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Dubai skyscraper fire: Briton tells of rescuing disabled mother

Posted in Trending Topics on 2nd January 2016

Dubai skyscraper fire: Briton tells of rescuing disabled mother

Angus Viller tell reporters he tied up his mother returned to her to wear on the 15th floor of The Address Downtown Hotel

Angus Viller tell reporters he tied up his mother returned to carry her out of the 15 floor of the address Downtown Hotel

A British man caught in a huge fire described in a Dubai skyscraper on New Year’s Eve how he carried his disabled mother from the 15th floor to escape.

Researchers find the cause of the inferno, which 20 of the 63 floors of the five star Address Downtown swallowed up in the city as people gathered to watch define a New Year’s Eve fireworks.

The Dubai government said a person with a heart attack due to the smoke and the rush to have the building. Another person was moderately injured and 16 are said to have sustained minor injuries. The fire, which is becoming smolder on Friday, may have been caused by an electrical fault, according to early reports.

Angus Viller told reporters he gave to wear his mother’s 15th floor amid scenes of panic and confusion. He said he is pouring glasses of champagne in preparation for the fireworks from balcony of the family when his family noticed the fire.

“I have the fire escape to the actual fire alarm started going off, by showing that there are already people walking in the hallways, panic in essence, and I have someone on my back which was in a wheelchair , “he told Sky News. “It was basically absolute pandemonium.”

Viller he said was his mother, a wheelchair user, belt around his back as it was the only one of her out of the building. “This was the classic thing where you would expect people to women and children off first, let but no, there were people pushing each other down the stairs and climbing over each other,” he said.

Almost an hour after the fire started at 9:30 (1730 GMT), began to leave a few bystanders while others pressed against hosts barricades, watching the fire.

Stuart O’Donnell, a British nurse who works in Dubai, said he was worried about the inside of the building as it was to look into first place on the fireworks. “You feel sorry for the people inside … It spread as fast as it started,” he said.

The Dubai government media office said Friday that placing 90% of the fire under control.

Randa, a resident of the area, said: “We have a loud bang and then saw the fire I was afraid the whole hotel would collapse on our heads ..”

Police said the fire on the 20th floor of the building, which also houses and where renting a bedroom can run up to $ 70,000 per year. Footage taken by witnesses and uploaded to the internet has huge flames quickly climb outside the hotel that appears after a balcony or terrace.

It has set four hours before firefighters from the worst of the flames. A large firework is later in world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in front of tens of thousands of people, while bulbs smoke remained burners of nearby fire.

A top security official Dubai Gen Dhahi Khalfan, posted a picture on Twitter of a fire beneath a ledge of the building, said the start of the fire was caught by a police criminal investigation photographer.

“This is where the search start” Khalfan written of the image, which appears to show after a lower part of the building.

Outside the hotel, witnesses described scenes of mass panic as hundreds of people visited Dubai Mall, a large shopping center next door, has fled for fear spread like fire.

A resident, Malcolm Carter, has caught fire and run to the mall to try to find his friends. Within two minutes, he said, has big flame has 40 floors spread. “It has to keep up so quickly. At first I thought it was a kind of New Year show, but it held the distribution. Security guards had no idea what was going on. Some thought it was a scare attack. Others have not even realized there was a fire. “

The fire caused no loss of life and some injuries, but pose difficult questions about the safety of many of Dubai’s tall buildings.

The Emirates known for its glitzy lifestyle and has built approximately 100 skyscrapers over 180 meters high. More are designed and built each year, and many have floor well out of reach of conventional fire fighting equipment, previously used sophisticated sprinkler systems and other fire prevention measures.

Thursday night is not the first time that such buildings have caught fire. Less than a year ago, a fire at the Torch tallest residential building Dubai Tower, sent flames jumped 20 floors, shower fire debris in the streets below. There were no deaths.

In 2012, the 34-storey Tamweel Tower serious damage after a cigarette butt started a fire.

a preliminary inquiry into the New Year’s Eve fire is likely to focus on how the fire spread so quickly and whether it was a result of the use of the building clad materials.

According to industry sources, many of Dubai’s high-rise buildings have been clad in aluminum panels with a thermoplastic core to give them a sleek and modern look.

Safety codes for high buildings were tightened in 2013, but many skyscrapers built previously recorded the additional measures. With many people living in a high rise apartments, the authorities will want reassuring messages to its people that the buildings they live in are safe.

