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David Bowie dead: Footage of organist playing Life on Mars in tribute to …

Posted in Trending Topics on 12th January 2016

David Bowie dead: Footage of organist playing Life on Mars in tribute to ...

There was hardly a dry eye in Kelvin Museum in Glasgow to this beautiful version of the

The musical genius David Bowie have a fitting tribute to a clip of an organist plays a beautiful version of Life on Mars viral.

Today, as the world mourned the singer, described as a “big star and one of the most influential musicians of his time, died today aged 69 after a 18 month battle with cancer.

To be success rate, Kelvin Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow recorded his songs in his etenstyd lecture on the towering organ in the lobby.

The performance, presumably by the local organist Cristina Nickol, was greeted with applause increased.

Gordon Williams posted a clip of the performance.. Facebook shared almost 6,000 times in just four hours.

He said many people in the audience, including himself, swam in the beautiful performance.

gordonwilsonartJaniceForsythKelvingroveArt Many move Bowie / Life Mars tribute known Kelvin Earn organ to be heard

He wrote:. … “Not a good day Have myself to art galleries … it was the shift I think Bowie was the love I a few tears among the audience. “

Suspect in Philadelphia Police Shooting Had Visited Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th January 2016

Suspect in Philadelphia Police Shooting Had Visited Egypt and Saudi Arabia

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The man was arrested because he allegedly shooting a Philadelphia police officer three times in a late- ambush traveled Saudi Arabia in late 2011 and to Egypt in 2012, according to a person familiar with the matter.

nuclear deal Fuels Iran hard-liners

In Ramadi, Klein Force wears a Big Burden

Can Saudi Aramco worth 20 Times Exxon?

griddle for gold in Waste Ore Waste

downside risks Loom Over Europe’s 2016 Economy

An exciting (If Risky) Family Adventure in Bolivia

Dakota Johnson laughs off wardrobe malfunction at Peoples Choice Awards

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th January 2016

Dakota Johnson laughs off wardrobe malfunction at Peoples Choice Awards

As awards season began.

Yes, we can look forward to a few months of dramatic gowns, red carpet disasters cry actors and cheesy acceptance speeches. Last night it all kicked off with the People’s Choice Awards and Celebrity printout was beautiful star.

Kate Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens, Claire Danes and Sandra Bullock were all present we were guaranteed some stylish stars. And Dakota Johnson was not only a winner on the night, but was one of attracted the best, despite her wardrobe malfunction.

The wearing Armani © Priva, the actress enchanted by this couture look of ornate top and maxi dress. It’s slinky, sparkly, and a good way to start the season. Since this show is the measure can not be purchased online, unfortunately, but on (right) check out the entire collection.

Or recreate Dakota’s glitzy aesthetic for your next night out with one of the skirts in our work below. Haute Hippie for Boohoo, there’s one for every budget.

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Ars talks car design with Faraday Future at CES

Posted in Trending Topics on 8th January 2016

Ars talks car design with Faraday Future at CES

ars.AD.queue.push ([“xrailTop” {sz: “300×251” KWS: [“bottom”] collapse: true}]); LAS VEGAS-At the Monday evening before CES kicked off well, several hundred journalists and GDPs under a press-fit illuminated tent in a vacant lot to witness the public of a new electric car from an initial named Faraday Future. The company, flush with cash due to the owner of LeTV (think Netflix Chinese) touted has the event for some time, and promised to show us what it called a “Tesla-killer.”

As it turns out, the car under the skin is not actually a Model S opponent, or will it go into production. Instead, we have a race-inspired concept known as the VF Zero 1, a 1000-hp electric vehicle to demonstrate the company rather places. As you can see in the video above, the next day we sit with Richard Kim, Faraday Future’s head of design, to talk about the car.

Kim is not a member of the church he previously worked at BMW, where he was responsible for both the i3 and i8 exteriors-so we are very excited to see that he and his design team to come up with the company’s other models. Interestingly, the entire design done in silico, without the traditional clay models that car designers usually work with. He describes the process which a bunch of guys in a room with involve a number of monitors prior to the actual carbon fiber and metal as a very hard work and late nights to meet aa CES-imposed deadline.

