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UFC 200: Jon Jones absence doesnt detract from record-breaking card as Anderson Silva jets in, says Dan Hardy

Posted in Trending Topics on 10th July 2016

UFC 200: Jon Jones absence doesnt detract from record-breaking card as Anderson Silva jets in, says Dan Hardy

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British UFC welterweight Dan Hardy and commentator shares his thoughts on the biggest UFC event in history -. UFC 200

Fight Week is well underway and all the athletes participating in UFC 200 is the village and ready to go. With three sessions in a week, it’s hard to keep up with all outputs. The roof of the week, though, will be Saturday event, which is stacked with the best talent to the UFC’s. This has not been without drama though, as a last minute rescheduling of the main event of the screw to a very different look.A

At the beginning of the week, fans were all discussing the long-awaited herontmoeting between data current light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, and former title-holder, Jon Jones. However, that bout derailed when the Jones camp held late on Wednesday notified of a potential dwelm key violation. There will be no time to investigate before the event, Jones’s removal from the card.Â

forced the next twenty-four hours is filled with speculation and rumors about how the UFC will be this giant setback. If a tearful Jon Jones appeared at a news conference minutes, has little we all know that the great Anderson Silva already working head to Las Vegas to intervene and face Daniel Cormier. Was due to the last minute nature of the game, Silva called for three rounds instead of five, making it a non-title bout.Â

This has led to a realignment of the main card, move women kapokgewig champion, Miesha Tate, the main event. Although the disappointment disposal Jones was obvious when talking to fans, adding Silva has certainly made before that to an extent. And with the return of WWE superstar and former heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, UFC 200 is set to break all records.Â

It’s hard to pick a fight of the main card to discuss such they are all worthy main event. Kicking off the pay-per-view, we have the former heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, faces six-foot-seven Hawaiian Travis Browne. Velasquez know a win here is necessary to prevent it from further decline in the rankings. He will look to Brown crowd and to not achieve some benefit. Browne has proved devastating kicks and elbows means against the fence, which stopped two top heavyweights. If he can get the job done, it will undoubtedly be its biggest win.Â

Velasquez is a victory for his fallen stop rankings (Josh Hedges / Zuffa LLC)

Next Up we have herontmoeting between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar, who is destined to be a barnburner. The five round war that was their first encounter saw Aldo gets the early lead with faster hands and elusive takedown defense. Edgar’s persistence is starting to pay off as the fight progressed, but he could not mount enough of an offensive to take the title. Now McGregor is the champion in spring weighty title, this battle will not only determine the new interim champion, but the next title challenger.Â

Aldo will hope to get a herontmoeting with McGregor by beating Edgar (Josh hedges / Zuffa LLC)

Moving the card, Daniel Cormier will set aside his disappointment over the withdrawal of Jones, and take on his new opponent – the great Anderson Silva. It would be necessary for Cormier on to close the fixed distance against Jones, and the same wedstryd plan is here are applicable against Silva. Possibly the greatest fighter ever to step into the Octagon, Silva makes the striking set its own. With a varied selection of weapons and fight IQ for someone smart, he is a serious threat to anyone he faces.Â

I expect Cormier to quickly and cruelly, without beginning and Silva hope on the farm back immediately. Cormier will be the largest and probably the most skilled wrestler who has faced Silva. It is also only three rounds instead of the planned five, as Cormier will be no need to pace himself. After an emotional roller coaster of a week, Cormier is ready to end the fight begin no doubt.

Although it is not against the man he really wants to face, will do wonders victory on the legendary Anderson Silva for his legacy.Â

Silva has flown so a late replacement for Jones (Getty)

the next fight of the night will feature two of the greatest men on the grid, both are large and fame. The “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt is a mainstay in the heavyweight division and a hard-hitting kickboxer with a wealth of experience in combat sports. He will face the former UFC champion, Brock Lesnar, who returns to the league after a five-year hiatus. He towers over the hunt for the face-off, and wrestling credentials to his massive frame in poor fashion. use

the only thing that always seems to even the playing field all is the supernatural power of the hunt. he must takedown defense to make its priority in the first round, because if he caught underneath Lesnar, it will be a short and painful night. it is an impressive sight when brock is in the Octagon, but nothing would be more impressive than when Hunt succeed his famous expires knockout country. he has promised to “punch face off” Lesnar, and he certainly has the ability to do this. the question is, he can remain on his feet long enough for it to land?

