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Christina Grimmie: The Voice singers brother says he feels sense of peace after outpouring of support

Posted in Trending Topics on 16th June 2016

Christina Grimmie: The Voice singers brother says he feels sense of peace after outpouring of support

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Her brother thanked fans for the messages he to Hera received tragic death

Christina Grimmie brother shared a poignant message about the singer and said he felt a sense of peace after her tragic death.

Marcus was with his sister, a former member of the voice as a gangster opened fire on her while she signatures on a concert venue in Orlando, Florida on Friday (June 10). According to Orlando police, Marcus immediately tackled the killer who then shot himself.

Orlando Police Department Chief John Mina said Marcus actions “heroic,” he says, “certainly lives to prevent it.”

writing on his Facebook page Saturday afternoon, Marcus said he was overcome with messages of support since the atrocity.

Christina Grimmie, 22, who was an American singer and songwriter, known for her participation in the NBC sang kompetisie The Voice was signatures on a concert in Orlando on June 10 when an attacker shot her. Grimmie is to a local hospital put where she died of her wounds on June 11

The former UFC and Bellator MMA fighter Kimbo Slice death after on June 6 in a hospital in Florida, aged between 42

the three-time former heavyweight world champion died after being hospitalized with a respiratory illness on June 3, aged between 74

Brampton that the introduction editor of the British edition of elle magazine had died may 10, aged between 60

the soul singer Billy Paul, who is best known for his single “My and Mrs. Jones”, died on April 24, between the ages of 81

Prince, the legendary musician, has died at his Paisley Park recording was found on April 21. He was 57

WWE icon Joan Laurer die 45 in the age after he found in California home on April 20

The five-time BAFTA-winning actress and comedian Victoria Wood died at 20 April at her London home after a short illness with cancer. She was 62

The artist and ex-husband of Liza Minnelli David Gest was found dead on April 12 at the Four Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf, London. He was 62 years old

Denise Robertson, a consolation ante this morning for more than 30 years, died on April 1, aged between 83

Dame Zaha Hadid, the prominent architects the best known for designs such as the London Olympic Aquatic Centre and the Guangzhou Opera House, died of a heart attack on March 31, at the age of 65

British artist Ronnie Corbett road on March 31 at the age of past 85

Hungarian writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész, who won the 2002 Nobel Prize for Literature, died on March 31, at the age of 86

Rob Ford, the former controversial mayor Toronto, died after a battle with a rare form of cancer. The 46-year-old died at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto on March 22

Joey (left) died in March after a two-year cancer disease. They were part of the country music duo Joey + Rory, along with her husband Rory (right)

Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco died February 19, 2016 between the ages of 84

Harper Lee, the American writer known for writing one for the ages a Mockingbird death, died February 19, 2016 89 years old

Vanity, shown performing in 1983, died between 57

The BMX legend body found in truck with a gunshot wound to the apparent suicide ages 41

The former miner became Sheffield Labour MPs May after many years as a local councilor. He died after yielding to cancer at the age of 61.

The Mott the Hoople drummer dies on January 17, aged between 67

Celine Dion’s husband and manager Rene Angelil loses his battle with cancer on January 14, the age between 73

the legendary actor Alan Rickman died on January 14 at the age of 69 after battle with pancreatic cancer. He is largely regarded as one of the most beloved British actors of our generation with roles in Love Actually, Die Hard, Michael Collins, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and illustrious stage career

The Earth, Wind & amp; amp; Fire founder dying elderly 74. The nine-piece band has sold over 90 million albums worldwide and has six Grammy Awards

The former NFL star found dead in prison on January 13 in alleged suicide, aged between 40

Tony award-winning actor and voice of Robin Hood is deceased on January 13, aged between 80

the legendary singer died on January 11, 69 years old, along with his family to living with cancer for 18 months

the veteran actor, best known for his role in Ghostbusters, died in New York on January 11, aged between 78

the former Disney child star was found dead in LA apartment on January 10, aged between 31

Irish golfer who became a Ryder Cup hero after a spectacular final hole in 1989, died on January 6, between the ages of 67

“Christina was more than my sister,” he wrote. “She was a partner in life. A superstar. A goofball. Introvert. And a friend to everyone. Really. But above all … my baby sister was. She loved the Lord and her family and was always there for me and I honestly do not know what ill do without her. “

” The support is crazy and I felt peace. I just have no words. I love you all, “he concluded.

