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Kylie Jenner dishes on how mean sister Kendall only lets her borrow old underwear

Posted in Trending Topics on 2nd April 2016

Kylie Jenner dishes on how mean sister Kendall only lets her borrow old underwear

Kendall and Kylie was at Neiman Marcus to celebrate the launch of their eponymous clothing line’s newest collection.

aptly dressed in pieces from the collection, Kendall wore a black wrap dress with a striped crop top, while Kylie has a “carwash” pleated skirt with a red tea.

we love this blouse Kendall, the vertical stripes are super flattering, even makes the model look longer! And they also remind us of the ones seen on the Balmain runway, natch!

Follow the link on the right Kendall’s style to steal and get your hands on her exact shirt now! Or get the appearance of less one of the options from the following carousel, including picking up of Monki, Miss Guided and YAS

style with a midi skirt and pumps as Kendall to watch a fancy office or team with a leather mini and clutch for a night out with the girls.

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Drake: Controlla and These Days off Views from the 6 album leak online

Posted in Trending Topics on 30th March 2016

Drake: Controlla and These Days off Views from the 6 album leak online

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After months of hyping the release View from the six, two songs from new album Drake’s havea leaked online.

The first is titled “Controlla” features Popcaan. It is a slow-burning dance numbers are the same as “Hotline Bling” and “Work” (detecting Rhianna with Drake).

Meanwhile, “These Days” are electric piano led ballad, like Kanye West’s “Just One” and unlike anything the rapper / singer has previously

Unfortunately, the track is drawn from Soundcloud, YouTube and any other streaming service that can be en thinking, but remains -. for now – on the6track. Listen to “Controlla” belowÂ

Meanwhile, Drake is speculated that work on a remix of “Wolves” with Kanye West, while Hudson Mohawke recently threatened to leak his music for not paying the producer.

Talking about View from the 6 long-time collaborator Noah “40” Shebib said: “It is going to be which everyone expects and wants from Drake and introspection us a very, very lively He discovers new streams .. new kadense, new patterns. “

The Division First Impressions: Meh Shooter Nails the Drama

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th March 2016

The Division First Impressions: Meh Shooter Nails the Drama

My first vision of Manhattan is lined a street with body bags. Theyâ ???? again arranged in neat lines on both sides of the street, like people in my town. Snow shine on the concrete by freshly melted tape cutting goal. Somewhere in the distance I hear the report of an assault rifle.

After a few hours with Ubisoftâ ???? Tom Clancyâ ???? s Department, one thing that I can say with certainty is that it is a strong sense of drama. For a game that is based largely around online shooting baddies with friends, it has a remarkable sense of pacing and mood. Ita ???? Dynamic, in the musical sense:. Loud, tense gunfights, separated by periods of exploration of a ruined New York City in overwhelming silence

The Department, New York City is destroyed by a plague and folded into anarchy. (Dona ???? t we stop then youâ ???? five previously heard of this, one, so we are left with no games are not.) The police, the National Guard, the Anda military Alla has failed to recycle control Ina city ​​and a handful of renegade, top-secret government agents who answer to no one and play by no rules except let them. To really highlight the lack of creativity on display here, this organization is literally just a job ???? The Division.â ????

Ita ???? is what you do with the assumption that counts, though, and that a thin story hook serve as the setting up of a third person action game in a detailed, chaotic shell of Manhattan. Ita ???? SA game designed with the same rough framework as Bungieâ ???? s Destiny, which gameâ ???? s developers known as a â ???? shared world shooterâ ????: Youâ ??? ? re one of a seemingly infinite number of Division agents, each active in pocket worlds that overlap in the social areas and to invite other players to do a mission with you.

because of the gameâ ???? online features, Ubisoft has decided again to keep reviewing copies until the day before release, so at the time of this writing I ???? ve just Spenta about four hours with it, and the server is far from full capacity. I ???? ve are able to gameâ ???? explore the player-versus-player areas, known as the â ???? Dark zone, a ???? as a result of a level barrier havenâ I ???? t quite meet.

My experience is more of a rough sketch as a full representation. Ita ???? the demolition of a game with a more powerful grip on power as a highlight, more experienced at building drama as the provision of action-movie thrills.

The delivery of New York City’s dense and haunting, and the only way to travel is on foot. Youâ ???? will spend a long time only crawl Alonga deserted streets. This may be the gameâ ???? most engaging moments so far; the area has a subtle way of communication menace. Ita ???? s the way the light reflects off of the snow, the way rats and birds flight you awake. In the section, all of New York City has a way of seeing how the sky looks like a tornado hit, upright and majestic. Ensures ???? is a persistent feeling that there is something threatening happening around every corner.

