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Sport Chalet closing all stores, including five Arizona locations

Posted in Trending Topics on 18th April 2016

Sport Chalet closing all stores, including five Arizona locations

Phoenix – Southern California-based Sport Chalet says it began closing all its shops and stopped selling merchandise online

Established in 1959, the sporting goods company has about 50 locations in California, Arizona,. Nevada and Utah.

There are five locations in Arizona, and all five will be closed soon.

in a statement online, by e-mail to customers, Sport Chalet says its stores begins the process of closing Saturday. The company no explanation.

The company says will open its stores continue for a few weeks, and customers can use any outstanding gift certificates.

Gift cards, reward certificates and store credits granted by April 29. Customers who do not make this about by that time will be allowed to transfer a balance to Sport Chalet’s sister stores, Eastern Mountain Sports or Bob’s stores.

Here is a map of all Valley Sport Chalet location, so you can try to cash in on some of the sales before they close.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Are Reportedly Expecting Their Second Child

Posted in Trending Topics on 16th April 2016

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Are Reportedly Expecting Their Second Child

On the heels of the news Thursday that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their second child, come word that another well-known film actor Ryan is also expecting a second child.

Yes, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes is welcome because a son or daughter, according to our Weekly, referring to “multiple sources.” Again, as with the bustling report earlier in the day yesterday, reportedly visual evidence is at the core, as we say that Mendes is “hidden spotted her emerging bump” in a Los Angeles photo shoot in February.

Mendes and Gosling has a daughter, Esmeralda, who is 17 months old. Mendes, the Today Show in October that the arrival of her daughter led her to rethink her priorities in terms of taking acting work. “If I like,” Oh, what should I wear? Or should I do this project? “All I have to think about my daughter and her face, and I know the answer immediately,” she said. “She’s my moral compass in a way.”

All the Secrets We Divined From the Doctor Strange Trailer

Posted in Trending Topics on 14th April 2016

All the Secrets We Divined From the Doctor Strange Trailer

It is not the most exciting or original opening shot in semi history, but we have a heavy focus on how a car accident changed Stephen Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) live in this.

Here’s our first real look at strange and it is estimated and therefore the hands first. It takes the trailer for some time to really explain why they have focused so much on his hands, but the thing newcomers need to know is that “Doctor” Strange is not a strange affectation, he’s a real doctor. A promising one whose career is ruined by a car accident.

The car accident, which looks very bad. The voice here is, “Stephen Strange. Can I give you some advice? Forget everything you think you know.”

You can tell that the accident behind him because Oddly make the necessary “growth beard wearing horrible clothes and travel East” thing. It’s not really Tibet, as it was (weak) made in the original comics. Marvel president Kevin Feige said, it’s just generic “Eastern mysticism” strange investigations.

Hands, again. Devastated, useless hands. VoiceOver, this time from the Old Man (Tilda Swinton). “You are a man looking at the world through a keyhole”

And here’s our first look at the Cumberbatch face in this trailer. The characteristic Strange beard is looking pretty ratty at this particular time.

A flashback to the aftermath of the accident and the only glimpse of Rachel McAdams a still unnamed character in the trailer. Rumor her plays Linda Carter, AKA Night Nurse, a character with a history of strange. But when she plays Carter, this version is a surgeon who has been described as a “masterpiece” foreign pre-crash, pre-magical life. She could also Clea, who eventually marry strange.

Here is how the mighty have fallen, in case you’re wondering. It is interesting to note that the facial hair of a go, to Ratty, to supposedly-neatly finished. This is the evolution of the character in the obvious white. Keep the voice of the Old Man, “You’ve been trying your life to expand it. You work saved the lives of thousands.”

And here, 40 seconds in the two-minute trailer, we finally have an explanation for why we had seen so many of his hands. Still a before and after shot, to be replaced this time of steady neurosurgeon by a quivering mess.

“What if I tell you that reality is one of the many?” Strangely after the accident. only drink every time a shot focus on his hands will go faster.

A big theme of this trailer are the before and after the transition from life’s strange. So a gray to gold, and we’re from New York (for now).

Here is where we belong Cumberbatch’s voice for the first time, “I do not believe in fairy tales about chakras, or energy, or the power of faith,” he says, in a credible (if very Hugh- Laurie -as-House-like) American accents. This shot is also our first glance at Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). In a bit confusing, Mordo’s not a straight-up villain in the film as he is in the comics. He’s probably a lot of moral gray but has a fellowship with stranger. What makes sense, since it seems draw pictures on the same side, at least for a portion of the film.

The trailer is cut to make it seem Strange follows Mordo, but it is the day and night here in the previous round.

