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Radio Times searches for best voice on airwaves

Posted in Trending Topics on 2nd March 2016

Radio Times searches for best voice on airwaves

The weekly magazine deals come with separate choices of 20 men and 20 women from which elected.

Competitors come from all over the radio Bedryf and includes familiar names such as Radio 4’s Jenni Murray and Hart’s former Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

Radio Times Jane Anderson said she wanted to know what the radio has a “sensation” or “buzz” for listeners.

“The rules are simple,” says Anderson, who the publication of the radio editor.

“We are not looking for the smartest provider, most groundbreaking reporter or a ruthlessly accurate weatherman.

” We want you to tell us what causes excitement, a buzz or that sense everything in the world as you hear them.

“What radio voice about you not resist? Read the shortlist and allow to linger the voices in your head.

” and then choose your favorite three men and three women order of how much you love them. “

A panel of experts – including Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine and Radio 4’s Eddie Mair, John Humphrys and Sue MacGregor – drawing up the shortlist

She was not allowed to vote for themselves, but some have nevertheless. been shortlisted.

Radio Times vocal cords each participant a description.

Woman’s Hour host Murray, 65, has described a voice as “soft … and just very, very easy to listen”.

the Today program’s host Mishal Husain, 43, is said to be “one has an authoritative voice” what is “easy on the ear “because of his” elegant timbre. ”

Bunton, heart offers ontbyt program, has a voice filled with “a contagious happiness.”

Although Leona Graham Absolute is said to “husky, sultry sounds” have to “has even led to her voice mistaken for that of a man.”

One of the men on the list is Radio 4’s test game Special commentator Henry Blofeld, whose voice is described as “plums as jam”

LBC’s Steve Allen Radio Times calls :. “Is there a more artistic voice on the air today?”

Union chief Tony Clark expresses concerns about Dexter Fowler situation

Posted in Trending Topics on 28th February 2016

Union chief Tony Clark expresses concerns about Dexter Fowler situation

Baltimore Sun reporters Eduardo Encina and Peter Schmuck report from spring training on Dexter Fowler deal falls through and Yovani Gallardo, the latest Orioles pitcher, start practicing with the team. (Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun video)

Baltimore Sun reporters Eduardo Encina and Peter Schmuck report from spring training on Dexter Fowler deal falls through and Yovani Gallardo, the Orioles latest pitcher, start practicing with the team. (Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun video)

Major League Baseball Players Association chief Tony Clark has expressed concern Saturday about how to deal with the Dexter Fowler situation by the media and equal or public statement to the agent Casey Close rip reporters supports and the Orioles early reports that the free-agent outfielder has agreed to a three-year contract to play in Baltimore.

“I think it is disappointing that we live in a world where it’s more important to be first if it is to be good,” Clark said at its annual spring visit to Orioles camp, “and itâ ???? sa very dangerous place to exist when information is way out that can not be 100 percent accurate, no matter what the information is and helps to change or sway the dialogue on one side of the equation or the other.

“I look forward to a conversation about how everyone is a little more adept might be in this regard in the best interest of the entire industry.â ????

so no one forget, Close blowing the Orioles and the many media that the unfinished $ 33000000 contract Fowler reject before returning to Chicago reported Cubs, though he is almost two full days to refute the reports and his client Adam Jones that he would be “delighted” with the Orioles.

Clark would not say whether the union would follow Close’s accusation that the Orioles violated baseball labor agreement.

???? An agent has the ability to claim that giving it issued, “says Clark.” Understand and appreciate what is revealed here, go back to the question, to say that we care is a understatement.â ????

Obama Vets GOP Nevada Governor for Supreme Court

Posted in Trending Topics on 25th February 2016

Obama Vets GOP Nevada Governor for Supreme Court

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Less than 24 hours after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell clear that Republicans would not participate put forward to confirmation hearings made Supreme Court nominated by President Obama, the news leaked that the White House is screened Nevada Republican governor Brian Sandoval for the opening.