Christina, 22, was shot dead during a meet and greet following her performance with the band before you output. About 120 people in the room at the time.Â

The singer was immediately taken to hospital in critical condition, but he died of her wounds.

Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 8, No One, recap: was the Arya twist a let down? Plus seven other things we …

Posted in Trending Topics on 14th June 2016

Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 8, No One, recap: was the Arya twist a let down? Plus seven other things we ...

You were all the attention? Let’s hope so, because it was one of those “Thinky” hours on game Trone, where violence and tits takes a back (sort of) with character development and dialogue flowers. never ending story Arya’s Braavos while a vaguely satisfactory conclusion (I say vaguely). We also have a look into the soul Jaime Lannister and find out that was not quite his howl to previously calculated. A few other things happen as well, but at the time of writing we are too busy suffering slow-motion flashbacks to the mountain rip cord’s thinking boyfriend of his jaw over the rest of the episode too deep. Thanks to Game of Thrones to fill us with horror and at the same time deepening our understanding of basic anatomy. A

Look, no one is even slightly worried about whether the Little Assassin who could not go run away from her struggle with whyf. As one of unkillable characters show participation continued Stark princess was never involved (game Trone is hardly Arya will drag all the way to Essos only to finish her off in a silty channel). Yet her desperate flight over the city has beautifully staged (even if the proposed show-runners David Benioff and DB Weiss have all night to play Assassin’s Creed for writing the scene). At such moments make game of the throne of mega budget a real difference as crowded markets Braavos and slippery sypaaie gone evocatively to life.Â

What to make of the big show that Arya is the set of all along Jaqen H’ghar divest the beach right? She has passed her exams and was now officially “Nobody” (white applause and uncomfortable picture). But why has Jaqen smile as Arya replied that they are actually the daughter of Winterfell, hurry to go home? The House of Black and White’s cloak of mystery is deployed, again, as a cover for gaping plot holes.Â

“You’re s *** to die – you know,” The dog has last of the Brotherhood Without banners possession he tracked down to their murder Septon Ray. What followed was a recall to the early Game of Thrones when the series was in pain to impress us with its seriousness by filling the screen with syringe Jugulars and waggling lady bits. Not much of that, but many of the former Sander Clegane roar back from retirement and set to work with some luck ax. See lopping him to head straight from the shoulders was unfounded – but in a nostalgic, “I ca not believe that they can see that on telly” way. O young and innocent and they never convince slain nice Ned Stark. The actual meat reached the end, but Sandor reunited with immortal Beric Dondarrion and learned of the White Walkers massing the north.Â

Heavy Popular early in the season six teasers, Cersei’s “I choose violence” line ultimately an air. Yet “violence” has barely justice that followed then, faster than you can say “Franken-Berg,” the zombified Ser Gregor Clegane has stuck in the initiates sent Cersei drag before the High Sparrow. A skull is removed and a spinal cord left hanging in the King’s Landing hot air and you feel like Chris Evans after a few laps in a sports car. Was it significant that Ser Gregor’s antics at the scene where his brother, The Hound, are prowess A showed an ax came right? Maybe Game of Thrones has tried something profound about family and the often bloody bands bind.Â

Our moral gyro was in a flutter as common Jaime says revealed his cuddly side in a truly fascinating reunion with old road pal Brienne. It was a sweet scene played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau locate an ember of decency among callowness Jaime’s. Too bad the dialogue was not as sharp as the acting, but it was fun, while the number of rowing as an old couple, Jaime painfully break “We should not fight about politics.” This is what you get for educating Brexit, Brienne

The Mountain are to her, we have not really feared Cersei -. Even after compensating for Jaime Riverrun ways to sit on the blackfish. However, with King Tommen shock se prohibition of the sacred ritual of interrogation by a battle, Game of Thrones amazes us much the same way Ser Clegane surprised that the mental decline backbone.Â

