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Prince, singer and superstar, dies aged 57 at Paisley Park

Posted in Trending Topics on 22nd April 2016

Prince, singer and superstar, dies aged 57 at Paisley Park

The police are summoned to his Paisley Park Estate early Thursday and found she sees in an elevator. An investigation was opened.

Prince has a global superstar in the 1980s with albums such as 1999, Purple Rain and Sign O ‘the Times.

His innovative music stretched rock, funk and jazz. He sold over 100 million records during his career.

“It is with great sadness that I confirm that the legendary, iconic artist Prince Rogers Nelson died,” its spokesman.

“There are no further details with regard to the cause of death at this time.”

In a statement, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said his deputies responded to a medical call about 09:43 local time (11:43 GMT) and later found that unresponsive adult male, in an elevator in Paisley Park Studios.

first to respond tried to resuscitate him with CPR but he was declared dead at 10:07.

Hundreds of fans have now gathered outside Paisley Park. US President Barack Obama said the world has a “creative icon” Lost

Born in 1958, Prince was a prolific writer and singer of childhood – .. Allegedly writing his first song while he seven years old was

a singer, songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Prince recorded more than 30 albums. His best-known hits close Let’s crazy and when Doves Cry.

A musical prodigy from written a broken home, Prince famous, arranged, produced and played almost all of his hit records.

But purple stain the press man really comes up with his first band, The Revolution.

With them by his side, he has more than two dozen rock classics in a five-year gust.

Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, 1999, Raspberry Beret When Doves Cry, Kiss … At the same time, he smashed off Manic Monday for the Bangles and Nothing Compare 2U, announced by Sinead O’Connor.

In the studio, he was unstoppable. But the magic really happened on stage. He would VAMP him nice and tease the audience into a frenzy, they make death with a silent moment of crystalline beauty. He was a joy to watch

Prince Magician -. Sometimes it snows in April

He also music for a number of artists – Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compare 2U version has a worldwide smash in 1990.

In 1984, an Oscar he won for the lead to Purple Rain, a film which he also starred in.

Throughout his career, he has a reputation for secrecy and eccentricity once changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol.

In 2004, Prince has been incorporated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who said he “rewrote the book Reel”.

He has a relationship with mercury technology. In 2000, he was accustomed singles from the groundbreaking music-sharing service Napster, but he later stated that the Internet is “all over” and refused to allow his music on the big streaming platforms.

Prince’s latest album, HITnRUN Phase Two, was released last year and he was tour as recently as last week.

He was taken to the hospital on April 15 after his private plane made an emergency landing in Illinois. That happened a few hours after he has in Georgia on stage. He was treated and released after a few hours.

Tributes’s influx of artists young and old, the entire musical spectrum.

“It is a battle. It’s really unreal. It’s just kind of incredible,” Aretha Franklin has MSNBC. “He certainly was an original and one of a kind. Surely there was only one Prince.”

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What is 420? The meaning and origins of Weed Day

Posted in Trending Topics on 21st April 2016

What is 420? The meaning and origins of Weed Day

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Every year on April 20 marijuana advocates around the world, from Amsterdam to California, four marijuana cultivation – .. Whether it is legal or not

Last year, more than 1,000 people to mark in London’s Hyde Park 20/04, smoking joints together at the appointed time when you legalize marijuana for the job.

But why the numbers are 420 synonymous with marijuana culture?

An urban myth proposed 420 was the criminal code in the state of California, which are used by police for marijuana use. But according to Snopes.com, 420 Penal Code actually refer to “obstruction subscription to public land,” and refers not used cannabis in any other US state, either.

The Huffington Post has shown that the term 420 originated with a group of high school students in California in the 70s, and was later reinforced by the subculture associated with Californian band The Grateful Dead and the publication high Times.