“Sandoval are increasingly seen by then might be able to choose the only nominee President Obama some key Democrats who was able to break a Republican blockade in the Senate,” writes wapo’s Mike DeBonis and Juliet Eilperin would be. “A person familiar with the discussions said that while Sandoval [Harry] Reid he is not a final decision on whether he would have accepted a Supreme Court nomination, he would allow to move the selection forward. A person familiar in Nevada has confirmed the procedure that process is underway. “

So, on Tuesday, McConnell makes clear that no nominee even a confirmation hearing allowed. That same day Reid, the most powerful democracy in the Senate and a Nevadan, assembled with Sandoval. The next day – aka today – we learn that Sandoval, a Republican, is in the mixture at the end of Justice Antonin Scalia replace

Hmmmm .. coincidences do not exist in politics. A and especially when Harry Reid, the biggest political person in the Senate – with apologies to McConnell, who was number two – is now involved. “How wonderful for [Reid] in his estate year Nevadan get appointed to the Supreme Court by the location of the Republicans in the position to try to deny it to one of their own, and Spanish to start?” Writes Jon Ralston in the Reno Gazette Journal of the Sandoval trial balloon. (Reid has announced his retirement this year after five terms in the Senate.)

I have no doubt that Sandoval will be screened by the White House. And that he will have to seriously think about taking it – he wanted to take it, right? – If the work presented. A What I doubt is that he actually will be presented work. And why, if he goes it is presented, it would leak just a day after Sandoval and Reid squat.

What if Reid and the White House has decided to name Sandoval’s public stations troll McConnell and other Senate Republicans to date, has a largely united front when it comes to their unwillingness to a Obama’s nominee to consider the court? A and, while you’re thinking about something, remember thatâ White House press secretary Josh Earnest made it very clear that Obama has no shortlist of possible candidates for the court yet

name Sandoval in the air. – A Spanish Republican widely like in his original plan and the broader GOP – makes it very difficult for the Republicans in 2016 in blues / swing-y states to hold the line. A people like Sens. Mark Kirk (Ill.), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Pat Toomey (Pa.), Kelly Ayotte (NH) and Rob Portman (Ohio), there is a real electoral threat in what is considered as part of a too radical or to-obstructionist a Republican party in Washington. By swinging a dish from the Republican ranks, Obama / Reid back this GOP senators into a rhetorical corner.  try to explain why you flatly the possibility of a meeting Republican governor rejected a Democratic president nominated to the Supreme Court is not easy for even the most skilled politician.

Republican strategists I have with a person, dumped their hat on the strategy, but demanded Sandoval will not wind on the bench. “IA have to believe that’s a troll,” said a high-level GOP consultant. “Obama and the Democrats want to hold to that guaranteed fifth liberal vote. by waving governor Sandoval, is likely to try to more newspaper editorials, blog posts and tweets. The probability of this happening is lower than the opportunity to generate of RGIII is the Washington football team starting line quarterback next season. “

I think it’s good. Reid is a master strategist. And for him, this seems like a win-win. If Sandoval was appointed by Obama, this will amount to a definitive Pluimpie Reid’s Ralston top notes. If not, can then Reid and his fellow Democrats Senate Republican filibuster on the Supreme Court pick used to vulnerable 2016 GOPers as fixed bash for their party extreme judge flank – taking back and perhaps even control the world’s leading advisory body in November <. / P>

Somewhere, Reid smiles this afternoon. Alom.

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PowerSchool, PeopleAdmin Partner on Talent Management, SIS Integration

Posted in Trending Topics on 23rd February 2016

PowerSchool, PeopleAdmin Partner on Talent Management, SIS Integration

Indiana, PA – Indiana County

East WHEATFIELD TOWNSHIP & amp; amp; mdash; The drivers in the United School District has yesterday approved the academic calendar for the 2016-17 school year

On the district & amp; amp; rsquo;. E board meeting, the board approved the calendar, the first day of school kits for students August 24 at the beginning of the school year, the district will take on seventh grade orientation August 17, and Back to School Night on September 14

According to the schedule, possibly snow make-up days tentatively scheduled for February 13 20 March 13 and 18, and May 26th.

In the new academic year, Barbara Parkins, superintendent, said the school will fully to please the district & amp; amp; rsquo;. s student management system to PowerSchool, which allows the district to degrees, track teacher and student attendance entry used, and corresponds to the parents in the district

at this point, the district has the use of combined both PowerSchool and their previous management, Sapphire

& amp; amp; ldquo;. At present we are & amp; amp; rsquo; re using Sapphire and Power School, & amp; amp; rdquo; PARKINS said. & Amp; Amp; ldquo; Next year we are & amp; amp; rsquo; only using PowerSchool. Our goals re way to the & amp; amp; rdquo; ..

