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SpaceXs Landing Drone Ship Is Just As Complicated As The Rocket

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th April 2016

SpaceXs Landing Drone Ship Is Just As Complicated As The Rocket

http: //gizmodo.com/spacexs-falcon …

Elon Musk has just landed the best week of events in his life after finally successfully SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket engine on a small spikkeltjie a renovated cargo ship swaying in the sea, in addition to the 325,000 bookings for the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan.

But the most dangerous undertaking of the week, the last time was the Falcon 9 rocket engine back to earth after the introduction of an addition to the International Space Station in orbit around the earth and, for the first time , it managed to land upright on SpaceX’s autonomous landing ship, the beautiful name “of course, had I still love you.”

It seems that the landing platforms SpaceX developed is just as complicated as literal rocket science.

There are three separate landing ships has been developed by SpaceX. The concept of an “autonomous spaceport Drone Ship” harks back to plans Elon Musk’s “create a paradigm shift in the traditional approach to reusing missile hardware” in 2009, but the contract for a refurbished ship was officially announced in 2014.

the large, flat surface of the ocean sailing and the ability to carry heavy loads is essential for the high-speed flow of Faclon 9 rocket. SpaceX refits the ship platforms with a comprehensive platform measuring 170 feet by 300 feet to 18 feet team of the landing legs and facilitate the missile aid deliveries. The first ship featured extended wings and blast walls, but the current models are not more of these features.

According to NASA, this MARMAC is autonomous drone ships equipped with four diesel-powered azimuth thruster motors can be horizontal spindle, stirring, removing the need for a ship and provides better maneuverability with a full 360 degree range the movement of the control ship. It was originally reported that these thrusters help keep the crashing ship position within three meters of accuracy. The engines are supplied by marine equipment manufacturer Thrust.

The material on the surface of the ship is not completely known, but tend to have a thick skin of steel that prominently features the SpaceX logo.

The drone ships can maneuver autonomously using GPS data for precision positioning, but they can also be remotely controlled by an associated support vessel standing with a crew of technicians.

a wide variety of sensors are used in conjunction with managing the GPS information to the “attitude and placement” of the bash ship and communicate with the incoming missile and who watches to control teams and to co-ordinate the intricate precise landings.

further to any destination attempt the crew of the aid on board the ship crashing. If the landing is successful, the rocket used welded to the deck of the ship and strengthened until it returns to Port. If the landing was a failure, everything recyclable is insured and returned to port.

The Atlantic bash ship returned to the port of Jacksonville or Port Canaveral in Florida, and the Pacific Ocean crashing ship port in the Port of Los Angeles in California.

The first implemented using SpaceX autonomous spaceport Drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean to a cargo launch to the International Space Station for NASA on January 10, 2015, which led to a failed landing attempt.

Elon Musk says the liklihood of a successful landing was 50 percent at the most, but recently said the probability is closer to 30 percent.

The first bash ship is based on a series MARMAC 300 ocean sailing, and his name revealed to be “Just read the instructions” after his first test landing.

The first thump ship “Just read the instructions” is replaced Atlantic duties after six months of operations and two failed test feeding at sea.

It is the replacement platform has been hired by SpaceX and develop a much newer MARMAC ship, model 304, and as I mentioned earlier, the name “Of course I still love you.” Both ship titles creatively named autonomously controlled space of the novel The Player of Games.

A third floating landing platform based on the leased MARMAC ship model number 303 is finished in the spring of 2015 and passing through the Panama Canal to Pacific missile repair tasks. This was later named “Just read the instructions” as the first, now retired floating landing platform.

SpaceX has sought the Falcon 9 rocket motor land on an autonomous drone ship five times. Two landing attempts resulted in January and April of 2015 failures after contact with the crashing ship, but many phases of the effort was successful.

The third intended destination attempt was foiled in June 2015 to the missile before entering dismembered from the first phase of the landing process.

First Pacific landing attempt, and fourth overall, in January with a successful “soft landing” of the rocket on the crashing ship. However, a catch pin in one of the landing legs failed the missile and the missile toppled.

The fifth touchdown attempt Friday was the first full success in his attempts SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket engine drone lands on a ship at sea. This success, and the hope for more like this in the future, make the underlying purpose behind reusable SpaceX’s rocket program.

