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Hope Solo hears the jeers again as crowd roars Zika

Posted in Trending Topics on 7th August 2016

Hope Solo hears the jeers again as crowd roars Zika

RIO DE JANEIROÂ -. “Zika” Hope Solo was again on the receiving end of relentless insults Brazilian soccer fans on Saturday, with the crowd to crash the United States with France repeatedly jill surrounding the keeper cries of

Solo, 35, was a goal every time they touch the Balla at mineirão in Belo Horizonte, as the Americans opened up a 1-0 lead thanks to Carli Lloyd’s 65th-minute goal in ITSA toughest test in Group G Olympic tournament 12 team.

ire of the crowd’s coming public comment Solos and social media messages relating to its initial reluctance to travel to Brazil and then deciding to large amounts of mosquito repellent thanks to the Zika virus suit.

Health officials have claimed that Zika cause microcephaly in newborn babies, and Solo has recognized wants children with husband Jerramy Stevens, a former NFL player.

The song begins mid USA’s 2-0 victory over New Zealand in its first match on Wednesday. But the Americans casual inspection held on that evening, which means that Solo is rarely called into action.

The things were very different from France, ranked No. 3 in the world, and a team who like to exercise strong pressure in midfield.

Solo has regularly hit in the early stages and was forced in the 17th minute to salvage a fine finger of the French captain Wendie Renard. She has not appeared taken aback by the crowd noise -. But the audience did not prevent to get harder and harder

With many Olympic athletes have expressed concern Zika, it is not immediately clear why Solo is selected more than any other competitor.

“I wish people would understand that I did my due diligence before going to Brazil,” Solo tolda Sports Illustrated. “It was a personal decision I had to make with my husband and it’s not something I was just talking about without trained.”

But former Brazil captain Aline Pelligrino tell USA TODAY Sports earlier this year adopted Solo was always more of Zika issue if necessary. Pellegrino attributed decision to speak out solos for grapes versuur regarding the award of the 2016 Games -. Rio spread Chicago in the vote

“I’ve seen (Solos) maintenance and we talked about,” said Pellegrino. “I think this happens to make it to the rivalry between Rio and Chicago. Chicago wanted to offer the Games, but it does not have the

” During our Carnival, Rio were full of Americans, men and women, they have to look not quite sure with Zika.

Matisyahu Talks Viral Coffee Shop Duet: I Didnt Want to Mess Up His Game

Posted in Trending Topics on 4th August 2016

Matisyahu Talks Viral Coffee Shop Duet: I Didnt Want to Mess Up His Game

New York (AP) – The “Harry Potter” spinoff “Amazing Animals” is working in a franchise of its own. Warner Bros. announced Wednesday that â ?? |

Roswell, Ga (AP) – Police arrested a 20-year-old man on charges of murder Wednesday as they investigate the slayings of two teenagers, each Sha.? ? |

Rio de Janeiro (AP) – Michael Phelps said it definitely would be his last Olympics. No chance to return, right? SOA not ?? |

Triathlon Beginnings Born November 27, 1981 in Hanover, NH Since her high school does not have a swim team for the girls, she ran to the Boya ?? |

MAUI, HI (Khon) â ???? A Maui resident has quite a surprise, while an impromptu performance in a coffee shop.

Kekoa Alama singing “One Day” by reggae singer Matisyahu.

If someone else in the store started together solution. Turns out, it was Matisyahu himself.

The two finished the song, and Alama to say, “You have a beautiful voice, man,” not recognizing the artist.

“You know who wrote that song?” Matisyahu asked before pointing to himself.

Stu Brooks captured the event on video and watch “This is a second for this to sink everything in. Love this time.”

Matisyahu was in town for the MayJah RayJah music festival on Maui and the Waikiki Shell

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Shannen Doherty reveals her breast cancer may have spread

Posted in Trending Topics on 2nd August 2016

Shannen Doherty reveals her breast cancer may have spread

Shannen Doherty revealed some tough news Monday, saying her cancer has spread.

“I have breast cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes, and one of my surgeries we discovered that some of the cancer cells may actually went out of the lymph nodes,” the former Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed star tells Entertainment Tonight . “So for that reason we do chemo, and then after the chemo, I will do radiation.”

Doherty, 45, the news recently when Shea shared photos of herself cut and shave her hair. “We stages,” Doherty says now. “We have a Pixie. And then we have a mohawk, that was my favorite look. And then finally, we had to get the shaver thing and just buzzed it off.”

The actress until the light was struggling breast cancer when she filed a lawsuit in August last year, claims her former business managers causes a lapse her health insurance, the delay of its ability to see a doctor.  Doherty was finally diagnosed in early 2015 a and reveals she has a single mastectomy this May. She has since been completed, three of the eight rounds of chemotherapy.

“The unknown is always the scariest part,” she said. “Is the chemotherapy work? Does the radiation work? You know, I’m going to have to go back through this, or I’m going to get secondary cancer? Everything else is manageable. Pain is manageable, you know life without a breast is manageable, it is going to the people who get you love taking care of your future and how your future. “

her husband, photographer Kurt Iswarienko, whom Doherty married in 2011, a Beena her side.