The board of directors approved a cost list PowerSchool Group LLC to issue, hosting and set-up fees will cost $ 2,946 for sale

In November, the district has the initial summary costs of the implementation program, including training approved for a total cost of $ 62.335. At that time PARKINS said she feels PowerSchool was & amp; amp; ldquo; a better product & amp; amp; rdquo; with many options that are not available in Sapphire was

Also on Tuesday & amp; amp; rsquo; meeting the board:.

& amp; amp; bull; Approved the following volunteers for the 2015-16 school year: Amy Sapp, elementary / PTG; Edward Plowmanstraat and Lyda Bartlebaugh, girls & amp; amp; rsquo; softball; Mathew grata and Steven Barbus, varsity football; and Peggy About Dorff, PTG

& amp; amp; Bull. Approved for funding by donors Choose.org, by teacher Aimee Erwin, for $ 500 set up a play and indoor / outdoor equipment trolley provided. The board also approved a grant same site, by teacher Ron Ofman in the amount of $ 216 made three density sites that will demonstrate the water cycle to elementary students

& amp; amp; Bull. McClure Company selected as the district & amp; amp; rsquo; s energy service contracting organization with the aim to export an investment grade audit of the junior / senior high school, at no cost to the district. If at the reception and the review of the audit, the district decided to proceed with the project, the district in negotiations with the McClure Company entering and trying to find a mutually acceptable energy contract will be that the Pennsylvania Guaranteed Energy to achieve savings Act.

& amp; amp; bull; Approved the following substitute teachers for the current academic year: Lureen Nelson, Spanish, ESL and basic; and Darlene Tishock art. The board also approved Erica Potts replacement positions, including aide, secretary and custodian. And long-term replacement McKenzie Gross hired to fill a temporary vacancy in the department of high school art.

The Federation of Democratic Women have a spaghetti meal Sunday at the Chevy Chase Community Center in White Village.

Among those present was voorry, from left, Tony DeLoreto, a state Senate candidate in the 41st District; Patrick Edwards, a state House candidate in the 62nd District; Katie McGinty, candidate for US Senate; and Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr.

Game Rewind | Louisville rallies past Duke

Posted in Trending Topics on 22nd February 2016

Game Rewind | Louisville rallies past Duke

Damion Lee scored 24 points as Louisville managed 13 points in the second half to beat Duke 71-64 before a rowdy crowd at the KFC Yum! Centre. Read about updates of the game as they occurred

Please note that coaches press conferences live here, Louisville 71-64

Final:. Great effort and great atmosphere for Louisville after drag by 12 in the second half. 24. Damion Lee

: 21.3, second half, Louisville 71-64: Ingram slip and Kennard ended up missing three. Lee makes 1/2 FT. Ingram, Plumlee wrong and Onuaku approval and it is contaminated. Cards gonna win. What a great atmosphere at the Yum !. NUTS supporters for a team that does not really have much to play for not

:. 41.5, second half, Louisville 70-64: Lee makes both FTS, Thornton barely misses a controversial shot in the lane, and Johnson gets the board and was fouled. He makes both FTS. Tickets seem good

1:03, second half, Louisville 66-64:. After Lee called for an indictment, Jeter scores from the timeout and Snider missed a three as the shot clock expires. Thornton comes back and nails a 15-foot. Very difficult child. Lee malfunction at the station

3:55, second half, Louisville 66-59:. After Lewis missed both technicals after Coach K’s T Lee makes only half FTS Allen T. missed opportunities for cards.

3:55, second half, Louisville 65-59: Whoa. Big turn when Allen drives to achieve the goal on the right baseline, running in traffic and kicking and is known as an accusation, which he mistakes out. He had T – which means he gets six errors in the official book. He has 29 points today, was Duke’s only state point guard left. I really do not know how Duke finishes the game. I think Kennard will point play, and will anyone here use

5:04, second half, Louisville 61-57:. KFC Yum! Center as hard as I’ve ever heard when Lee hit a go-ahead three-recover after an attack, Adel receive a shaft leading to a wet Johnson. When two FTS by Allen but a further three by Lee, and another Duke turnover against the press. Blue Devils stunned and probably very tired. This place NUTS. And now she’s up T Coach K. Duke in big trouble

