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The real winner in Starbucks red-cup controversy

Posted in Trending Topics on 14th November 2015

The real winner in Starbucks red-cup controversy

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This week Starbucks red cup controversy should become a future MBA case study about how things can get into the subconscious of consumers. Without spending a dime on advertising, PR or even lifting a cup, Starbucks has made his mark in the conversation of nearly every American.

Facebook, Twitter, presidential candidates, celebrities, artists, even the passive couch potatoes all right to have an opinion – good or bad – why Starbucks was or was not the Grinch who stole Christmas. If you believe Google, it is now 9200000 news about the “Starbucks red cup controversy.” This is a lot of free publicity.

There is an old cliché © among entrepreneurs that all publicity is good publicity, but what about when customers threaten to boycott your product? Is it still good publicity?

All publicity is not always good publicity, but in this case – even with this threatened boycott – it’s a pure PR coup for Starbucks. It is the lightning in a bottle.

Trump: Maybe we should boycott Starbucks

He’s at a rally in Illinois, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump weighs in on the controversy Starbucks and red cups of coffee


She crisis communication team can be in turmoil trying to manage “the story” and their finance team can determine how it will impact quarterly profit, but as Demi Lovato so eloquently Tweeted, “Why do we care about this lot a cup …. ?? “

This Starbucks red cup controversy is not over Christmas or publicity. It is about tapping into a memory that we all crave. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or agnostic, we all live on memories. This is why we document our children’s lives and write stories. We want to remember what we did yesterday. It is at the root of a successful brand connection.

In our small office, trying to remember what our team looks like last year, Starbucks Christmas cup.

Does the “Merry Christmas” on it? Does the snowflakes? Was there a snowman? Because everyone associates with Christmas snow.

No one remembers.

But in a month or a year from now, will remind everyone in our office that Starbucks conversation – and it is the beauty of this divine line PR coup.

In the world of PR, I say to potential customers is always a PR machine behind the biggest publicity campaigns that get into our subconscious. But in this situation, I seriously doubt Starbucks has to take the vision, conviction and courage on Christmas. I suspect no one in corporate saw coming. I doubt the red cup controversy was born in a PR room.

What Starbucks must now does the world on fire on a red cup?

Absolutely nothing.

Just sit back and watch the rest of America debate and discussion about why we love or hate this new red head. And just when the debate on that next week will be, I would bet Starbucks management will be smart enough to create a new holiday-themed cup not argue. And not because Starbucks will spawn one who believes in Christ.

It will make a new holiday coffee cup because people walk Starbucks is smart. She knows the importance of relevant and to remain in the conversation. But unfortunately for Starbucks, lightning rarely strike twice in the same place. The next red head showdown will be a little PR genius to us twice fooled.

Comments by Mark Macías, head of PR Macías, a global public relations firm that media and branding campaigns have run for politics, technology start-ups, financial corporations, non-profits and businesses. He is also the author of the book, “Beat the Press:. Your Guide to the management of the Media” Follow him on Twittermarkmacias.

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Kerry celebrates Marine Corps birthday aboard Navy ship

Posted in Trending Topics on 11th November 2015

Kerry celebrates Marine Corps birthday aboard Navy ship

aboard the USS SAN ANTONIO -. Secretary of State John Kerry has the Marine Corps’ 240th birthday on board a ship where he paid tribute to the strong bond between the State Department and the marines await diplomatic missions worldwide

About 100 Marines were aboard the amphibious transport dock San Antonio when Kerry has its stop at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia.

“You have built traditions in which [240] year second to no combat unit no service in the world,” he said. “… We can not really do what we do everywhere in the world today without the security provided to us, and security and help give America’s 275 outposts in the world.”

The Marine Corps’ role in protecting embassies and other diplomatic posts has been thrust into the spotlight after the deadly 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya that left four Americans dead. Since then, the Marine Corps has worked to fill a mandate from Congress in 1000 new Marine guards mail at State Department facilities are all over the world to make. They also increased brand new land based units designed to respond quickly in the event of a security concern or attacks on embassies.