Happy New Year: World Marks Start Of 2016

Posted in Trending Topics on 1st January 2016

Happy New Year: World Marks Start Of 2016

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Police photo fireworks as they watch Red Square in Moscow

How, when Pittsburgh Steelers bury their loss to the Ravens

Posted in Trending Topics on 29th December 2015

How, when Pittsburgh Steelers bury their loss to the Ravens

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PITTSBURGH – for 24 hours pass from the final whistle of a match, Arthur Moats has to the game watching tape

For him, this will be the final step to the Pittsburgh Steelers ’20 -17 his loss to the Baltimore Ravens. He does not think it an accident that the team afrigtingspan planned a block of meetings and film review beginning at 02:00 Monday.

“When the clock is zero, regardless of the time, as it was four o’clock by the end of the game, when – 24 hours next day, canceling,” has moats around 01:30 Monday afternoon. “And I have a couple of hours and I forgot, going to Cleveland.”

Pittsburgh lost control of his chase for an AFC Wild Card spot on Sunday and as it starts preparing for the Cleveland Browns on Monday, had a number of players still on the season danger loss to the Ravens. The 24-hour rule universally understood in football, Moats said.

But for others, the game gets even more wan rest.

“Once you get on the bus, man,” said DeAngelo Williams. “My thing is if you let it all out on the field there is no point in rehashing what your you the day before, as it has done in the next week.”

The spiritual is the physical.

Why Antonio Brown and Mart Avis Bryant is held together so often Sunday

Williams also said that watching assist film, but it is focused on the Browns – another department pursuant opponent with a losing season and nothing to play for outside demise of the Steelers.

The veteran inside Backer Lawrence Timmons said the 24-hour rule is real and that the video review is an important final piece.

“Those are key things,” he said.

Players mentally trained to quickly about the emotional aftershocks of a match, Moats said. . But the day to do this, it is necessary,

Everyone is different, he says, but he has 24 hours to feel by all who have the result

Said Moats:. “It’s a pretty small window.”

Duke football seniors move beyond past disappointments, deliver signature win

Posted in Trending Topics on 28th December 2015

Duke football seniors move beyond past disappointments, deliver signature win

Duke’s veteran players have to celebrate the end of their careers in style Saturday & amp; amp; mdash;. a bowl victory in the Big Apple, after three consecutive years of the fourth quarter disappointments

New York after three consecutive nail -biter baking games that do not top off come Duke, it seemed would have the Blue Devils to wait another season to get that elusive bin victory.

This time it was different, and Duke was able to sharpen his first bucket victory in 54 years.

Playing in his final game as a Blue Devil sixth year senior tight endBraxton Deaver caught a success rate of landing Thomas Sirk in the third quarter.

Sleep Indiana by a landing with less than a minute left in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl quarterback Thomas Sirk tied the game at 41 with a five-yard touchdown run. Senior Ross Martin then nailed a 36-yard field goal in overtime-to Hoosier kicker Griffin Oakes’ game tying field goal attempt missed from 38-step demonstration of the game winner.

The Blue Devils first postseason victory since the 1961 Cotton Bowl was not always pretty, but the victory was an achievement for the players and coaches who play on the field, the culture and changed the reputation of Duke football .

“There are tears,” says Duke head coach David Cutcliffe. “There were tears on the field. We just broke down on the platform …. Just as many players like around there. It’s just emotional.”

The Blue Devils have closed in all their previous three outings played to bake, but could never close to a victory. In 2012 Belk Bowl, Duke rode with the game tied at 34 with less than two minutes left before Josh Snead story fumble by Cincinnati. The Bearcats then scored a 83-yard touchdown pass and added a pick-six in the final 1:10 to win 48-34.

In the 2013 Chick-fil-A Bowl, the Blue Devils have a 41-31 fourth-quarter lead evaporate against the enchantment of Johnny Manziel as Texas A & amp; amp; M has a comeback to win, 52-48.

Senior Shaquille Powell did not mess the best day but forced a fumble on special teams key pointing a Duke landing.

A year ago it looked like Duke would eventually end his bakkie skid with a 31-30 lead against No. 15 Arizona State with five minutes over due some trick play magic of their own. But the subsequent launch, Halak Ballage thump 96 steps to a landing and Sun Devil Duke’s despair row ended in an interception and another loss.

“I’ve been on the team for three games baking with the senior class that does not win,” the Duke senior running back Shaquille Powell. “I see how it is after that. It sucks to have a sense of defeat …. Nobody wants to feel the pain again.”

Powell’s class will not.

When Indiana has a seven-point lead with 4:03 left in the game, it seemed like Duke is headed for another dreadful. But the experience came in handy for baking, help the Blue Devils remain focused and calm as the clock ticked down.

“We have not lost faith in ourselves that game,” said Duke quarterback Thomas Sirk. “We were strong and we fight. We knew that anything can happen in these situations, and we never stop believing.”