The possibility of a whole missile body fully recover and return to port to prep for re-use will dramatically cut the cost of space and increases the speed of loading and, ultimately, human beings are capable be able to get access to the space to be.

According to SpaceX Elon Musk at the press conference after the successful landing, end use of the drone ships have to drop to a quarter of SpaceX return landings with a shift to setting the ground for the return of rockets. Elon Musk also previously tweeted an ultimate opportunity where rocket engines land on the pounding ship is prepped and fuel in a quick turnaround time, and then “home.” Fly

Musk also has plans for the first manned SpaceX flight by the end of next year with the second generation of the Dragon capsule, first planned an unmanned test.

“We will be successful if it’s boring,” Musk spotted on asking a question over the next objective response to this great success. But he has a point-the realization that this kind of astonishing technical performance brings us one step closer to occasional, inexpensive space really is disappointment.

The ability to communicate deliver a missile load off our atmosphere and successfully connected to an autonomous floating platform in rocky sea breaks not only restore the traditional form of space travel, but almost literally jump out of the pages science fiction.

At least 2 dead in Lackland Air Force Base shooting

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th April 2016

At least 2 dead in Lackland Air Force Base shooting

Sheriff:. Two shooting deaths at Lackland AFB

CNBC’s Sue Herera report that two people have been slain in a shooting at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas

At least two died in a Friday shooting at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

the office of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said his deputies continued to search the base, and that they found at least two deaths in the incident. The scene is still active as of 10:40, seen ET, but a representative for the MSNBC sheriff said his office does not believe that there is an active shooter situation.

The spokesman said the incident was an apparent murder-suicide.

The official bill for the sheriff first posted on Twitter about the active shooter reports at 09:50, ET.

About 25 minutes later, the same account said officials are working to clean buildings based programs.

Shortly after the account of the sheriff’s office said: “We have victims” in the increasingly active scene.

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Also, data reported by

a © 2016 CNBC LLC. All rights reserved. A section of NBCUniversal

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PSG 2 Man City 2: Fernandinho and Kevin de Bruyne give City cause to dream in Champions League

Posted in Trending Topics on 7th April 2016

PSG 2 Man City 2: Fernandinho and Kevin de Bruyne give City cause to dream in Champions League

The only wealth in the field competitor in this lofty dramatic and honest, sometimes chaotic Champions League quarter-finals was the poverty of the defensive.

In the Gulf Derby may have had a case of mind the gap on Manchester City have their nouveau riche opponents Paris Saint-Germain cast their chances. Instead City dug deep to win after a very brave trek – just as they appear to be overwhelmed

PSG vs Manchester City. If the happenedÂ

It’s been great for next week’s second leg at the Etihad when a goalless draw will take place through. But no one expected a clean skin of one of these two teams. But it was a good night for City

They have the guying field advantage, the away goals -. Plus both David Luiz, who are involved in winning a controversial penalty kick with Joe Hart Zlatan Ibrahimovic save the shovel, and Blaise Matuidi is suspended.

But the City favorites? PSG will believe they will score and also believe that they have won this, although they are much indebted to an error that Fernando will never be forgotten for their equalizer.

There was tension, spills and arrange terrible defending. Ibrahimovic has a first half hat-trick should have and then hit the cross-bar.

There was definitely something in the air at Wednesday night. And not only for Fernando. “We want more,” is the latest marketing slogan of the switch-on, aware PSG management and a large banner was draped over two levels with those words warrant for grand launch. PSG wants more. Place wish to do so. The last eight is unknown territory for City; The PSG was the fourth consecutive appearance at this stage of the competition. The company stage. The phase in which the elite forwards, and that’s where both clubs claim and where their investment she says should be.

But only one could progress and it was put to delivered the first blow. Straight from the kick-off of the ball is played forward and suddenly Sergio Agüero received target side of David Luiz, who had turned back to pick him. Free-kick and a yellow card for Luiz. 12 seconds elapsed and Luiz was under pressure. He will also be suspended for the second leg.

PSG is also fast dirt cries and demands a punishment if Edinson Cavani’s Blaise Matuidi quickly refuted by the French champions.

scramble back Eliaquim Mangala, challenged and Matuidi tumbled to the turf. No penalty is given, Matuidi equal annoys led despite appeals and protests by ?? ngel Di Maraa.