As a result, the Department is an action game, coming threats, a buta when they do, things feel less inspired. The game handle a little slow, and if a lot of shooters where to take cover is an essential option, make sure ???? is messiness to slide the controller off sensitive or accident coverage, probably at the worst possible time. Ensures ???? is nothing special or novel about the way guns debating whether the fight play out way: shoot, hide, maneuver and shoot again until everyoneâ ???? ‘death. Gather any left loot, then move on.

But even here, make sure ???? the tension that gives the scene more than it would have otherwise. In the last mission I play, I ended up in a firefight outside the Lincoln Tunnel, which Ubisoftâ ???? se Manhattan removed a cemetery for abandoned cars and general waste. Work with another player, I lead a team of shooters slowly through the wreck, stooping under sniper fire and pick off enemies.

If my size moving average, it absorbs heat from all directions, I crawl my way right. Explosions and automatic weapons chats bars around me. My primary weapon is out of ammunition, so I use a small pistol gun, sneak up close and cap distracted enemies. I make my way around the opposition leader, attracted a sniper on top of a turn-on, and wait for an opening. When it comes, I will ???? everything I had unleashed.

Currently, the Division feels like more than a mediocre game on a wireframe structure online. It feels like a common-made military thriller, fully in control of his presentation and style. What remains to be seen is whether the sense of drama itself can maintain long hours of play, after all missions dry and players reach the top level of the spectrum.

Mothers Day 2016: Everything you need to know about Mothering Sunday 2016

Posted in Trending Topics on 7th March 2016

Mothers Day 2016: Everything you need to know about Mothering Sunday 2016

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Today is Mother & amp; amp; # X2019; s Day!

Mother’s Day is always held on the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and usually fall in the second half of March or early April.

mother – or Mother’s Day – a celebration of mothers and the mother’s band, and traditional children giving flowers, gifts and cards for their mothers and other maternal figures like grandma, stepmother and are auto–in – law.

Google has done a doodle to mark the occasion, but it can only be seen in the UK and Ireland.

When mothers begin?

The day has long been associated with mothers and family. For centuries it was personal for people to return to their & amp; amp; # X2018; Mo & amp; amp; # X2019; church on Laetare Sunday & amp; amp; # X2013; the middle of Lent. Those who went not said and # x2018; Mothering a & amp; amp; # X2019 ;.

The day often turn into a family reunion and eliminate an opportunity for children of the house & amp; amp; # X2013; often domestic workers – to spend time with their mothers.

Anna Jarvis founder of Mother’s Day holiday in the US

Many used to collect flowers from the paths along the road to the church or hand after their mother when she got home.

But it was American social activist Anna Jarvis (1864-1948) Philadelphia, which strive for an official day to honor mothers in the US and is considered the “Mother of Mother’s Day.”

His devoted her life to strive after the day swear they will do so to her mother’s death.

A French Mother’s Day poster Photo: Getty Images

But Jarvis always tell more concerned about the commercialization of the day and say, “I wanted to be a day of sentiment, not profit. “she also did not like the sale of flowers and the use of greeting cards that have been described as” a poor excuse for the letter you are too lazy to write. ”

In May 1932 Mother & amp; amp; # X2019; International Day, Day was accepted in Japan, after 19 years of compliance by the Christians, the wide scope of Jarvis and acceptance of Mother & amp; amp; # X2019.

Meanwhile, in Britain, pastor’s daughter Constance Smith was inspired by a 1913 newspaper article campaign Jarvis and busy for the day to be officially marked started in England.

Smith, Coddington, Nottinghamshire, founder of Mothers Movement and even a booklet revival of Mother’s Day in 1920. Neither Smith or Jarvis has ma & amp; amp; # X2019; s itself.

By 1938, Mother’s Day has become a popular celebration with Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and various municipalities in Britain marking the day and communities clearance of imported traditions of American and Canadian soldiers during the war.

By the 1950s it was celebrated throughout Britain and companies realize the commercial potential.

Is Mother’s Day or Mother & amp; amp; # X2019; s Day?

Mother’s Day on 6 March in the UK – it always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This is not the case in other countries, but …

If you say, “Mother & amp; amp; # x2019; s Day” You’re actually referring to the American version. In the US it is at eight Sunday since President Woodrow Wilson declared so in 1914.