After chemo, “I’m in the bed, and it’s a rush to the bathroom,” she said. “It’s, you know, you throw every second. After my first treatment, I lost 10 pounds immediately. You throw and the last thing you want to do in a car. You do not want to be agitated about not eating. but my husband, you know, pick me up. he put me in the car, he clasps me, and he drives me to my oncologist and they hook me up to an IV and I get hydrated .. .. nothing goes into my body, that’s all go out. “

Doherty said she makes her story public so they can help others.

Did Kodak Black Get Sentenced To Prison For Three Years? Viral Rumor Claims Rapper Set To Serve Hard Time

Posted in Trending Topics on 1st August 2016

Did Kodak Black Get Sentenced To Prison For Three Years? Viral Rumor Claims Rapper Set To Serve Hard Time

If Kodak Black on his way to jail for the next three years?

Viral spreading rumors this weekend that the 19-year-old rapper was sentenced to some serious time for the long piece indictments HEA? ??? s face, but some are more reliable stores come forward to disprove the rumors and set the record straight.

Kodak Black is still in prison after his latest arrest, which in May. He was arrested in Broward County, Florida, on charges of armed robbery and false imprisonment included WSVN reported.

The arrest of May, just a few weeks after the Pompano Beach, Florida, native was arrested for another incident in which he allegedly has tried to arrest him, the police on a chase after them for making a drug deal. He has the incident with the costs for possession of marijuana, the flight of civil servants, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

So, while itâ ???? Obviously Kodak Black is on trial on a number of serious problems, the rumor circulating the HEA ???? s was sentenced to three years in prison just ISNA ???? t true. Ita ???? is not exactly clear how the rumor started, DJ Akademiks noted that itâ ???? difficult to trace back to the source.

But DJ Akademiks was one of a handful of media personalities try to disprove the rumor. He posted a YouTube clip calling those false reports that Kodak Black was sentenced to jail spread.

His report can be seen here [the video contains some adult language].

???? DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) July 30, 2016

Although the story of Kodak Blacka ???? the legal problems is the biggest news around him, hea ???? is still managed to make an impression as one of the most up-and-coming rappers in the industry. As MTV pointed out, he used a mixtape while he was still behind bars, one thatâ ???? s has a big impact on the rap world.

???? New Era Promotions (@ NewEraPromo954) July 30, 2016

Among the songs on the mixtape also affects the problems HEA ???? s is the preservation of the problems, noted the MTV report.

???? the fact that Kodak is in trouble with the law provides for an unfortunate timely backdrop for the tapeâ ???? Best track: â ???? Letter, â ???? where he describes how in the prison and reads a letter from a friend. The song may over-sentimental, but Kodak mixes it with the vicissitudes of two friends talking shit together. His friend â ???? just out of prison for him ???? Kodak wants the best if he does fight his case, told him how all his friends miss him, dreaming of what theyâ ???? will do together once HEA ???? free (a ???? I hoped if I could drive us out to the Cityâ ????), and even offers a bit of life advice (a ** t ???? It’s just a lesson to you , bruh, pay attention / when you, Kodak, holds just focus and keep spittingâ ????). Ita ???? SA novel way known desire to make it out of a difficult situation and to keep oneâ ???? up.â head ????

Kodak Black has his first mixtape, when he was 16 years old, and he has his first big break two years later when Drake a video of himself dancing Kodaka ???? the number â ???? Skrt.â posted ???? Kodak Black later signed with Atlantic Records.

And even ā after his last arrest, Kodak Black racked one of the greatest honors for a new rapper ???? is referred to XXLâ ???? s cram class of 2016.

???? XXL Magazine (@XXL) June 13, 2016

Former NFL player Antonio Armstrong and wife shot dead by teenage son

Posted in Trending Topics on 31st July 2016

Former NFL player Antonio Armstrong and wife shot dead by teenage son

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The shooting took place in the early morning hours of Friday morning at the couple at home in Houston

The teenage son of former NFL player Antonio Armstrong was accused of the murder of his parents at their home in Houston, Texas. Mr. Armstrong, who for a time as a Backer with the Miami Dolphins, and his wife Dawn were both shot in the early morning hours of Friday morning. Armstrong me at the scene, while her husband declared dead later at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the city, a gunshot wound suffered at his head.

All three of the few children were in the house at the time of the shooting, police said, including a 20-year-old boy and a teenage dogter, whose uninjured. The suspect, 16, called 911 about 01:30, shortly took place after the shooting. He is charged as a juvenile and his name has not yet been announced.

Police said they did not believe there was no history of domestic violence. Houston police detective Jimmy Dodson has KPRC that Armstrong was “a great family” and added that Mr. Armstrong was an accomplice pastor at a local church. “He’s a great man. The mother was apparently a great mom, according to family members,” says Mr Dodson. “It was a kind of all-American family.”

Mr Armstrong, 42, has a college football star at Texas A & amp; amp; M University, and was named an All-American in his senior season as a linebacker for the A & amp; amp; M Aggies. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the sixth round of the 1995 NFL Draft but broke a enkelbesering in training and was released later that year, the signing of the Dolphins, for whom he played four games.

a motivational and fitness coach, he and his wife owned a chain of three gyms called First Class Training in Houston area. Former A & amp; amp; M head coach RC Slocum said in a statement: “Antonio, he was a special young man an all-American and an excellent player, but he was a better man so he had a positive influence on his teammates, he always has a … great big smile and a pleasure to coach. “

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