of becoming world champion by knocking spring weighty title king Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, garnering a fan base and a multi – million-dollar fortune along the way.

But the cars and money, however, belongs ???? t fool you. The A ???? Mac lifeâ ???? which is not very energetic around McGregor ???? t dilute his proud nature; He’s still the same humble son of Crumlin. HEA ???? s remained loyal to his long-term girlfriend, and he has his parentsâ paid off ???? mortgage after his victory against Aldo.

Those who support him during his entrance is anything to McGregor, not the material things that came.

In his loss to American Nate Diaz, McGregor was undone on the ground. Diaz, a black belt in Jiu Jitsu under famed coach Cesar Gracie, authorized post-fight he wasnâ ???? t surprised by his victory. Was his words more than an off-the-cuff comment on adrenaline? Or has he studied McGregor ???? previous defeats and seen a weakness

Everything leads to the question: Will they herontmoeting Saturday will repeat or redemption? Will it be a repeat of McGregor ???? With three defeats by submission? Or will the former apprentice plumber who embarrassed if he wanted to confess to the top of his game loose themselves and contribute to the life of the â ???? Mac Life? Â ????

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