An Antique again, “You wonder what I see in your future? A possibility.”

This symbol is the famous Seal of Vishanti of comics that we will see later. Instead, there are seams so that it appears to the opening, and the circlular thing in the middle of the blocks seem to be the Eye of Agamotto, the powerful talisman wear Strange after it hits wizard Highest:

it is the smaller circles around the larger one that says “Agamotto” for us.

Our first look at the Old Man and, as promised, Swinton play a very androgynous look for the character.

Not that how you look at things as you can soul of a man outside punching his body.

It is generic ‘which has happened to me “look, but again, hands.

Just like Rachel McAdams has named character Mads Mikkelsen’s is among broken. He appeared on the big movie villain, which is speculated that Dormammu. What we do know is that he form breaking the old to his own party. His first appearance in the trailer also gives us our first real mind bending look at what might be how this film wear other realms. Strange voice-overs, “Why did you do that?”

Note that it comes out later in his training as strange on the mountain is now wearing a rug in gray, with a white underwear, just like the old one. And not terrible travel clothing.

A quick look at Mikkelsen, whose floor go much Escher-like. Note that there is something wrong with both eyes and his lackeys.

We see a close-up to them in one or another set of pictures where it looks like the skin break away to something colorful below reveal. What do back up rumors that he Dormammu leadership of the senseless ones, which probably appear in this film as ordinary people, but made of stone and cut into small layers. The eye thing can be hinting at that.

Here is the only look on face Mordo in this trailer, and that the stranger followed him? VoiceOver Ancient One said: “There are other ways to save lives” by this point.

“So much you do not know,” she says. Before boating thought him out of the room.

To see where New York will be created on. I wish everything was still out there; This is a story about a man working ‘Highest magician “after all.

strange and hilarious crashes back through the ceiling. It is virtually the only light moment in the whole trailer.

And here the only scene where we actually see dialogue spoken throughout the trailer, and it is strange and begging, “Teach me.”

And then it’s a cut to the after-shot of Foreign full red cape off. Presumably much later in the film.

We know from concept art that is for him in his infamous sacred sanctorum back home in New York. Note the symbol of Vishanti on the window (which magical beings magical powers granted in the comics universe).

The two-minute trailer is remarkable in the sense that we see many things, but there’s no real plot revealed information. Everything is all we know happened: the car accident, the ruined surgical career, and the necessary recruitment and training by the Old Man. What name and plan character Mikkelsen remains secret. Indeed, no one who does not Cumberbatch or Swinton get more than a few seconds of screen time.

PGA Tour, Golf news: Tiger Woods comments on his rehab progress

Posted in Trending Topics on 12th April 2016

PGA Tour, Golf news: Tiger Woods comments on his rehab progress

– Tiger Woods was at Augusta National briefly last week for the Champions Dinner two nights before the start of the Masters. Even if he does not play as he continues his road to recovery from back surgery, he managed to make some news.

It’s the day after when he went home to Jupiter, Florida.

“Tiger Woods beats managers full speed disappointment medal GC,” Tim Rosa Forte of the Golf Channel announced on Twitter.

Woods, who has not played since the Wyndham tournament in August last year, is taking his return slowly to the age of 40 and insists he will return to action sometime this year.

It was only a week before the Masters that he announced he would not play in the first major of the year, which he won four times, but it seems that he is encouraged by his improvement.

“I am absolutely progress, and I’m very happy with how far I’ve come, but I do not have a timetable to return to competitive golf” Woods has on his website.

Woods, who has 79 PGA Tour victories, including 14 major titles, he still believes kept saying he could Sam Snead’s record of 82 break in the former category and Jack Nicklaus’ point of 18 in the last.

Nicklaus said again that he believes Woods can do it.

“Tiger and I both won young, and may extend for 25 years (in his career) themselves,” Nicklaus said at the Masters. I do not think he did. I think Tiger’s going to win more tournaments. “

Woods’ next target may be to play for or at the US Open in June OAKMONT.

The winners in Rio de Janeiro will receive exemption in all major championships.

the men’s winner will secure a place in the Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA championship in 2017.

the winner of the part of women will automatically qualify for the last major of 2016, the Evian championship in September, and the first four majors next year -. the ANA Inspiration, Women’s PGA championship, American Women’s Open and Women’s British Open

“whether someone who in the top positions in the world or someone who is a Cinderella story, in both respects this is a positive, “said Pete Bevacqua, CEO of the PGA of America.

While the winner can already qualify for the major championships, there is the chance that a lower position golfer or her way to play in the majors.

Some players are skeptical that the Olympics will carry as much importance as the majors, although others such as Jason Australia day and Jordan Spieth is fully on board.

