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Louis Tomlinson cuts a relaxed figure on his way out of Beverly Hills hotel

Posted in Trending Topics on 30th January 2016

Louis Tomlinson cuts a relaxed figure on his way out of Beverly Hills hotel

Congratulations to Briana Jungwirth at the birth of her boy Freddie. Cute!

We look forward to see how he grows up and to see how Briana new mummy style. She is a young girl that will undoubtedly keep things casual and carefree when it comes to her look. And practical will be key.

This seems to be like any other 24-year-old in heavily distressed jeans, a hoodie and a pair of trainers. They give us a lot of inspiration for updating our own shoe collection. As much as we love heels, we are all about comfortable shoes for day-to-day.

Briana’s is a classic denim Adidas Originals superstars in a neutral color that works with any look. We will with the styling skouer pants wearing days off and pair them with a sharp cigarette pants and a simple tea for the office.

Click (right) now take on a number of Assos or shop our edit of similar beige trainers below. Lacoste, Isabel Marant and Carvela already Briana-like options.

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Ethan Couch: US affluenza teen deported from Mexico

Posted in Trending Topics on 29th January 2016

Ethan Couch: US affluenza teen deported from Mexico

Ethan Couch, 18, was on juvenile probation after the murder of four people in a drunken driving accident in 2013.

Last month, he and his mother believes he broke Texas after flight test. She was arrested in the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta.

His mother Tonya Couch has been sent back to the US.

Ethan Couch has appealed against his expulsion, but the legal challenge on Tuesday.

He’s in Texas Thursday Oggend.

Couch’s 2013 trial gained notoriety after a psychologist argued at his trial that his privileged upbringing meant his parents had taught him to have a sense of responsibility – a requirement that the expert called “affluenza”

The state is not a medical diagnosis recognized by the American Psychiatric Association and is widely mocked

.. Bank was sentenced to 10 years probation and a shift in a rehabilitation center.

In December, issued a bench warrant for arrest after he failed to report to his probation.

have his disappearance shortly after he believes people at a party where alcohol was filmed seized, police said.

If he can go to jail for up to 10 years found violating his probation by drinking.

Eli Manning has 2 to beat out for NFL Man of the Year

Posted in Trending Topics on 26th January 2016

Eli Manning has 2 to beat out for NFL Man of the Year

Eli Manning is one step closer to earning a prestigious award that no Giants player has ever won. He is one of three finalists for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, which on an NFL player recognized for excellence and off the field.

The price offered by Nationwide, was founded in 1970 and renamed in 1999 to the end of Hall of Fame Bears declined.

Each NFL team nominates one player who has made a significant impact in his community. Manning, the Giants’ Man of the Year was every season from 2007 to 2013. The two other finalists for the award 49ers receiver Anquan EW and Saints tight end Benjamin Watson. The winner will be announced during the NFL awards show February 6th, the evening for the Super Bowl 50.

“My dad [Archie] played at the same time as Walter Payton, and he has a few stories and always talked about what a great person he was,” Manning said last month . “He was a joker and just a joy to be around and worked extremely hard, and my father has only great things to say about him. From everything I heard great about him is an honor to receive the award for the Giants team. I am proud of the work I do, on and off the field. “

Manning is very active in the Giants community. He served as president of the New York march for Infants for the past seven years. He is also involved in” Get Kids Cancer, “an initiative with Hackensack University Medical Center. Manning and his wife founded the Eli and Abby Manning Children’s Clinics in 2007 in Mississippi. She also has the University of Mississippi Medical Center Fund Manning Family, which received close to $ 1.5 million in 2015, its first year.

Manning also works with the American Red Cross, to lead Eyes for the Blind, take the No More campaign contributes to Operation Smile’s NYC gala, has an equity facilities at the University of Mississippi and has numerous Make-A-Wish and wounded warrior fulfilling experiences.

“If my children older I want them the importance of a part of the community and helps out people who understand the poor, and how many blessings they have, “said Manning, who three young daughters. “I want them to have in their life and an understanding of how important it is to help other people and different causes.”

The 32-team nominees receive a $ 5,000 donation to their charity of choice. The two runners will receive an additional $ 6,000 donation to their charity of choice. The winner will receive an additional $ 50,000 donation to his love of choice.