Many blame the US for the introduction of the name Mother & amp; amp; # X2019; Day to Britain and turns it into a commercial business.

The French four chances on another day altogether – special day ‘Maman’s’ be reserved for the last Sunday in May.

A family meal is the norm, and traditionally the mother be honored with a cake that looks like a bunch of flowers.

Mother & amp; amp; # X2019; Day in Spain is celebrated on December 8th. Spaniards homage not only to their own mothers on this day, but also to the Virgin Mary. The day closes religious celebrations across the country.

Mother’s Day is almost upon us Picture: Alamy

see worst movie dagmoeder’s

It is a horror film about two boys who welcomed their mother to house after her reconstructive surgery and it all goes wrong in a horribly frightening way.

Mother & amp; amp; # X2019; Day traditions

Simnel cake is associated with Mother & amp; amp; # X2019; Day. During Lent, people do not eat sugary foods, foods or meat.

The fast are slightly raised on mother’s day and many people are willing to eat a Simnel cake with their families on this day.

a Simnel cake is a light fertile cake covered with a layer of marzipan and with a layer of marzipan cake in the middle of the cake.

Simnel Cake is associated with mothers Photo: ANDREW CROWLEY

Traditional Simnel cake decorated with 11 or 12 balls of marzipan, representative of the 11 pupils and, at times, Jesus Christ.

A legend says that the cake is named Lambert Simnel somewhere around the year worked in the kitchens of Henry VII of England 1500.

Stuck for something to write in your mother day card?

Mothers always preferable to a ticket to a post on Facebook so hopefully you have it.

Grief, racial unease, and jump scares lie on The Other Side Of The Door

Posted in Trending Topics on 6th March 2016

Grief, racial unease, and jump scares lie on The Other Side Of The Door

For the sake of argument, let’s say that you know a few secrets channel between the world of the living and the world of the dead. In any case, this information should ever be shared with a newly bereaved parent. No good can come of it. Jud Crandall has learned that the hard way Stephen King’s Authentic Pet Sematary, and therefore not Piki (Suchitra Pillai-Malik), housekeeper for a rude American family, in the non-screened-for-critics shocked film The Other Side of the Door . Piki know of a temple where people can say a final goodbye to their deceased loved ones, communicate through a barred through to the other side. “You have to open the door,” Piki warns Mary (Sarah Wayne Callies, the second the undead star to head a horror film this year), which ca not get over the drowning of her son. But what is a parent supposed to do when they hear the detached voice of her dead son, pleads to be saved from the cold and dark place he dropped off? What parent would not open the door?

All of all is it to the spooky things that happen next entirely sit on Piki, have no good judgment of a character whose sole purpose is to facilitate the plot expected. The other side of the door is one of those rare metaphorical horror movies-like The Change of Baba Dook or, yes, Pet Sematary, folding it often seems that grief-management in the torn veil of a ghost story. As his investigation of loss and recovery is not exactly sophisticated, the film at least a solid emotional foundation: Mary awakened from a flashback that morphs into a nightmare, touches her husband Michael (Jeremy Sisto) for peaceful sleep when the body of their drowned boy is barely cold. Their home in Bombay, which they share with their surviving child (Sofia Rosinsky), is a long haunting Mary before pulling out of that dark unholy place, the evil spirit of her chicks accidentally releasing back into their lives. For once, the general refusal to supernatural threat seriously makes a degree of sense; Mary, who created the “Sophie’s Choice” to pull her daughter from the sinking car instead of her son, Oliver spectral welcomed back from a mixture of love, guilt and fear.

Of course, it is mainly predicted. The other side of the door usually means for pushing, through a series of variable jump hardly effective. Why so many modern horror films feel like they are working from a checklist? Here we get closed doors, flags mysterious wind, an ominous mobile stuffed animal, a dog to do can smell it for its owners, a self-playing piano, dead plants, and practicing an awfully difficult child conversations with the spirit which means to possess her. The money shots of screaming appearances do the trick for those shaken by harmless Funhouse tactics. Less innocuous is the way the other side by using his provoke specific cultural discomfort, blurred mining Hindu spiritual principles for the application of decomposition and treatment of dark-skinned people-their faces pancaked with chalk, their bodies lean, their fingers always wise to charge axis bogeymen. There is an undeniable part of racial insensitivity to this fear tactic, but prominent references to Rudyard Kipling’s imperialist inflamed classic The Jungle Book points out that director and cowriter John Roberts knows he can play with fire.

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