7:52, second half, Duke 54-50:. Deng Adel, which begins today, is a very active game. He leads the cards with 12 points (5/6) and also has four rebounds, a steal and a help

9:05, second half, Duke 54-49:. Derrick Thornton put him ride on the track and apparently his shoulder really badly hurt. Louis has a 5-on-4 for a whole inheritance as Thornton has his arm in pain on the other side, but could not be resolved. All now run the point, and Kennard back with four errors. Duke’s depth and conditioning will really be tested here, because they have basically no subs are about Thornton playing

9:39, second half, Duke 54-49:. Great fly through the cards on a 8-2 run, be limited by Onuaku basket, then a steal with Adel Onuaku throw a big hit light strokes to a wide open Lewis for a layup. Duke called tyduit

11:38, second half, Duke 50-41:. People on Twitter that is, a benefit of repetition that Allen and Johnson appeared to exchange a few elbows in the melee for losbal. Crazy stat for today – super freshman Brandon Ingram has 8 convert today. Louis picks him hard every time he gets it, he is not treated well and pour over the entire site

11:49, seconda half, Duke 50-41:. Refs give a technical to Jaylen Johnson and nothing to Allen. All making half technical FTS while heavy angry. In real time, I thought it was more important than this. I do not think Pitino was pleased with all of Johnson. Meanwhile Plumlee scores for a 12-point lead, but Adel answers with a 3

13:11, seconda half, Duke 47-37:. Kennard sitting with his fourth foul. Jaylen Johnson and Grayson Allen fight for a loose ball, and I think they exchanged some punch in the post. Whoa. Refs goes it monitors to see it. I do not be surprised if we see wee emit a few

14:57, seconda half, Duke 44-35:. Duke started the second half strongly, including a three Kennard (Duke’s seventh) increased by 11. But Lee is a steal after Brandon Ingram is captured and makes a bad pass to the perimeter. Lee goes all the way, will move a large spider on the rim for a layup

rest has Duke 37-29:. Grayson Allen is killing the cards. Duke waving it around in the last owner of the half, then are open to a deep three. He has 19 points, including four three

2:00, first half, Duke 32-29:. Kennard, who starts today, while Matt Jones is hurt, picked up his third foul. Duke has only about six guys that are available today, and then Kennard is in the bank, which more trouble. Jeter for him

3:28, first half, Duke 31-26:. Grayson Allen and the Blue Devils at first. Duke has already hit six threes, and Allen, which 3/4 of deep, has 13 points after a coast-to-coast driving layup while fouled right for the timeout. He will be a FT when game start back. Onuaku has 8 points and 5 RBS Louisville, which is 12/21. Spalding has 7 points and 3 RBS

7:49, first half, tied 22-22: a Spalding shows some impressive skill. After making the three, he hit a turnaround jumper in the mail, had a wet off a delicious meal in the path of Mitchell, then Ingram stopped all going on the block. Spalding has seven points (3/3 and 3 rebounds).

Lee with a Euro step dribble float to Louisville rise by three, but Grayson Allen, so tough, nail a three in the lower left corner to tie it at 22 at the under-8 tyduit

11:40 first half, Duke 16-14:. Ray Spalding shows recordings are in touch with his first three career (career on his second attempt), then Louisville force a turnover directly to the incoming and will have, after the time-out. U of L is 6/9 to start, but Duke has another three as the cards hit

15:48 first half, Louisville 7-6: Stud freshman Brandon Ingram hit a pair of threes for Duke, but the cards, thanks to a Onuaku block on Ingram’s attempt to take dunk which U of L to the other side ends with a Snider anda three. start exciting atmosphere

pregame:. Louisville is expected to throw wear white uniforms back in the spirit of the 1986 NCAA championship team, who will be honored on Saturday. Those cards beat Duke in the national title game.

Follow Jeff GreerÂJeffGreer_CJ Ona Twitter for more updates. Here’s Jeff’s preview game and a look at Thea-ups and storylines. Duke is expected to shoot without waiting Matt Jones, although he is warming up this morning and may try to play. Louisville is expected to begin Deng wing Adel.

U of L (20-6, 9 -4 ACC) and Duke (20-6, 9-4) – along with Notre Dame – is tied for fourth in the ACC standings, one game behind fellow leaders North Carolina and Miami and a half game behind Virginia, so it’s a great game if the cards hoping to stay alive for the ACC regular season title, which is the only real price they have to play for on this point.

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