The term is said to be made in 1971, when a group of five students from the San Rafael Gymnasium is on a hunt for a plot of marijuana plants that supposedly is growing near the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard station. They say that they are to drive at 16:20 outside their school to the area and the performing the search many times. They have never been found that the patch, but the numbers 420 has a useful code for them to communicate with each other.

reclassification in 2009 from a class C to a class B drug, marijuana is the most commonly used illicit dwelm agent in the UK. The UK is, however, the only country where Sativex – a prescription drug that helps control muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis and contains some ingredients that are also found in marijuana – licensed as a treatment

Although many people believe cannabis use in North Korea to be right, the official law regarding the drug’s never entirely clear, while regime under Kim Jong-un’s. It is however said that the North Korean leader openly said he is not marijuana be considered a medicine and his regime to include a problem with the consumption or sale of the drug

In the Netherlands smokes marijuana legally , given the fact that the smoke in the designated ‘smoking areas’ and take you no more than 5 grams of possession for personal use. it is also good to sell the substance, but only in some coffeeshops

Although in some countries of America marijuana is legalized, the legalization, police in the US, a cannabis-related arrests makes every 42 seconds, according to US news and World Report. the country has also used to spend to $ 3600000000 to enforce a year marijuana law, the American civil Liberties Union notes

in spite of marijuana officially illegal in Spain, the European hotspot has started recently branded “the new Amsterdam. This is because in Spain there are more than 700 ‘cannabis clubs. “- It is considered placing legitimate to destroy marijuana because the consumption of the drug in private and not in public These figures have risen dramatically in recent three years – in 2010. Recent figures were only 40 cannabis clubs throughout Spain also show that, in Catalonia alone there are 165,000 users of marijuana club -. this equates to more than 5 million (£ 4 million) in turnover every month

In december 2013, the House of Representatives and the Senate passed a bill legalizing and regulating the production and sale of the drug. But the president has since postponed the legalization of marijuana until 2015 and then it done properly, it will be the authorities that cannabis can sell will grow legally. Buyers have been 18 or older, residents of Uruguay, and should the authorities

Despite laws banning the sale and cannabis abuse exists and is regarded as a habit only entertainment by laer Revenue groepe, it is very rarely applied. Social use of marijuana in community gatherings are tolerated in general than a century old personal. The open use of cannabis by Sufis and Hindus as a way to euphoria caused never challenged by the state. Further, large parts of marijuana grow freely in nature

In 2001, Portugal is the first country in the world to legalize the use of all drugs and begin treating drug addicts as sick people rather than criminals . However, you can still detained or assigned mandatory rehab if you caught a few times in the possession of drugs

Although the use of marijuana is currently illegal, it is said that Puerto Rico is in the process of dekriminaliseer this

the American state is the first in the country to legalize marijuana in January 2014, in February 2015, President Obama recently said he expects to see more states “seeking” legalization. However, it is illegal to grow more than six marijuana plants and more than 28 grams of the drug in taking possession

Oaksterdam in Oakland, California, is the only university worldwide dedicated to the study and cultivation of marijuana. If you get a court in California with everything up to an ounce of marijuana, you will be fine $ 100, but you will not have a criminal record, or you must appear in court

Cannabis is grown in the wild and used to treat conditions such as gout and malaria. However, officially the substance is illegal to consume, possess and sell

“I can say one of my friends, I go ‘420,’ and it was telepathic. He will know when I say” Hei , you want to smoke a few? “Or,” Do you have any? “Or,” Are you stoned? “It was a kind of telepathic just from the way you say it,” Steve capper, one of five, told the Huffington Post.

“We teachers did not know what we’re talking Our parents did not know what we’re talking about.”

The five friends -. nicknamed the Waldos – hanging with the band the Grateful Dead, and the use of 420 as a code for marijuana start spread by fans of the band and its associated subculture. Journalist Steve Bloom writes Celebstoner.com in 1990, he attended a band of applications in Oakland, California, and handed a pamphlet which reportedly has the story of 420.

The flyer said that 420 “begins somewhere in San Rafael, CA in the late 70s,” but included the misinformation that “it started as the police code for smoking marijuana in Progress”. However, this is also a call for people to gather at 16:20 at 20/4 -. The American style of writing April 20 and smoke a joint as part of a “day of celebration”

Mr Bloom writes that 420 was “a bit of Stoner snake I’ve never heard of,” and published the flyer in the May 1991 issue of High Times.

Steve Hager, former editor of the publication, the Huffington Post has he “begin to take in everything we do,” and has some of the events of 420, from the World Hemp Expo Extravaganza to the Cannabis Cup.

Thunder Bouncing Back, Working On What It Can Control

Posted in Trending Topics on 20th April 2016

Thunder Bouncing Back, Working On What It Can Control

The Thunder shooting woes Monday night was obvious. This is what stood out on the stat sheet by a large margin

But shooting is a difficult thing -. Sometimes there is a lack of control that can have each team when flying shots. Just ask the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the first-round series, and you will have a similar response to that of thunder since Game 2’s heartbreaking 85-84 defeat that leaves the data series tied 1-1.