It was an ecumenical matter very important for Cersei, which would be unsuitable denies the fighting skills of Ser Gregor in its upcoming hearing. Lena Headey is one of the most subtle artists the show (which shade is needed meat on a two-dimensional harpy as Cersei Lannister sit). The way to freeze her face as Tommen tracking drop was simply masterful. A a

Game of Thrones is often accused also quickly turns to spurting Jugulars and lopped limbs. At Riverrun proves the opposite is true than the big Lannister-Tully Smackdown we are all frail to testify is afgelas the last minute.Â

We did not even go off the blackfish fighting after valiant see brave Ser Edmure orders his men to lay down their arms. It keeps Scrooge feel the off-screen death as calculated nose essay by Benioff and Weiss. It’s almost as if they want to create for our hatred Game of Thrones something before we have all reasons to love again with the year’s final double-whammy of episodes.Â

After weeks of endless faffing about moreâ storyline beaten on fire. It was literally the case when Tyrion in the form of a fleet of frigates Masters unfit spit fireballs confronted by the spirits of the Battle of the Blackwater. How fun to watch Tyrion completely flummoxed – his silver tongue and quick mind of little use in ominous exotic Essos.Â

Unfortunately, the excitement almost as soon as it was conjured be spoiled. Just as the Mother of Dragons ran into Tyrion’s pyramid HQ carries the slightly apologetic expression of someone who has announced that they pop to the shops, but ended up on a three-day bender instead.Â

It was a disappointing Daenerys time – almost, but not quite as stupid as something a few episodes back where gedraf to a turn and returned astride a huge, belching dragon. They have more titles like Real Madrid, but we can not for a late addendum, “Mother of implausible inputs?”

EA E3 UPDATE LIVE: Battlefield 1 war, Mass Effect Andromeda unveil, Titanfall 2 DATED

Posted in Trending Topics on 13th June 2016

EA E3 UPDATE LIVE: Battlefield 1 war, Mass Effect Andromeda unveil, Titanfall 2 DATED

TITAN FALL 2 Release date and single player campaign:

If the leak revealed earlier today, the information below is true and includes six new Titans and grappling hooks

respawn Entertainment. and Electronic Arts Inc. has announced that Titanfall 2, October 28, 2016 on Xbox One Origin PC.

???? With the original Titanfall, we focus on the nail the game and reinvent the way you move and fight in a first person shooter, â ???? said Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment and co-creator of the Call of Duty franchise.

???? Titan Fall 2, WEA ???? Re build on that foundation by creating a customized single player campaign backed by a deeper multiplayer experience together will again push the shooter genre forward.â ????

Here are a few Titanfall Update 2 single player campaign FACTS:

Updated A:. Hours remain for EA kick off E3 2016 with their EA Games event, which is set to conclude a full reveal of some of their biggest games

While we can expect to learn more about Mass Effect Andromeda, FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 shows that some of the details surrounding Titanfall 2 se large leaked publicly.

A test was Livestream get some eagle-eyed fans on some of the official presentation points, including a full Titanfall 2 trailer.

Titanfall 2 is set to be officially unveiled during the event EA games during the week of E3, fans will more at 21:00 BST, learning on June 12.

TITAN FALL 2 leaked FACTS: ..

* Titanfall 2 will be six new Titans to choose from

* Each new Titan will own fighting skills

* customize a new choice of pilot abilities and character.

* Titanfall 2 is a single-player campaign.

The new single-player is a great item for fans, some of whom left disappointed by the release of the original, which did not close in on a story.

The campaign will explore “the unique relationship between the pilot and Titan,” and is “designed to go deeper into Titanfall universe.”

Past leaks have confirmed that the game close would be launched in weeks battlefield 1 and includes a new grappling hook opportunity for pilots.

Larger cards are also reportedly set to be included, which will accommodate larger multiplayer battles for the fans on Xbox One, PS3 and PC


Electronic Arts has a variety of titles for Xbox One and PS4 to show off this year anda E3 2016 is almost certainly going to close a few surprises.