Toni Braxton Lifetime Movie: Tamar, Towanda And Traci Braxton React To Unbreak My Heart Biopic

Posted in Trending Topics on 25th January 2016

Toni Braxton Lifetime Movie: Tamar, Towanda And Traci Braxton React To Unbreak My Heart Biopic

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Lifetime’s biopic. “Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart” aired Saturday night, and the 48-year-old singer and her sisters live-tweeted along with the audience to share their thoughts on the film. In a post since removed, Toni’s newest sister Tamar Braxton has a fan that some of the events in the two-hour film was “not really.”

In one scene Toni puts her family to tell producers Babyface and LA Reid did not want to sign the Braxton sisters as a group of them; she just wanted to sign her as a solo artist. According to the Lifetime movie, Tamar has the news of the hardest and storm worries that she would never be known off.

According to shade Room, Tamar twittered to write about the scene of a fan, “This is not really a MOVIE or the way I remember a few things … but I was an enemy 11 . “

It has long been rumored that Tamar was jealous Toni’s musical success, something the 38-year-old strongly denied.

Tamar remove later the mail rather than writing, “Pies Joke aside … I’m really enjoying this film #goodjobsissytonibraxton entowandabraxton [I] so proud 2 b set your incredible journey.”

On Instagram, “The Real” host continued its price big sister says she always Toni’s “biggest cheerleader.”

“I love you. I’m so proud of you and everything you have in front of you,” are inserted. “You will always be my heart -. Always”

Some other sisters Toni’s also commentary on the film, including Towanda Braxton, and Traci Braxton. Check out their responses below:

– Traci Braxton (Traci Braxton) January 24, 2016

– Traci Braxton (Traci Braxton) January 24, 2016

– TOWANDA Braxton (towandabraxton) January 24th, 2016

Macklemore Torn to Shreds by the Left for Whitesplaining White Privilege

Posted in Trending Topics on 24th January 2016

Macklemore Torn to Shreds by the Left for Whitesplaining White Privilege

Fusion puts it:

White Privilege IIA eight minutes and forty-two seconds of a white man criticizing other white people for their white problematic. Macklemore literally commit the same kind of cultural appropriation, he accused Miley, Elvis and Iggy by knocking his lyrics.

Thea Los Angeles Times equal TOA indicates a warning for listening. â ???? Macklemoreâ ???? s â ???? White bevoorregting IIA ???? so self-tormenting the pain, â ???? the papera ???? s head read.

The ultra-progressive New Republic said a â ???? As is often the case with Macklemore music, the main problem here is its mediocre talent.â ????

A writer ATA Deadspin agree and add context:

The song that accompanied charged a website, earnest and seemingly designed to recognize and condemn the many white privilege which Macklemore profits. It is a bad song.

Macklemore hear the critics and enemies to say that it is tragic and / or furious that he was a white man, has a successful career in a black space. The Isa wrong. Career Macklemore’s tragic and / or furious, because he is a white man, but because he was a bad rapper bad songs and still has, because he is white, achieved more success as black rappers who make better songs.

Macklemore was not seized by rap fans, because he is poor. When these numbers attributed the criticism of his success to his race or his sexuality, he is insinuating that he is a good rapper that everything is equal, will embrace if he was black, when he is actually bad, and will be laughing as he was black. He himself is here cloaking, to criticism by refusing to acknowledge that. One can even speak of a credit.

The Atlantica has a ???? sympathyâ ???? for the white rapper, add a ???? White bevoorregting II “brave suit difficult truths about race, but it’s a good song.â ????

The Guardian, another left no outlet, has a headline that read, â ???? Macklemore raps over white bevoorregting -A while picking his rewards.â ????

The paper continued:

The rapper beat Kendrick Lamar for a Grammy cultural criticism appropriasie – the third event in a week of white artists pay little more than lip service to structural racism

Macklemoreâ ???? latest attempt to inject himself into the conversation civil rights isnâ ?? t get much ?? support on social media  either

& amp; amp; mdash;. Jess Obayan (jcobayan) January 22, 2016

& amp; amp; mdash; Rebecca Carroll (@ rebel19) January 22 2016

& amp; amp; mdash; Vandal (@ iamvandal617) January 22, 2016

& amp; amp; mdash; Stereo Williams (stereo williams) January 22, 2016

& amp; amp; mdash;. Mikki Kendall (Karnythia) January 22, 2016

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Big Hollywood, Macklemore

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