Richard Kim, Faraday Future Global Design Director, left, hold for a photo with Ding Lei, founder, Global Vice President, Managing Director, SEE planned, Letv, second left, and Nick Sampson, vice president of R & amp; amp; D and Engineering at FFZERO1 pre-CES public event in Las Vegas on Monday, January 4th, 2016 (Bizuayehu Tesfaye / AP Images for Faraday Future)

Richard Kim, Faraday Future Global Design Director, left, hold on ‘ a photo with Ding Lei, founder, Global Vice President, Managing Director, SEE planned, Letv, second left, and Nick Sampson, vice president of R & amp; amp; D and Engineering at FFZERO1 pre-CES public event in Las Vegas on Monday, January 4th, 2016. (Bizuayehu Tesfaye / AP Images for Faraday Future)

Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept vehicle at VF’s pre-CES public event Las Vegas on Monday, January 4th, 2016 (Bizuayehu Tesfaye / AP Images for Faraday Future)

Faraday Future (VF) FFZERO1 Concept vehicle at VF’s pre-CES public event in Las Vegas on Monday, January 4th, 2016 ( Bizuayehu Tesfaye / AP Images for Faraday Future)

The VF Zero necessarily one wheel includes a dock for your smartphone.

The chair is a 45th ?? angle inspired by NASA’s zero-G research.

It’s no secret that we are big fans of the concept cars, and the VF Zero 1 is an attractive machine with a very clever aerodynamics at work. There is only a single seat in the all-white, NASA research inspired cabin, and steering wheel incorporate your smartphone as a display. Although VF Zero 1 is not actually a running vehicle, it was IFA, it would be an electric motor for each wheel along witha Northa a top speed of 200mph (321km / h).

It is important for the company to use the same modular architecture as the upcoming production car skateboard chassis with the batteries in the middle, between the axles. Nick Sampson, Faraday’s head of R & amp; amp; D, explains in the event that the modular platform will allow for one or more electric cars, and as we discuss with Kim, lends itself to almost any configuration of the car of SUVs to minivans and sedans to sports cars.

The public Monday not met with great response from the media, and the replacement of a concept rather than a production-ready EV led to cries of Vaporware. This can be a bit harsh, as the company has been pioneering a giant factory just outside Las Vegas later this month. CES also peppered with rumors that Faraday Future secret move from Apple in the automotive industry can be, in the same way as everyone thought Blue Harvest was a horror film, not the cover story for the return of the Jedi. It seems a bit unbelievable to us.

Listing picture by the AP

PSN down: PlayStation Network mostly back online following 12-hour outage

Posted in Trending Topics on 6th January 2016

PSN down: PlayStation Network mostly back online following 12-hour outage

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PlayStation Network is mostly back online after a break which lasted for at least 12 hours and still is that some users.

The interruption just after 03:00 to 03:00 UK time, according Down Detector website.

The problems touched almost every part of the PlayStation Network. This includes all Sony’s various consoles – the PS Vita and PS3, as well as the PlayStation 4 -. And all the various services, including shop and play online

Messages’ve got a few people told them that the network is switched off for “maintenance”. A an update on PlayStation Network Status page says only that PSN is “experienced problems” and that engineers were working on the problem.

official status page of Sony said that the systems are now back online and working. Senior members of staff also reported that Sony PSN were back online.

“If people tweeting, PSN is back online,” writes Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida. “Many apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

But some people continued to report problems. A variety of tweets and Facebook posts always set at the time of publication to say that the user is still not connect or play games.

oculus said it is open to pre-orders for its Rift virtual reality headset. Some have claimed that the hardware of the device that will bring virtual reality into the mainstream will be. And it will be available starting from January 6, 2016, the company said. The company has not said when the headers actually started coming, or how much they will cost. It is not clear whether the company plans to announce more details before starting pre-orders

A new trick proves to be a quick way to get rid of the stock apps that stacks your iPhone screen – at least for a while. The iPhone comes with a range of applications, which stuck on the phone, and ca not be removed like other. While some are the key to the phone – such as the Phone app itself – Stocks are considered as other less well. But the new trick to show you how these unused stock apps with just a quick trick using some folders