Although EA arena ???? t is a presence on the main E3 expo later in the week, players will have the chance to try some of their new titles throughout the day EA Games event on Sunday,

EA will press conference live in Los Angeles and London June 12 broadcast on 9. 12:00 BST kick-off events EA GAMES LA at Novo LA Live, and EA GAMES London to Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith.

CMT Music Awards 2016: 10 Best and Worst Moments

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th June 2016

CMT Music Awards 2016: 10 Best and Worst Moments

The CMT Music Awards have their A-game this year, the delivery of one of the most satisfying achievements in the recent past. Although prices feel superficial â ???? it is very fan-voted awards show the videos or the artists themselves? â ???? the shows are unfailingly entertaining and often irreverent (ie, Billy Ray Cyrus and Cheap Trick’s rock-god show). Yet there were a few head crab pieces and downright rags. Here’s our share of the 10 best and worst moments of the night

Best:. Carrie Underwood’s take after Church Carrie Underwoodâ ???? ‘S new single is called “church bells,” but her growling CMT Music award performance feels more like a call to an exorcism as a Sunday service. Dressed in a lacy black dress with windswept hair and a spooky banjo cowgirl by her side, it was clear the singer is going somewhere dark from the beginning. Then yanked her lacy black gown off to an even lacier black jumpsuit public, while a devilish guitar riff lazily through the air. It was like a new-school Charlie Daniels “Devil down to Georgia” moment, complete with a morally ambiguous storyline about a prospector, a violent man and poisoned whiskey revenge. As they roar turnaround in the epic song’s appearance a big church choir to her voice still higher inspiration, testifies in a giant bubble-and-answer time and makes the whole fire-and-brimstone stage seems even more ominous. As the last notes hammered on equal Underwood honestly overwhelmed by the performance, turning to shake her head at the choir and rumors an awe

Worst “Wow.”: Hosts Erin Andrews and J.J. Watts continues stabbing Ina Horny Teenager Fashion Fact: there are plenty of performing sexually attractive men and women or connected with country music. We know for sure because CMT Awards co-hosts Erin Andrews and J.J. Watts has spent most of the show from this point look to anyone: Watt repeatedly played the tired “I am single and want to fuck” shtick while Andrews shy fawned over Luke Bryan’s “chiseled” functions and Tim McGraw’s posterior. What is worrying is that it is both clever and complex numbers work near the top of their game in sports and while some falls of debt on the script skrywers, Watt and Andrews should aware that it’s not just (or especially funny) the many achievements of the country to reduce performers for aa collection of body parts desirableÂ

Best:. Luke Bryan Play Guitar HeroAll often show with awards, creativity comes in the form of production, whether it’s fireworks, scanty -clad dancers, pulsating lights or Splashy video content. But with Luke Bryan’s “Hunting ‘, Fishin’ and Lovin ‘Every Day’ performance, creative palette is made of nothing but musicality. The country superstar has the song armed only with his acoustic guitar and a swampy background. By the second verse, he said slowly to join his band on another stage, with their tight supervision transformation of the performance an intimate songwriter night se designates a stadium on a ???? only through Southern rock Sonics. climax song was an all -out game Guitar Hero, with all five pickers group Bryan sharing the spotlight and the delivery of Keith Urban-type leaky

Best:. the Oak Ridge boys slate Night largest SingalongThe Oak Ridge boys is nothing wrong do. in a broadcast Pitbull, Fifth Harmony and Pharrell Williams appeared, it has helped technically a country show awards evening in the tradition of a country ???? the CMTs, after all. and the Oaks was as solid as their name, backup Blake Shelton on “doin ‘this for country songs,” their collaboration on new album Shelton, one if I’m honest. This may have been the performance Shelton, but the Country Music Hall of Famers possess, corporal punishment the crowd a ???? â including a singing, dancing Carrie Underwood ???? into a frenzy when they opened up their own “Elvira.” Joe Bonsall breaker few vlugvoetige move and Richard Sterban shake the rafters with his signature “Uncle cutting cutting pa-pa,” Oaks said the evidence that you will not be his exciting young.