Marine Brig. Gen. (choose) Bradford Gering, head of Marine Corps Forces Command in Norfolk, birthday here used one of the other strong ties to the Corps’ greeting. That the Navy

“When called, we fight,” he said. “And if we fight, we fight then one brings a level of lethality, agility and determination to the battle space that can match any opponent in the world. It is no mistake that on the 240th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps we find ourselves fit on the USS San Antonio. “

In keeping with tradition, the oldest and youngest marines on board the ship are exempted during the ceremony.

Secretary of State John Kerry talk about 100 marines on board the amphibious transport dock San Antonio on Tuesday as part of the Corps’ 240th birthday celebration. (Photo: Lance Bacon / Staff)

Armament Master Sgt. Antonio Hardy, a career planner with 29 years of service, was honored as the oldest Marine. He’s at 19-year-old PFC. Raymond Cruz, a data network specialist eight days shy of a year in the Corps. Cruz said it was “a real honor” to the latest Marine to the hand and participate in the ceremonies. He is not sure whether he will make it a career.

Sgt. Daisy Romero, a logistics / inskeping specialist, said that while they always honor the Marine Corps’ birthday traditions, this means more to her now after almost a decade of service.

“I’m staying in the Marine Corps for those who can not be here, friends who I lost in battle,” said Romero. “When I started, I did not have that perspective of camaraderie. Now brotherhood and susterskap means much more to me.”

Happy Diwali 2015! All you need to know about Hindu Festival of Light

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th November 2015

Happy Diwali 2015! All you need to know about Hindu Festival of Light

When is the festival of lights? What is it? Discover our Diwali directory

Diwali 2015 is here – the Festival of Light will be celebrated in the River Tees and passed this week by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains

Want to know more .? Here’s what you need to know.

The date of Diwali change every year as the day of celebration is calculated according to the position of the moon and the Hindu lunar calendar.

This year Diwali falls on Wednesday, November 11th.

Diwali is the five-day Festival of Lights and is traditionally celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, and is one of the most important festivals in the Indian culture.

The word Diwali means rows of lighted lamps and it is known as the Feast of Light, for shops and houses decorated with candles and colorful lights. It shows the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

For many Indians, Diwali honors Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and the people will be the new business activity year begins with Diwali and some will say prayers to the goddess ahead for a prosperous year.

Large fireworks shows held that one of the Diwali legends, Rama and his wife Sita.

The fireworks shows Rama’s return to his kingdom after he expelled four for 14 years and defeated king Ravana, when local people make their own version of fireworks.

These four Diwali also light traditional earthenware oil lamps called Diyas, who said to help Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth finds its way into people’s homes, and they will leave their windows and doors of their houses open so they can go.

People will also Rangoli artwork created patterns using colored rice or powder, creating popular pattern where the lotus flower as Lakshmi is often depicted either sit on one or a lotus.

During Diwali, families and friends to share sweets, dried fruits and gifts, and give a lot of food and goods to those less fortunate and need. It is also a time when people spring-clean and redecorate their houses and wear new clothes.

Stockton Council provides a free event at the University of Durham Queen’s campus from 06:00, where a procession of traditional dance will, music and performances

Everyone hopes to participate must parking at the University of Durham Car Park and make their way to the Infinity Bridge (North Shore side) for 5:30.

Apple iPad Pro UK release date and price finally REVEALED

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th November 2015

Apple iPad Pro UK release date and price finally REVEALED

Apple announced its larger screen tablet computer “iPad Pro” back in September.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the crowds whooping cough in the Charter Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco’s new 12.9inch tablet was the “biggest news in iPad since the iPad.”

The iPad Pro has a 12.9inch screen, filled with more than 5.6million pixels – the highest ever score pixel on an iOS device – and even higher than some of Apple’s Retina laptops.

Apple iPad Pro has a 2732 x 2048 resolution, which works out as a Retina worthy 264pixels per inch.

of the new iPad Nutrition is the new 64-bit A9X chip, which Apple says is able to rival most portable computers.

The new larger iPad Pro is thin and light and has a battery life of a few ten hours. Apple also packed four speakers in the new tablet, another first for an iOS device.

Apple confirmed the iPad Pro will be available in the UK pre-order on Wednesday, November 11th.

The announcement came hours after Apple CEO Tim Cook blow new spying laws in the United Kingdom – Mr. Cook says breaking end-to-end encryption in iMessage and other will leave customers vulnerable to cyber criminals.

The iPad Pro represents a new generation of productivity-oriented iPads.