But then awarded a penalty. Luiz cushioned the ball have a cross to him and back inside Bacary Sagna who cut caught him with an outstretched leg. This time referee Milorad Mazic pointing to the spot. Luiz is undoubtedly looking for the contact – and it has gotten. Ibrahimovic raising the goalkeeper Joe Hart to drive right only for the goal to be nice push it away. It was to save his third consecutive penalty in the Champions League.

Ibrahimovic shortly afterwards, but his head planted too close to Hart the opportunity for an early redemption. If the pace remained relentless, was smart, whipped cross Jesús Navas’s meeting by David Silva, but he could not not direct goalwards his head.

PSG have taken after Nicolás Otamendi leadership folly try walking ball from defense, lost possession and Thiago Motta slide had to be in the room where the Âdefender. It is clear Ibrahimovic on the goal, Hart came out and the striker shot early from 20 steps, and the ball over the bar. There was an audible sucking in air from the home fans. Ibrahimovic should have two goals by this point. He has not.

PSG continued to turn the screw. City society is vast, especially when Luiz to add forward to the songs, just like they would break the home side the city was reached. PSG loses the ball carelessly – Fernando intercept Matuidi’s Pass – and City broke forward with Fernandinho find Kevin De Bruyne. He props himself and driving the ball powerfully as Kevin Trapp achieve a precious lead and a precious away goal.

The advantage to provide expensive. FÂernando a disastrous error when he miscontrolled Hart’s reported to him on the edge of the area. In stolen Ibrahimovic attempted clearance Fernando’s cannoning off him and roll into the empty net like a bewildered Heart – that share some of the blame as he had to clear the striker came close – check out forlornly

. basically all is the product of a terrible first touch of Fernando was and summed up a poor night of defense in that it was partly because of that, a highly entertaining encounter.

try to benefit PSG, but still received a setback when Matuidi discussed -. and he, like Luiz, the return trip will now miss

PSG is stationed. A low cross intercepted by Otamendi just before the ball narrowly wide of near post Heart of fire. a header goalwards from the corner Cavani gewip. It is pushed off by heart but simply go straight to the stream runs Adrien Rabiot that the steering wheel in the net of the neighborhood.

City were on the ropes and PSG has close again when Ibrahimovic meet intersect above Sagna, just before his head back off the bar.

Cavani recover collected, but the ball bounced off the ground and over.

Wisconsin Election Live Updates 2016: Results, Total Delegate Count Closely Watched As Bernie Sanders, Hillary …

Posted in Trending Topics on 6th April 2016

Wisconsin Election Live Updates 2016: Results, Total Delegate Count Closely Watched As Bernie Sanders, Hillary ...

The IBT Pulse newsletter keeps you connected to the biggest stories unfold in the global economy

UPDATE: 5: 51a pm EDT – Thea overwhelming majority of Wisconsin voters said the US economy is the main awards the following President will have to grapple with, according to survey data as reported by the Associated Press exit. Nearly 75 percent of Democratic voters expressed fears for the future of the country’s economy, while at least 90 percent of registered Republicans expressed a similar sentiment

UPDATE: 5: 44a pm EDT – lead Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin. is not limited to primary election day. While the Vermont senator enjoys a very narrow edge in polls about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he was dominated in internet searches, claiming 70 percent of online searches in Wisconsin, according to Google Trends.

A? ??? ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) April 5, 2016

As of Tuesday morning, Sanders holding a single-digit polling lead over Clinton, 49 percent to 46 percent, reports the Huffington Post.Â

UPDATE: 5: 13a pm EDT – Donald Trump is dragging rival presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the primary election in Wisconsin, but the precursor Republican White House apparently hopes behind in another department: internet searches for the Dairy state primary. Â

Google Trends posted a Twitter update accompanied by a graphic representation Trump Google search engine domination in every US state, but Wisconsin. Cruz took the laurels for the position in online searches for the Wisconsin primary. Ohio Gov. John Kasich registering disagree, according to the graphic.

???? Google Trends (@GoogleTrends) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 4: 33a pm EDT -A Democratic presidential Bernie Sanders Tuesday his opposition to the Panama Free Trade Agreement back while focusing on what he says is former Minister of Foreign Affairs Hillary Clinton’s support, says in part that “children do not go hungry while billionaires use offshore tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of tax.”