Worst: Little Big Town and Pharrell Williams is out with a WhimperWe love Little Big Town is a pressure for crossover success with their new “special project” Wanderlust â ???? there is no country act more naturally versatile and suitable for the pop landscape. But show includes performances of last night was not the best way to introduce their new partnership with Pharrell Williams at the world. While AGT’s harmonies were on the point of the total production of “A Man Dance” fall flat. Pharrell was all but invisible on percussion (dressed in full camo outfit did not help), the Jabbawockeez-meets-Oompa Loompa dancers at best distracting, and the song ended with a whimper and a “Is it?” Response from the live audience. Even Jimi Westbrook’s heroic attempt to get fans on their feet feel more stock than spontaneous. The silver lining? “One Dance” may not translate directly, but it is absolutely bang on the album

Best:. Thomas Rhett throw a Street Party With every awards show this year, Thomas Rhett seems to be to win the hearts and minds of the country fans. First with his super-romantic hit “The happy man” (written for his beautiful wife, Lauren), and with performances like the one he was on the CMTs. That phase â ???? smack in the middle of neon-lit tourist district Music City and performed immediately Holler-and-swaller honky-tonks â ???? where they have filmed the whole show. It looks like a giant party with thousands of free-range country fans, and T-Rhett has made use of a fun-loving, breathless version of “T-Shirt” is his sixth consecutive number one. For most of the song he was the words shouted in the crowd steal sunglasses (and then give them back) and busting stupid robot dance steps, looking as cool and get a laugh if you look like a good old. Then, later, “The happy man” won Male Video of the Year, and adds trophy to a collection that already connect ACMs and accès forums Liedjie and Single of the Year. Lauren when he resigned from the stage, its rays and blush for the camera, inspiring other 1000 #relationshipgoals Instagram posts

Best:. Erin Andrews, J.J. Watts Yard All-star cast for Funny OpenerThe laugh-out-loud opening stabbing was as Nash’s version of the Office. Luke Bryan and Brett Eldredge is Jim and Dwight wearing headset, boring desktop mail clog. Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard is the fanboy valet drivers. IT man Jason Aldean cluelessly comes armed with a drill to fix the computer Erin Andrews (good comedic actress, by the way). Darius Rucker CMT’s president, and Billy Ray Cyrus is the resident barber, armed with a “Kentucky Waterfall” wedge for host J.J. Watt. Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell makes funny, Skype d cameos, but it is Kellie Pickler then the sexed-up guard who are getting the greatest comic props. “! Spread ’em bend over when it’s time for a blitz,” shouts on Watts and his deadpan response is quite large, “.. You do it every day I call HR”

BEST: CMT’s i love the eighties founded his own music videos Props to ask the CMT awards designers who produced the coolest phase in the history of the show. Colorful, eye-popping but never ostentatious, the set was straight out of the eighties, part-time and part-Tron Nintendo controller. Adorned with neon pink and green, the design somehow still made Jake Owen teal sport baadjie right feeling. The stage was also great for the whole variety of performances, turning classy Carrie assisted Underwood se choir “church bells” and obtain a “Wooley Swamp” landscape for Luke Bryan’s “Hunting ‘, Fishin’ and lovin ‘every day . “But the cool factor is not limited to inside the Bridgestone Arena: The satellite stage at Nashville’s Lower Broadway, the country” The City “seems just as hip as the ruled are

Best:. Tim McGraw Scores moral Victory Sometimes nice guys actually finished first. Tim McGraw’s poignant, Lori McKenna-penned hit “Humiliated and Child” has manifested itself in a whole movement based around the distribution of joy. in fact, the song has its own website where people share random acts of kindness, and his own book. tune’s the accompanying video category won the CMT awards’ biggest (and heaviest), video of the year has a ???? a victory for Oprah who always finish first . the clip features scenes from Winfrey’s documentary series Faith, which shows how people with many spiritual beliefs deeper meaning in the world to find them