If the thunder comes back to practice on Tuesday, they do not spend an inordinate amount of time on his shooting. Instead, head coach Billy Donovan has his team focused on his defense and offensive execution.

“We ca not lose sight or focus on the things we can control in an effort to make improvements,” says Donovan.

which would be less likely been lying on the stat sheet Monday that Dallas recorded on eight of its last 13 possessions in the game – a number not in the previous three-plus quarters of the game have gained, or in game 1. While most of the night the thunder defense was sharp, and Dallas shot just 5-for-19 from three-point range, there were moments in the play where Donovan believes his team can have done a better job.

The fact remains that if Kevin Durant going 8-for-33 instead of 7-by-33 or go to the free throw line more than five times, the thunder may be up 2-0 in this series. On Tuesday, Durant said Dallas was as physically been with him as other teams, but he for his spots on the floor. Durant did, have shots in rhythm and even going to the edge, but just could not hit the ball to go down. In Game 3, the Thunder want more physical, sharp and more diverse in its offensive half court.

“We have to be better,” Durant said. “We have to be more physical on the offensive end and play with more speed.”

fall from a game at home want to do in the Playoffs not a team, but there is an understanding on this Thunder team on a given night, anything can happen in the NBA postseason. The Thunder is on, off, and tied in almost every conceivable combination of records in playoff series. The resilience, his attitude and his fight will be very important for success when it hits the road for the next two games, hoping to return two wins behind Oklahoma City in time for Game 5.

“it goes to show what kind of team we are – how we respond,” has waiters. “We ca now do not break. We know that goes with it. That’s what we want, a chance to face adversity, go on, we have road in a hostile environment. To provide to the business. We have to work together come as a whole, as we are busy all year, and bounce back. “

Barcelonas astonishing collapse: Why has it all gone wrong for the European champions?

Posted in Trending Topics on 19th April 2016

Barcelonas astonishing collapse: Why has it all gone wrong for the European champions?

The image summed night Barcelona’s Gerard Pique Frommel the Nou Camp turf to fire wide with the goal at his mercy.

Pique remained there for a good 10 seconds, is unable to drag himself back his feet. With its dung, a chance to save even made a point of Barcelona’s must-win match against Valencia, and so is their three-point lead at the top of the table.

She 2-1 defeat was the latest disaster in what has been a terrible month for the European champion. On March 18 she was eight points clear at the top of La Liga, and only has a 5-1 overall victory at Arsenal reached the Champions League quarterfinals.

On April 18, she is now at Atletico Madrid on goal difference alone, with Real Madrid – who beat them 2-1 in El Clásico -a further point behind. They lost four of their last six games, winning once and drawing the other.

The worst of all, their reign as European champions is over after Atletico a 3-2 overall victory last Wednesday after a pulsating second leg at the Vicente Calderon.

But what went wrong? How did a team that just a month ago invincible time has fallen apart

Here we look at the key factors behind disastrous slump Barcelona’s form – and see if they can salvage something from a season in danger. ends with a whimper

Barcelona has always been a by virtue of a small group, but this season seems to get caught with them -. especially when it comes to their much-acclaimed MSN strike force

for club and country Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar has 140 games played already this season, including regular trips to South America and the trip to Japan to play in the Club World Cup.

As a comparison, have their counterparts Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale only played 107 matches between them.

To make it worse, Luis Enrique fields are always much-praised strike force from the beginning of the game, with Messi makes two appearances of the plaster substitute bench this season, and Neymar and Suarez not having such replacement switch.

Given that all three played in the 2014 World Cup and last season’s Copa America and it’s no surprise that they are showing signs of fatigue, and their shape very blurred due

trio scored 112 goals between them this season -. but only three of them came in the last month, when they get the most necessary

when things go wrong at Barcelona it does not take long for the driver under pressure, no matter what he has achieved before -. and Luis Enrique is certainly finding that to be the case.

In his first season in management he has Barcelona to the treble, but he is on the defensive in recent weeks with his style of dealing with the press, leading to further investigation.

Another example comes in the press conference after the defeat against Valencia when a journalist named Victor Malo – who is of means “bad” in Spanish – asked if physical preparation of the players may be to blame for their malaise.