“There is nothing, nothing stronger than that of your country,” said Billy Payne, chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and head of the Olympic organizing committee in Atlanta 1996.

“I suspect that you will see take over and fully capture the enthusiasm of the players for golf. … we believe visibility our game will drastically increase the global platform that only offer the Olympics.”

the PGA Tour, which does not have to manage the majors of the men, is also considered the men’s winner a place in the tournament players.

–Esteban Toledo never qualified for the Masters in 21 years on the PGA Tour, so he devised another way to end up Augusta National.

The 53-year-old from Mexico in the middle of the queues for most of the week in the first major of the year as the caddy for his friend Sandy Lyle of Scotland, the 1998 Masters champion.

“a dream come true for me,” said Toledo, who has never won on the PGA Tour but has claimed four victories on the PGA Tour Champions. “You walk through the gates, and you get a feel for the honor, prestige. Get these fairways, it does not get better than this.”

Toledo made $ 3700000 in his career on the PGA Tour, and he has a number of opportunities for the victory that would sit him in the Masters.

Stand under an old oak tree outside the clubhouse at Augusta National, he talked about some of the victories that got away.

“I have to Tiger at the Buick Open, lost to adapt to the Bell in Atlanta, has knocked by Brad Faxon in New York,” says Toledo. “David Toms has me in Williamsburg, Virginia”

Said Lyle “. He has always made it clear to me, he said,” I want something for your caddy at the Masters. “I love his enthusiasm. It’s just beautiful, sometimes, to someone’s dream come true.”

The dream ended a little early, as Lyle shot 76-81–157 and missed the cut by seven succeed.

–Masters newcomer Rafael Cabrera-Bello of Spain hoped the practice rounds playing with two-time champion Jose Maria Olazabal last week to learn some of the secrets of Augusta National.

The 50-year-OLD Olazabal stayed home in Spain because of his treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Thus, Cabrera-Bello found another way to do this, the communication with one of his idols via text.

“(Olazabal) SMS me for my happiness when he knew I was in,” Cabrera Bello Reuters. “I told him I’ll call him for advice within the ropes and his memories of his championship moments.

” He is very helpful and nice not matter. “

Olazabal is part of the impressive Spanish heritage at Augusta, claimed two of the four Masters titles won by Spaniards in 1994 and 1999, Seve Ballesteros

Sergio in 1980 and 1983 Garcia has three top-10 finishes in 17 Masters, while Miguel Angel Jimenez has four top-10s, including fourth place in 2014.

“I have a lot more thought about Ollie because he has won here but (Jimenez) is a very good friend, “Cabrera Bello said.” I got to him, too. “

Cabrera Bello deserves his place in the Masters by climbing into the top 50 of the World Golf rankings, reaching No. 33 times he beat Rory McIlroy, 3 and 2, in the consolation round of the WGC- Dell world Match Play.

the 31-year-old Masters newcomer played nine holes at Augusta with 2003 champion Mike Weir of Canada on Tuesday and played 18 holes with Garcia on Wednesday.

” it is more perfect than perfect, “Cabrera-Bello has Augusta National.” I was almost 10 the first time (Olazabal) won and nearly 15 for the second time. It is clear that we always dreamed about playing here and dreamed about winning here. I feel really honored to be here. “

Cabrera Bello to bind the reduction in his first Masters, and closed with a 70 to 17.

–Fred couples, the 1992 Masters champion, has forced the tournament since 1994, missed last week for the first time due to chronic back issues.

“Actually, it has gone down to his hip,” said Jim Nantz, CBS commentator and good friend couples who his roommate was at the University of Houston.

couples, 56, despite his age involved remained at Augusta National. He has the 36-hole lead in 2012, was one shot behind going into weekends in 2013 and five top-20 finishes since turning 50, including six in 2010.

This season, couples played only three tournaments, two on the PGA Tour and Champions at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera, where he spent two of his PGA Tour victories claimed in 1990 and 1992.

he misses the cut this time in Los Angeles and was in obvious discomfort.

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SpaceXs Landing Drone Ship Is Just As Complicated As The Rocket

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th April 2016

SpaceXs Landing Drone Ship Is Just As Complicated As The Rocket

http: //gizmodo.com/spacexs-falcon …

Elon Musk has just landed the best week of events in his life after finally successfully SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket engine on a small spikkeltjie a renovated cargo ship swaying in the sea, in addition to the 325,000 bookings for the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan.

But the most dangerous undertaking of the week, the last time was the Falcon 9 rocket engine back to earth after the introduction of an addition to the International Space Station in orbit around the earth and, for the first time , it managed to land upright on SpaceX’s autonomous landing ship, the beautiful name “of course, had I still love you.”