worst:. Jason Aldean prefer watching new single NBA Final Jason Aldean’s known as “Lights Come,” and that is what you could describe as a typical hit Jason Aldean: muscular beat, nü-metal guitars, tightly wrapped, suppress-the-rage vocal delivery and lyrics about cutting loose after a 40-hours of grinding. But it can be a bit too typical, even for Aldean. His performance at the CMT Music Awards was one of the highest BILLINGS the show, one night-capper stepped out into the middle of the Lower Broadway with thousands of rowdy faithful to his feet. However, the singer seemed neutral, maybe even a little bored with the schtick. The opening verse of “Lights Come On” is low vocal register Aldean’s, makes it difficult to understand what he was trying to work up all over. He has quickly what looks like a chorus prepared for a concert crowd a ???? Since itâ ???? s written about a concert crowd a ???? but the energy never completely overflowing. Even ordinary Tomcat strut a little less edge to it. Fireworks exploded overhead and the song ended with a satisfying big finish, but one begins to wonder whether Aldean’s inscription for a fork in the

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Orioles Manny Machado charges mound to ignite bench-clearing brawl

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th June 2016

Orioles Manny Machado charges mound to ignite bench-clearing brawl

Manny Machado has no intention of taking a 99mph fastball in the back without reprisals.

When the inevitable happens, the young Orioles infielder accused balled up the hill with his fists.

Kansas City right-batsman Yordano Ventura Machado hit with a slope to a bench empty struggle spark, and Baltimore extended the Royals’ losing streak a season-high six games with a 9-1 defeat Tuesday night.

Mark Trumbo homered and drove in four runs, and the Orioles also a long ball from Ryan Flaherty, Chris Davis and Adam Jones.

But most striking moment the game came in the fifth inning, when Ventura (4-4) drilled Machado just below his number 13 turned away as the two-time All-Star. In the second turn, with Baltimore leading 5-0, thrown in to challenge the two exchanged words in Ventura twice.

So before Machado towards the plate in the fifth, he has a word of warning from manager Buck Showalter.

“I thought he tried to hit the on-BAT for him,” Showalter did. “That’s why I talked with him before his last at-BAT. I wanted him to be aware of it.”

immediately after a ball hit him, Machado accused the hill. Ventura prepared for the attack by slinging aside his hat and gloves, but Machado landed a solid punch to the pitcher tackled him.

“I do not regret it,” said the 23-year-old Machado. “When someone throwing 99 with you, going to hurt. You can ruin someone’s career. You’re not in that situation. You just have to respond.”

Both dugouts and bullpens emptied before peace was restored. Machado has quit his teammate Chris Tillman after the initial application.

Ventura claimed the errant throw was unintentional and implied that Machado has a reputation as a hot cup.

“Everyone knows what kind of player he is,” Ventura through an interpreter. “It has only gone and he came to me, and I have to defend myself at that moment.”

Machado Ventura and was ejected with the score 5-1. It is likely both will eventually receive suspensions.

“I do not think that should be an end,” insisted Ventura.

Machado said: “You have to deal with the consequences once you stabbing over that line.”

When the game resumed, Trumbo greeted reliever Chien-Ming Wang walk 20 front house with its large -Liga, and Davis followed with a solo shot.

Ubaldo Jimenez (3-6) has a run and nine hits over five-plus turn to end a three-game skid.

Baltimore won six of seven. This was the only victory in those stretches where never drag the Orioles.

The Royals stranded 13 and won 1 for 14 with runners in scoring position. It is not a difficult losing streak for the defending World Series champions, and Ventura made it seemingly with his performance in the fifth inning.

“There is a little frustration in cases when it happens,” manager Ned Yost acknowledged.

Baltimore, the bottom of the first four straight hits and had a 4-0 lead with only one out. The big blow was a two-run double by Trumbo, who scored on a single by Jonathan Schoop. The damage would have been worse if jumping center worker Lorenzo Cain not far reached to rob the 7-foot wall Pedro Alvarez of a potential two-run homer.

Flaherty led off the second with his first home run of the season, a line that traveled an estimated 446 feet before landing on EUTAW Street beyond the right-field wall

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Keep your posts respect and adhere to the Guidelines -. and then you see a comment that you think you do not meet the guidelines, use the “Report a link next to the door to let us know.

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