Sanders 2011A warned that Panama was a so called tax haven that individuals and companies to evade taxes and white money, but Thea Panama Free Trade Agreement be signed by US President Barack Obama.

???? Mike Hudema (@MikeHudema) April 5, 2016

‘entire annual economic output Panama is only $ 26.7 billion a year, or about two-tenths of one percent of the US economy, “Sanders said at the time. “No one can legally make the claim that this will significantly increase vryhandelsooreenkoms American jobs. Dan approval, why should we consider a stand-alone vryhandelsooreenkoms with this country?”

UPDATE: 4: 02a pm EDT – Donald Trump being investigated by the state of Wisconsin for allegedly Tuesday greeting voters outside a polling place Tuesday in violation of state law, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The alleged immorality has examined case invited the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

A video that has since reportedly removing shows Republican presidential frontrunner at Thea Waukesha Fire Station No. 5, where he believes closer than the 100-foot perimeter which should not cross candidates. Photography company Getty Images captured photos of Trump on the site in question

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talking to voters and fans outside a polling place at the Department of Waukesha Fire in Wisconsin, April 5, 2016. Photo:. Scott Olson / Getty Images a

UPDATE 3: 12a pm EDT – Donald Trump disapprove Ford motora Co. planned expansion in Mexico, and he’s not chopping to express his words to her sentiment. US auto mainstay’s move to build a plant in Mexico “is an absolute disgrace,” the Republican presidential frontrunner said on Tuesday hours after Ford announced it is investing $ 1600000000 to build the San Luis Potosi facility, reported ReutersÂ.

???? Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) April 5, 2016

has Trump, his disdain for Mexico has a secret, especially when it comes to the southern US border between the two countries. The New York businessman proposed building aa controversial wall to the flow of undocumented migrants coming was greeted His plan in the US to stem anger Anda skepticism, but also support Trump fans.Â

UPDATE: 3 : 12a pm EDT – Bernie Sanders name will be added to the ballots for Washington DC, Democratic presidential primary Indeed, according to local NBC News affiliate. inclusion of the Vermont senator’s voice was the country’s capital at risk after the Democratic Party submitted the necessary applications after the deadline. Sanders status has been questioned shot challenged after a Democratic voter senator the basis of late registration. But the District Council Elections announced yesterday said Sanders will be on the ballot, something his campaign never doubted would happen.

“We have done what DC legally obliged to Bernie to get on the ballot, and we are confident he will be on the ballot,” a Sanders spokesman said Monday

UPDATE:. 2: 30a pm EDT -A Donald Trump fans Ina Wisconsin said they will continue to the New York business mogul back after a rough week in which his campaign has its poll numbers take a hit after discussed ban abortions and punish women who have them.

Gianni Juedes, 28, of Pewaukee said Trump is an independent candidate who talk frankly. “I do not know everything he says find offensive or terrible,” Juedes the Los Angeles Times. “he not otherwise purchased by anyone, “has Juedes.

Tom Podziemski, 67, appears from Greenfield, a suburb of Milwaukee, said the country needs someone “who everyone thinks is nuts.” An “He is the person who will tell everyone on alert,” the Podziemski. “Trump is not the mouthpiece of establishment. He tells it like it is.”

Trump is expected to lose Wisconsin Ona Tuesday to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

???? The Associated Press (@AP) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 13:45 EDT -A Hillary Clinton said conservative womenâ could “absolutely” be a feminist and oppose abortion. The statement Camea Tuesday during aa friendly interview on ABC’s “The View” as Clinton has stepped up efforts to reach out to female voters.Â

“I respect the opinions and beliefs of every woman,” she said . “The reason why pro choice is to go the right way, because it is a choice, and hopefully a choice rooted in the thoughtfulness and care that women take this decision. So of course you can be a feminist and pro-life. “

She said her favorite musicians, including Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and Adele, and a claims her celebrity crush Wasa George Clooney, a political reported.Â

a ???? Attitude (@AttitudeMag) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 13:25 EDT -A President Barack Obama dismissed Donald Trump’s plan to force Mexico to build a border wall Tuesday told the GOP predecessor, “Good luck with it. “an Obama addressed reporters’ questions during a White House news conference hours after Trump released its territory plan Tuesday noting world leaders serious solutions expectation for US presidents.Â

” they do not halfgebakte ideas arriving from White House, “Obama said. “We ca not afford.”

???? ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 13:05 EDT -A Wisconsin’s voter identification law Tougha long lines and reports of voter Immigrant Tuesday could see where the state owns ITSA first high-rise election entered since the law into force. Under the law, CA voters UseA expired licenses or passports, driving license, an out-of-state licenses ORA other commonly used forms of ID.

Jenni Dye, exploration director at Thea A Wisconsin Institute, said voters have already complained about the procedure to get in line IDs. “People are a number reasons. In some cases, rejected people avoid misspelling someone’s name to vote,” she told the Guardian.Â

UPDATE: 12:15 EDT -A Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has spent nearly $ 1000000 more as a competitor Hillary Clinton for Tuesday’s vote to ensure that voters listen to his message about Wisconsin’s airwaves. since March 22 campaign Sanders’s $ 2.4 million spent on television and radio advertising, while Clinton has only $ 1430000 spent on airtime, CBS News reported.

???? Ryan Wood (@ByRyanWood) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 11: 45A am EDT -A Hillary Clinton is willing lost Wisconsin and look forward to races in New York and other more diverse states where its coalition of black and Latino voters could help its claims another victory. They have fans to help her campaign to compete with Bernie Sanders yesterday in a fundraising email that rotate quickly to read the New York Democratic primary April 19. E-mail:

“For weeks, this team has been hard on doors, calling voters and ensuring that people in Wisconsin know that team Hillary is all about – but the truth is, our outraised and outspent last month, and we Wisconsin can lose quite primary tonight .au been in corner Hillary’s since day one, and I ca not thank you enough for that. If we aimed to continue and to our plan, the nomination is in our understanding. comes from a series of losses, our commitment to fight every last vote and every last delegate goes over ever. chip in to help question Hillary fight in New York, Pennsylvania and every other state will continue to vote in this primary election. ” ‘n

a ???? Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 11: 20a am EDT -A GOP predecessor Donald Trump detailed Mexico Tuesday to enforce his plan a 1000 Milea wall next to the United States to build a border post some Mexican leaders called laughable. proposal

part of his plan TOA visas and cancel fees increase as Mexico, anything said his campaign. “Even a small increase in visa fees will be paid for the wall,” campaign noted Trump said in a statement. “This includes the fees at border post cards, of which more than 1 million spent annually. The border post card is also one of the largest sources of illegal immigration in the United States, through overstays. Mexico is also the largest recipient. American green cards which provide a path to uS citizenship again, we have the leverage, so Mexico will reset “

the conclusion:”. Mexico has taken advantage of us in another way as well: gangs do drugs and cartels rather exploit our open borders and the United States undertakes a large number of crimes in the United States. the extraordinary daily cost of these criminal activities, which bore the cost of trials and incarcerations. Not even talking to greater human cost. we have the moral high ground here, and all the leverage. it is time we use it to make America Great Again. “

a ???? Slate (@Slate) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 10: 45A VM EDT -A Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to fans Tuesday Ina Laramie, Wyoming greeting, before polls closed in the state. Sanders expected to discuss TOA “for big money from politics, his plan to the public colleges and universities teach free, the fight against climate change and the assurance of universal health care, make” reported, according to his campaign, the Guardian.

???? Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) April 3, 2016

UPDATE: 10: 20a am EDT -A Polls opened at 08:00 CEST in Wisconsin on Tuesday and underdogs Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders expects to win big, according to opinion polls. Part of the reason why GOP predecessor Donald Trump not expected to perform well in Wisconsin because he largely considered not pretty.

The “old Germanic descent still dominated much. People are nice,” said a former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, whose supports Ohio Gov. John Kasich, reported the Atlantic. “They take their politics very seriously. They do not like insults. They do not like people to benefit by hypercritical. There is a niceness here that are not fully developed.”

A ??? ? Pam Herd (@pamela_herd) April 5, 2016

???? Greg Pinelo (@gregpinelo) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 9: 29a am EDT -A Donald Trump was to win the GOP presidential nomination with the help of Wisconsin voters, a Karl Rove said Tuesday. ” If he wins Wisconsin, the contest is over, “said the former George W. Bush White House aide and contribution Fox News said, according to Politico TOA. “If not, get it going, and mathematics is a little harder.”