It seems that the landing platforms SpaceX developed is just as complicated as literal rocket science.

There are three separate landing ships has been developed by SpaceX. The concept of an “autonomous spaceport Drone Ship” harks back to plans Elon Musk’s “create a paradigm shift in the traditional approach to reusing missile hardware” in 2009, but the contract for a refurbished ship was officially announced in 2014.

the large, flat surface of the ocean sailing and the ability to carry heavy loads is essential for the high-speed flow of Faclon 9 rocket. SpaceX refits the ship platforms with a comprehensive platform measuring 170 feet by 300 feet to 18 feet team of the landing legs and facilitate the missile aid deliveries. The first ship featured extended wings and blast walls, but the current models are not more of these features.

According to NASA, this MARMAC is autonomous drone ships equipped with four diesel-powered azimuth thruster motors can be horizontal spindle, stirring, removing the need for a ship and provides better maneuverability with a full 360 degree range the movement of the control ship. It was originally reported that these thrusters help keep the crashing ship position within three meters of accuracy. The engines are supplied by marine equipment manufacturer Thrust.

The material on the surface of the ship is not completely known, but tend to have a thick skin of steel that prominently features the SpaceX logo.

The drone ships can maneuver autonomously using GPS data for precision positioning, but they can also be remotely controlled by an associated support vessel standing with a crew of technicians.

a wide variety of sensors are used in conjunction with managing the GPS information to the “attitude and placement” of the bash ship and communicate with the incoming missile and who watches to control teams and to co-ordinate the intricate precise landings.

further to any destination attempt the crew of the aid on board the ship crashing. If the landing is successful, the rocket used welded to the deck of the ship and strengthened until it returns to Port. If the landing was a failure, everything recyclable is insured and returned to port.

The Atlantic bash ship returned to the port of Jacksonville or Port Canaveral in Florida, and the Pacific Ocean crashing ship port in the Port of Los Angeles in California.

The first implemented using SpaceX autonomous spaceport Drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean to a cargo launch to the International Space Station for NASA on January 10, 2015, which led to a failed landing attempt.

Elon Musk says the liklihood of a successful landing was 50 percent at the most, but recently said the probability is closer to 30 percent.

The first bash ship is based on a series MARMAC 300 ocean sailing, and his name revealed to be “Just read the instructions” after his first test landing.

The first thump ship “Just read the instructions” is replaced Atlantic duties after six months of operations and two failed test feeding at sea.

It is the replacement platform has been hired by SpaceX and develop a much newer MARMAC ship, model 304, and as I mentioned earlier, the name “Of course I still love you.” Both ship titles creatively named autonomously controlled space of the novel The Player of Games.

A third floating landing platform based on the leased MARMAC ship model number 303 is finished in the spring of 2015 and passing through the Panama Canal to Pacific missile repair tasks. This was later named “Just read the instructions” as the first, now retired floating landing platform.

SpaceX has sought the Falcon 9 rocket motor land on an autonomous drone ship five times. Two landing attempts resulted in January and April of 2015 failures after contact with the crashing ship, but many phases of the effort was successful.

The third intended destination attempt was foiled in June 2015 to the missile before entering dismembered from the first phase of the landing process.

First Pacific landing attempt, and fourth overall, in January with a successful “soft landing” of the rocket on the crashing ship. However, a catch pin in one of the landing legs failed the missile and the missile toppled.

The fifth touchdown attempt Friday was the first full success in his attempts SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket engine drone lands on a ship at sea. This success, and the hope for more like this in the future, make the underlying purpose behind reusable SpaceX’s rocket program.

The possibility of a whole missile body fully recover and return to port to prep for re-use will dramatically cut the cost of space and increases the speed of loading and, ultimately, human beings are capable be able to get access to the space to be.

According to SpaceX Elon Musk at the press conference after the successful landing, end use of the drone ships have to drop to a quarter of SpaceX return landings with a shift to setting the ground for the return of rockets. Elon Musk also previously tweeted an ultimate opportunity where rocket engines land on the pounding ship is prepped and fuel in a quick turnaround time, and then “home.” Fly

Musk also has plans for the first manned SpaceX flight by the end of next year with the second generation of the Dragon capsule, first planned an unmanned test.

“We will be successful if it’s boring,” Musk spotted on asking a question over the next objective response to this great success. But he has a point-the realization that this kind of astonishing technical performance brings us one step closer to occasional, inexpensive space really is disappointment.

The ability to communicate deliver a missile load off our atmosphere and successfully connected to an autonomous floating platform in rocky sea breaks not only restore the traditional form of space travel, but almost literally jump out of the pages science fiction.

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