Enrique responded by saying: “What were you”

When the reporter responded by saying “Malo, Enrique said.” Correct, next question: “

Sure, it is rare in the same category of Nigel Pearson’s “you’re an ostrich?” ridge of the previous season, but that does little to pressure on both Enrique and the players results are poorly lighted.

It also goes further investigated in a number of more dubious decisions Enrique’s, including his choice not to rest more of his key players when the opportunity arises.

Few teams have such a gap in quality between their first choice XI and their reserves.

in defense, Jeremy Ahmed and former Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen is a long way from the level of the first selection center-backs Gerard Pique and Javier Mascherano.

In the midfield Arda Turan takes to solve for quite some time, as they move from Atletico Madrid, while concerns are busy, all-action style is poorly suited to Barcelona’s passing game.

And along the primary alternative is Munir El Haddadi who impressed while scoring eight goals, but is clearly not at the level of Messi, Suarez and Neymar.

In fact, the only position where the backup is at a similar level to the first choice in the prison, where Claudio Bravo plays in La Liga matches and Marc-Andre ter Stegen get the nod in Europe.

This undoubtedly contribute to reluctance to rest Enrique’s players, and it’s no surprise that Barcelona is actively looking for a fourth choice striker to act as an alternative to their current leading three.

The front favorite at the time of writing, Sevilla forward Kevin Gameiro, 24 goals of the season, he is the type of high-caliber option they need if they are to avoid depression in the future.

In defense of Barcelona should be noted that they only endure a particularly horrific series of games.

The unfortunate run begins with a draw result against a Villarreal side against Liverpool in the Europa League semi-finals, while the two-leg semifinal against Atletico was a brutal, exhausting affair.

The Classico is drain for Enrique’s team, while on paper their easiest game of many – was always likely to be tricky, with Barcelona lost on each of their three previous visits to the Basque Country – away to Real Sociedad

is the proof, while they were not able to collect in front of a. Valencia team in a tree form is since Pako Ayestaran navigate Gary Neville.

The good news is that it is easier here on in. traveling Wednesday Derportivo a Barcelona team that just won a face of their last 19 games, while their last four La Liga matches is all winnable before they face Sevilla in the Copa del Rey Final. A

However, despite the events of the past month, Barcelona have their fate in their own hands. They stay for Atletico and Real, and which appears on paper to the easiest run in his -. Especially if the other two can be distracted by their upcoming Champions League semi-final

The game this Wednesday is their final midweek assignment of the season, which means that keeping Messi, Suarez and Neymar can for tests get good repair.

There is also an expectation that happiness should turn Barcelona’s. Their fate is perhaps best summed up by their struggle against Valencia, when Barcelona are two goals behind rest despite their opponents with just one shot on goal as Ivan Rakitic own goal was followed by fine second Santi Mina.

There is also the feeling that this team is too good not to react. Enrique is a relatively inexperienced coach, but he is president of a team of serial winners who displayed no signs of crumple at this stage of the previous season.

That said, there are real doubts that Barcelona team for the first time since they swept all before them last May

The smart money is that it is simply a stronghold -. one that cost them the chance to retain the first team of their Champions League crown in modern times but should not prevent them from successfully defending their La Liga title.

a month ago, but you would bill for this Barcelona team suggests would win a match in six. Suddenly, the title race was in Spain are very reluctant to.

Sport Chalet closing all stores, including five Arizona locations

Posted in Trending Topics on 18th April 2016

Sport Chalet closing all stores, including five Arizona locations

Phoenix – Southern California-based Sport Chalet says it began closing all its shops and stopped selling merchandise online

Established in 1959, the sporting goods company has about 50 locations in California, Arizona,. Nevada and Utah.

There are five locations in Arizona, and all five will be closed soon.

in a statement online, by e-mail to customers, Sport Chalet says its stores begins the process of closing Saturday. The company no explanation.

The company says will open its stores continue for a few weeks, and customers can use any outstanding gift certificates.

Gift cards, reward certificates and store credits granted by April 29. Customers who do not make this about by that time will be allowed to transfer a balance to Sport Chalet’s sister stores, Eastern Mountain Sports or Bob’s stores.

Here is a map of all Valley Sport Chalet location, so you can try to cash in on some of the sales before they close.

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