UPDATE: 8: 45A am EDT -A Texas Sen. Ted Cruz must win Wisconsin to prevent Donald Trump win the GOP nomination. Trump is ahead in the polls in several prospective presidential nomination contests, while Cruz a leading role in Wisconsin.

“Others outside the state is looking for Wisconsin, said:” We need you to plant the flag and pivot away from Trump and Cruz, “Matt Batzel, national director of the American majority Wisconsin-a based conservative group that trains activists, the Roll Call “And it is our last hope If Wisconsin do not, the math becomes impossible only ..” A

UPDATE:. 8: 05A campaign -A am EDT Donald Trump’s released a video Tuesday urging Wisconsin voters backed his candidacy called “the Real Donald Trump Story.” a summary reads: “Never mind the lies and distortions of the corrupt liberal media This time the American people will follow the truth .. “it offers Trump runs from his helicopter and spend time with his family amid images that confronted the nation grave economic troubles.Â

???? a Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 7: 10a am EDT -A This is a popular question in politics: which candidate you vote for based on who you would drink a beer with? The Associated Press ready demand for Wisconsin voters and has some colorful responses.

Catherine Lerose, 50, a cook at aa bar who support Hillary Clinton would not drink with Donald Trump. “I would never have a beer with him. I want to throw a beer on his head,” his said.Â

Then Gremonprez, 65, of West Bend, a retired engineer, could not hang with Clinton . He said a “.. God, not His sounds false”

Andy Jamesch, a 45-year-old former factory worker who cooks at the bar, is less picky. “I’ll pretty much drink with someone,” he said at the AP.Â

The beer testing business, the AP pointedÂ, because voters often woe not vote for someone they do not like. In ‘a recent national poll from Quinnipiac University asked voters about negative favorability ratings. Clinton is regarded unfavorably by 56 percent of voters overall, while Trump was not widely liked by 61 percent of respondents.

???? Write2Inspire (@ CSWrite2Inspire) April 5, 2016

UPDATE: 6:12 PM EDT – Donald Trump has to climb a steep hill with female voters in Tuesday’s Republican primary. A poll conducted March 28-30 on the Fox Business Network shows the outspoken businessman with 27 percent support among female voters, compared with 47 percent Ted Cruz. Yet a recent New York Times / CBS poll showed women read him unfavorably by more than 3-1.

In an apparent recognition of his problems to win support from women voters, Trump has enlisted the help of his wife, Melania, on the campaign trail on the banks of the support among women.

Melania, hitherto reluctant to get involved to get to the campaign, and according to the New York Times did not want to run her husband for president, appeared at a rally Monday in Milwaukee.

“It does not matter who you are, male or female, he treats everyone equally,” she said Saida during a brief speech at the rally.

UPDATE: 5:10 PM EDT – Donald Trump has railed against the “unfair” treatment he says he received from a range of competencies, while addressing supporters at a rally in Wisconsin Monday, for important primary elections the state Tuesday.

The controversial Mogul lashed out at the Republican establishment and said that move by gran party dees deny him the nomination was damaged.

“We are dealing with a corrupt system. We are dealing with a system that is not fair,” Reuters quoted him saying. He also lashed out at what he calls a hostile media, and Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, who has supported Ted Cruz for the GOP nomination. Trump also branded constant presence Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the race “Unfair.”

Original story: a

Donald Trump did a bad week to turn in Wisconsin on Tuesday if the state held primary elections that could determine whether the Republicans will be at the head of a contested convention and then Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders able to hang in the Democratic presidential race.Â

Trump is trailing behind Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will be by 10 percentage points, while Sanders was Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton with 4 points. Trump, which rumbled in recent days after he said womenâ would punish for having abortions when the medical Procedure: is prohibited and after a threat Cruz’s wife, must add to count his total delegate to win the Republican nomination and avoid a disputed convention in July. There is aa 1237-delegate threshold to the nomination utter Wina, Anda Trump has a 275-delegate lead over Cruz, with 750.

???? Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 5, 2016

“If he would win Wisconsina he will probably, if he Wisconsin he probably is not lost,” has an ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd said. Â “It is still possible, but more difficult.”