The CES 2016 gadget show is about to kick off, and almost the entire IT industry is off to Las Vegas can hide to try and show the future. Each year, businesses and technologists attempt to show that they have seen what was coming and that they will be there to offer it. Every year, a lot of people get it wrong. Expectations this year as great as ever. Each year, CES officially gets a great theme that everything is supposed to be about – this year is virtual reality. There is a future for cars, smart home and wearables

A government counterterrorism adviser warned that terrorists could use commercially available drones to attack passasiersvliegtuie. Detective Superintendent Colin Smith, a security expert and adviser to the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology, has warned that small Quadcopter drones can easily be used by terrorists for attacks and propaganda purposes

Port Lympne Reserve Kent, United Kingdom, Sony Bravia 4K TVs installed in his lemur and Langur camps live as footage are primates show as part of his “Return to the Wild” program. The Love wants to watch hear TV at Sony’s 4K TVs as Part of this program in an effort to make langurs more familiar with the new environment

Uber has a feature lift-sharing on his childhood in London, allowing people to get their taxi with a stranger in exchange for a reduced fair share. Users will be given 25 percent of their journey as they say they will let two other passengers to share their car. Drivers will then be notified that they will get more than one rate, and can plan their route. London is the second European country to get the function to Paris. It was the first time launched in San Francisco and now most people who use the information, do this using the

an effort to become the world’s largest Rubik’s cube finished building in disaster when exploding puzzle if it is of the hand for the first time. One of the meesterbreine behind Coren puzzle, a YouTube channel dedicated to personal puzzles, live-streamed the final meeting of the 22×22 cube. The video was the culmination of seven months of construction, which is a month of deliberation on how to build the mechanism in the center of the device included

The author of a new chip claims it can reduce load times mobile phones to a few minutes and can prevent dangerous explosions. The tiny chip can be embedded in batteries of all sizes and monitor the health and loaded them. This in turn would mean that the batteries would be much safer and quicker to recharge, according to the scientist who has developed. Unhealthy lithium-ion batteries may be at risk of exploding or catching fire, and gradually lose their ability so that they quickly run out. These problems may become even more important as people move to electric cars or other vehicles

If you need faster recently noticed articles about Facebook Upload a bit, it is because the new Instant products are launched to all iPhone users. Instant articles download up to 10 times faster than a regular article, and has a number of enhanced features – such unremarkable playing videos, zoomable high-definition images and interactive maps

Gamers look forward to playing Halo 5: Guardians his release on October 27th, 2015 have to wait a day 9GB download a patch for multiplayer mode of the game can run well. Those without the patch wee not even be able to play multiplayer at all until it has downloaded, in another case of a very successful game that there is a patch on the day of the launch

HTC His youngest Desire 626 phone launched under 7 software automatically detects whether you’re at work, at home or on-the-go and changed its theme to suit your site. These advanced technologies intelligently analyze your favorite photos to change the look and feel of your applications, allowing you to change the color scheme and background – the ultimate in personalization

NASA announced that evidence of flowing water found at Mars. Scientists have long speculated that Recurring Slope Lineae – or dark spots -. Mars is made of salt water, but the new findings show that those stains caused by liquid water, which it founded by finding hydrated salts

Several hundred camp outside the London shop in Covent Garden. The 6s will have new features such as display a significantly improved camera and a pressure-sensitive “3D Touch”

The car will be displayed at Downing Street, when the team visited David Cameron to show the project

Delivery of NASA’s LRO spacecraft, which will be a rapid drop in temperature at a forthcoming lunar eclipse that could lead to withstand closed artist

The regulator will now ask much more for the cell phone companies for use of the mobile spectrum – and although it says that compensation will not be passed on to customers, experts said that the prices tend to go

Apple has released a bright pink new iPhone 6s – probably the only way that you will be able to tell someone the new phone. The company recently new phone with great fanfare, but almost all changes – a new camera and touch sensitive display – was on the inside. The only new significant addition to watching the phone is quite pink roses gold color, and a small “S” on the back. The new phone will be released on September 25

Apple has great new iPad, which their hopes the tablet can bring offices and designers launched. But it seems that an Apple-designed stylus – an idea that was spotted famous by the late Apple founder Steve Jobs

Apple has introduced the new Apple TV

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