Apple believes the new device will open the floodgates for a new generation of advanced applications including design, illustration, engineering, medical and education.

The iPad Pro is aimed at productivity users and can process up to three streams of 4K video simultaneously.

To help increase the productivity of Pro iPad owners, Apple has a number of accessories for the new device.

The company has a new stylus for Pro introduced the iPad, Apple called the Pencil, thereby drawing and sketching on the device more fluid and natural.

Apple has a new building Smart Keyboard, which instantly change into a Pro laptop.

Smart Keyboard attach to iPad pirogue’s smart connector port, eliminating the need for a separate battery, on / off switch or Bluetooth.

“The early response from Pro iPad app developers and our customers was incredible, and we enthusiastically seee iPad Pro in the hands of its customers around the world to gain this week”, said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of Global Marketing Apple’s.

“iPad Pro is the most powerful iPad we ever made five, allows users even more creative and productive with the epic 12.9-inch Retina display, powerful 64-bit chip A9X and groundbreaking Apple pencil and his new Smart Keyboard. “

Unfortunately, this groundbreaking new technology does not come cheap start with UK prices at £ 679 for the 32GB model.

If you have the top of the Apple iPad Pro series fancy 128GB internal storage, it will cost you £ 899

How to buy Fallout 4 at midnight: Fallout 4 UK release date, price, platforms …

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th November 2015

How to buy Fallout 4 at midnight: Fallout 4 UK release date, price, platforms ...

Fallout 4 is started at midnight! Here’s how to Fallout 4 on sale at midnight, plus everything you need to know about the Fallout 4 UK release date, expenses, fees, and game trailers.

After Bethesda’s E3 2015 press conference (which you can re see here), we know that Fallout 4 release date is November 10 and it will start on various platforms, including PC, Xbox One and PS4.

GAME is the opening of some stores at midnight in order to let you get your hands on a physical copy of Fallout 4. You can see the list of opening stores here.

As a bonus, scan a designated Fallout picture 4 using the game app in the store at midnight tonight and you can have a chance to win one of two branded Fallout 4 Xbox One consoles, a 10 Pip Boy expenses, or a full-size Vault Boy image that will be delivered and assembled for what you get.

Other places to buy Fallout 4 midnight connect the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store -. pre-order now, and the game will automatically start downloading, ready to play as soon as it is activated midnight

For the console versions of Fallout 4 You will receive a payment of £ 49.99 Thea PlayStation Store and Xbox Store, and you can pre-order now.

Amazon offers a better deal, though, on a £ 35.99 for the PC version, £ 39.99 for a PS4 or Xbox oneâ expenses, and £ 39.99 for the steam code.

If you want a physical copy sales GAME midnight, you will pay the same prices as you would on Amazon. – A £ 35.99 for PC, and £ 39.99 for a PS4 or Xbox

The above prices are for the standard edition of Fallout 4, but there will also be a collector’s edition. The “Pip-Boy Edition ‘costs £ 100 and includes a an actual Pip-Boy replica. It is designed to repeat the in-game device and comes with a stand RobCo Industries, personal printed capsule, adjustable foam cuff, and rotating buttons and lights.

So his supporters eager to get their hands on PIP-Boy already sold out, and Bethesda can not make more copies. The business marketing VP Pete Hines told GameSpot that’s because Bethesda is tight with Pip-Boy spending, but because the plants can make more physical copies.

You can even take your smartphone in the Pip-Boy use it with the pit-Boy phone to manage your in-game stock, perks and holotapes. The Pip-Boy Edition also comes with a physical Pip-Boy Pocket Guide, a safe-Tec Perk poster and the game comes in a metal case Power Armour Collectible

Let’s talk game -. What can we expect from the upcoming Fallout 4? As seen in the trailer below, Fallout 4 will completely open world, so you and your dog sidekick to walk around and scavage the Fierce yourself surrounded. The best part of Fallout 4 is that almost everything that you encounter can be used to build either weapons or your base, you need to change to protect against other survivors.

Bethesda has provided new insights presented in player freedom in Fallout 4’s open world in the YouTube video

For many Fallout fans, the destruction of both Fallout 3 and Fallout:. New Vegas was that once the game is over, it was really about and you were not able to get back into the Fierce head and continue your exploration. But Bethesda has confirmed in a tweet (see below) that this is not the case with the upcoming Fallout 4. “To our fans who will be asked: Fallout 4 doesn’t end when the main story over and there is no level cap. You can play and keep leveling.”