The winning dish as dramatic victory as the three previous postseason losses-is the cherry on top of which has a remarkable turnaround for Duke Program under Cutcliffe not. From making his first bucket game in 2012, since the 1994 season to break into the AP top 25 in each of the past three seasons and makes his way to the ACC Championship in 2013, this Blue Devil team has a very reach the last four seasons.

But there was still unfinished business to attend. Duke’s senior class already achieved a lot, but wanted their teammates to make sure they Durham with a bowl victory.

“People just wanted to win for the seniors,” said Duke Backer Ben Humphreys, who carried injured harvesting hemp senior Backer’s Kelby Brown’s No. 59 jersey for Saturday’s match. “For the four years of the five years, the six-year seniors who put in countless hours of work, now she’s finally getting to go out on top.”

Cutcliffe inherited a multi ACC bottom -dweller in 2008 and changed the culture of the program. Even though his early years in control was not successful from a win-lose perspective, the program remains patient and has since reaped the rewards.

“It just comes to the way I feel about Coach [Cutcliffe],” Duke has offensive coordinator Scottie Montgomery, now Durham leave to take the head afrigtingspos at East Carolina over. “Probably the highest I felt in football, from a football point of view, to see him raise that trophy tonight …. These guys give everything they have, but you need a leader at the end of the day to ensure you push their limits and take care of them at their limit. This is what he was able to do was with this program. “

Saturday victory was important for the shift from the past frustrations Over the past three years. It was important for breaking the 54-year streak of blank post seasons.

But it was also important for further growth of the program.

Friends, social media give insight into teen killed in Northlake Mall shooting

Posted in Trending Topics on 26th December 2015

Friends, social media give insight into teen killed in Northlake Mall shooting

Daquan Westbrook was a residential rapper under the name “Donkey Cartel ‘

Police said an argument broke out between two groups of people at North Lake

By Jonathan McFadden and Adam Bell



On social media, Daquan Antonio Westbrook has the name “Donkey Cartel.”

His persona was that of an up-and-coming rapper who beats and lyrics posted on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

His musical repertoire included songs with titles like “No. Hook. “” Pac “and” Do it from the Mudd. “

Friends say Westbrook, 18, longs for recognition and star. But now he is dead after Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say he a firearm on an off-duty officer who shot him

[Read more: police kill teen gunman inside Northlake Mall].

Police say Officer Thomas Ferguson fired the shots that Westbrook slain at Northlake Mall on Thursday after an argument between two groups of people increased by gunfire.

Main CMPD Kerr Putney told reporters late Thursday, at least two people involved in the dispute guns drawn and have the fire on the mall’s lower level, near Dick’s Sporting Goods.

As hundreds Eve buyer ran for cover, the police have responded works at the mall. Putney said witnesses to the police said that when Ferguson reached the scene, one of the men turned and that his gun at the officer.

Ferguson, a 19-year police veteran, fired his service weapon, and Westbrook was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

The incident has national and social media coverage, yield hashtags like “Northlake Mall” and “ripDonk,” what’s trending topics on Twitter.

speculation about what motivated the fight rampant on social media have not. Manny Sadek, a videographer Westbrook’s music videos for the past two years, believe it may be linked to an incident on Thanksgiving, when Westbrook brother was shot. The brother, whose nickname is “Wop” continues to recover in hospital.

“After that situation, things are a little more heated,” Sadek, said. “I felt like something coming, but I did not know what.”

Friends upset by the media’s portrayal of Westbrook, which arrest records show has a long criminal record which drugs and arms, jumped to his defense. Others condemned a widely shared images of Westbrook’s slain body on the mall floor.

Briana Wright was one of them.

His and Westbrook grew up around each other. Westbrook, who had another nickname, “Dada,” was known as a “stupid little brother” who try to laugh others.

“He was a good man,” said Wright. “We’re all just sitting in situations … we have no control over. He did not deserve to lose his life and sent his photo through all the paths of social media.”

Sadek said his friend “is working to become a better person.”

When Sadek first met Westbrook, the aspiring rapper was 16, in and out of trouble with the police, and sports two ankle bracelets, Sadek said.

But over time, rocky past Westbrook’s has towards his “strong heart” and raw talent, he said.

“He has a job, they both have ankle bracelets and his life to run,” says Sadek. “People do not understand that the level of hip-hop. (Music) was his way of venting his life and frustration.”

Westbrook was part of a group of north Charlotte musicians called “Cartel Music Group,” Sadek said. Many find their videos on YouTube.

Westbrook, who last shot a video with Sadek on Wednesday, was also an expectant father.

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