There are 42 delegates at stake for Republicans. at an event in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Trump encouraged voters Monday to save him the GOP presidential nomination À “If we do well here, people, is over. If we do not win here, it’s not over yet, but would not you like to take the credit? “he said.

There is a total of 96 delegates available for Democrats, including 10A superdelegates, who is not bound by how voters their ballots. “On the Democratic side, it’s important because if Bernie Sanders wins [Wisconsin ], he has six of the last seven states, “Dowd said.” I do not think Hillary lost the nomination because of a loss in Wisconsin, but it complicates her life much. … it continues its momentum, and forcing her to rely on superdelegates. “

In a memo to fans Monday night, a Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook dismissed claims momentum. Sanders’s

” Hillary Clinton has a almost insurmountable lead among both delegates and real voters built, “he said. “Contrary to the claims of the Sanders campaign, with degree by degree, Clinton currently running the broadest support of a candidate displayed for president. We know that the misleading spin will continue, but we wish you the facts about the actual Learn facts of the Democratic primary, “Mook wrote.Â

Sanders promised to take the former secretary of stătea despite her huge lead delegate. He was watching the New York primary 19A in April than a possible victory for his campaign, buta Clinton has a 255-delegate lead over Sanders.

“If we win here, we go a must refusal in upstate New York, where I think we can win,” Sanders told supporters in Wisconsin this week. “If we win in New York – between you and me, I do not want Hillary Clinton more nervous if they do not, so do not tell her – but I think if we win here, we win in New York state our is heading to the White House. “

Early movers: VA, TSLA, GE, GPS, BX, TIME & more

Posted in Trending Topics on 5th April 2016

Early movers: VA, TSLA, GE, GPS, BX, TIME & more

See what companies making news for the clock:

Virgin America – The airline announced an agreement to purchase by Alaska Air for $ 57 per share in cash. Alaska Air spread JetBlue, which also was interested in purchasing Virgin America. The carriers hope to close the deal by 1 January 2017.

Tesla – Orders for the automaker’s upcoming Model 3 continued surge. By last count, have discussions covered 276,000 of the $ 35,000 car that is due out late 2017.

General Electric – Bernstein downgraded GA “to perform market ” outperform ‘from a valuation basis after GA shares rose 27 percent in the past year.

Gap – KeyBanc upgraded the clothing retailer to “overweight” according to a rise in demand clothing and a weakening of the dollar will be the parent of the Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic chains help.

Smith & amp; amp; Wesson – BB & amp; amp; T cut its rating on the gun maker to “hold” from “buy”, either buy a valuation basis to the stock of the rise and a slowdown in the inner circle.

JM Smucker – Goldman Sachs downgraded the food author stock to “sell” from “neutral”, said he expects a series of negative earnings estimate changes due to challenges in both core and newly businesses.

Blackstone – Black bought Hewlett Packard Enterprise 60.5 percent stake in India-based outsourcing services provider MphasiS, and also offered to buy a 26 percent stake from public shareholders. Placing Blackstone’s total possible explanations of $ 1100000000. Separately, Blackstone denied a report that it is considering a transaction to buy Brazilian shopping mall operator BR Malls Participacoes.

Time Warner – Time Warner shares could jump 25 percent over the next year, according to a Barron’s article. The paper refers to the box office success of “Batman vs. Superman,” as well as a slate of nine more superhero movies in the works.

SunEdison – SunEdison plans to file for bankruptcy protection within weeks, according to The Wall Street Journal. The paper said the solar energy company in talks with creditors for a loan to fund operations during the bankruptcy filing process.

Time Inc. – The publisher is considering a partnership with a private equity firm to bid for Yahoo’s Internet assets, according to Reuters.

Facebook – Facebook’s oculus unit experienced delays sent bullion VR virtual reality headsets, shortages due share. It is not known how long the delay may be, or how much will be compromised sent.

Hain Celestial – Organics author reformulation decades of hair shampoos, skin cleansers and other products, and fall claims related to a controversial ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate. Hain and other companies have said their products contain

HP Inc. “No harsh chemicals.” – The computer maker is set unveiled an ultra-thin laptop Tuesday, hoping to make progress in a premium market that was one of the better performers in the declining PC industry

Staples -. the office trader has offered to freeze prices to win government approval for its proposed acquisition of Office Depot, according to the New York Post.

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