The concept of an open game like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row has always been a great, if you can carry on your own fun way ended the official storyline. But no level cap is a bit of a strange move, especially for Bethesda. The company has a level 20 cap in Fallout 3, which is amplified to 30 with the Broken Steel expansion pack, and to 50 in New Vegas, after purchasing four sets of DLC. The fact that there is no limit level could open the door to a number of issues, namely the enemy balancing. What happens when you level 1000 and met you (for example) a pigeon? The pigeon was to be scaled up to an enemy’s good enough for you, but can a pigeon with a super-human strength seem a little … weird. But hey, what know is that cancers in the core!

A recent post about Exophase the unveiling of the Fallout four trophies (achievements) has new details about gameplay. You will be able to reveal to join Minutemen, Brotherhood of Railroad and steel factions. Several trophies explore the social aspects of the game such as the alliance settlements, the recruitment of associates and achieving the maximum ratio level. The final trophy, “prepared for the future,” asks you to ‘decision on the fate of the Commonwealth.

To the world premiere of Fallout 4 look, it will be broadcast on both twitch and YouTube on June 14, 2015 at 07:00 PT (03:00 UK) in Bethesda Showcase at E3 in California.Â

Additional reporting by Lewis Painter. Follow him on Twitter

Here’s what we thought before announcing:

Update June 3rd.? a There is no speculation about the announcement – it is for Fallout 4. How do we know apart from “a brief period where fallout4.com linked to countdown the Bethesda, not one but two screenshots of the game and have fallen well leaked on Twitter. Apparently the Fallout 4 website go live before it should have been, we give these screenshots as well confirmation that it will come to a computer, Xbox One and PS4:

While this can still be false and should be taken with a grain of salt, we are reasonably confident that we will see Fallout 4 announced at 03:00 today.Â

Work June 2: Bethesda started a countdown on its website that will end 03:00 tomorrow (June 3), which looks like it will be to reveal the Fallout 4. Keep an eye on this page for all the details as it happens. The only problem is that there is a small chance the announcement may be for updated versions of existing games for next-gen consoles.

As with many games that have multiple versions as part of a series, there is a story behind the Fallout titles. Fallout been officially announced, but there are a lot of rumors and speculations about the game to watch. See also: Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Review

The first two Fallout games is created by Inter Entertainment and developed by Black Isle Studios. They are released way back in 1997 and 1998 respectively. Skip forward to 2004 and Bethesda Softworks licensed the rights to create and publish three Fallout games from Inter Entertainment – Fallout 3, Fallout:. New Vegas and Fallout 4

In 2007, Bethesda purchased the entire franchise and there was a legal dispute over Fallout Online (Project V13) with Inter now established and we will get there too late. But what happens Fallout 4

The 26 best role playing games ever

Well, in 2008, Bethesda’s Pete Hines said: “The whole reason we went out, and obtained the license and we now own Fallout is that we clearly intended to make more than one “He added:”.. This is not something we’re going to do it once and then go away and never do when it will be or how long will it be God only knows, but we get it specifically because we wanted to possess and develop and work on it as we do with the Elder Scrolls. “

The website” Survivor 2299 “has” a lot of people talk about Fallout 4 but we later found a prank. Even so, somewhat more concrete evidence has been obtained by Kotaku in the form of decisive documents (below).

She refers a project code-named “Institute and Fallout although not mentioned by name, there are references to the settings and locations. Possibly the most important is the inclusion of the words” War. War never changes “, which is the classic introduction to previous Fallout titles.

Not only does this confirm the next game is in development, but it also includes the fact that Fallout 4 will do, at least partially, in Boston. The script describes a mission in which a character named Preston Garvey request to find a fusion core of a museum in the Commonwealth.

Although it seems fairly certain that Fallout 4 is in development, it is unclear when this will actually begin this year seems a good bet since Bethesda tends to have worked on Fallout 4 since the completion of the Elder Scrolls V:. Skyrim back in 2011. We put our money on the second half of 2014 and expect to see the introduction at least PS4 and Xbox One.

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