The kingpin of this historic UFC event, Miesha Tate will make her first title defense against tough Brazilian, Amanda Nunes. There is no doubt that these women kapokgewig department is to create more competitive. Holm since the title of a long-defending champion Ronda Rousey claim, and Tate choke Holm and stole her thunder, yet been a contender forward. Nunes is fierce. Nickname “Lion”, her aggressive style is what defines the rounded athlete.Â

Tate holds the title to choking Holma unconscious (AP)

Jim Caldwell says theres not officiating bias against Detroit Lions

Posted in Trending Topics on 15th December 2015

Jim Caldwell says theres not officiating bias against Detroit Lions

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ALLEN PARK – If you look at an NFL game, the number of available camera angles and slow-motion technology really show how many calls blown weekly. But requires a lot of Detroit Lions fans and they will tell you no one on the wrong side of bad calls over their team.

Tight end Eric Ebron dumped gas on that fire following Detroit’s 21-14 loss to the St. Louis Rams, when he railed against the officials did not notice that he believed pass interference in the final minutes of the match are.

“Man, we have not entangled our feet. He followed me,” has Ebron. “It is what it is. They may say we entwined our feet. I think it was pass interference.

” If it had not been for us versus someone else, it would damn PI. As this was for us, it’s nothing. “

Coach Jim Caldwell, who said in the past he encourages his players to be openhartig and speak their minds, has nothing to say about Ebron the ridge.

” I’m not comment on his remarks, “is Caldwell.

When asked if he felt there were times when he felt his team have the benefit of the doubt, Caldwell’s answer was short and sweet.

The Lions are on the wrong side of some undoubtedly poor recall of the season. Against the Rams running back Theo Riddick hit with a cap block, despite replays which the defender was not engaged with another blocker when running went back layer.

Last week was the only reason why the Packers have a shot at winning the game Hail Mary, for defensive end Devin Taylor hit call a highly questionable mask with no time remaining.

Of course there were the missed illegal bat in Seattle that should have given the ball back to Detroit in the final minutes against the Seahawks.

“I was not here for the past thousands of years with this team,” has Ebron. “I’ve been here two years, and I’ve seen it (the officials) in two years, it’s just the way we set up in Detroit, man ..”

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Carolina Panthers goal? Ryan Kalil says it isnt finishing 16-0

Posted in Trending Topics on 8th December 2015

Carolina Panthers goal? Ryan Kalil says it isnt finishing 16-0

Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil said the home-field advantage is the main performance

Two games against Atlanta coming in a 15-day stretch, but the Panthers control their destiny

Carolina clinch the division early, the Panthers will face difficult decisions about resting players

The Carolina Panthers can chase history as potentially the third NFL team to finish the regular season undefeated.

But one of their veteran players say they are most interested in hunting is the top seed in the NFC.

“The 16-0 thing is not important to this team so much for this first generation,” center Ryan Kalil have after the Panthers’ 41-38 victory against the Saints. ” I think the home field advantage is a big deal for us and that’s what we work for, and not the 16-0. For that No. 1 seed, which is the (target). “

The Panthers (12-0) has a two-game lead over Arizona (2/10) for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with four games left. Two of them against the Hawks fade (6-6), which six of seven games has fallen since a 5-0 start.

The Panthers will face Atlanta twice in a 15-day-piece begins Sunday in Charlotte.

“We have four games so the ball in our court. We really control our destiny, “Kalil said.” So it’s a matter of us winning the next four games. The best way to do this is to start with this one (against) Atlanta. It’s a good football team. “

He has already clinch NFC South for the third consecutive year, the Panthers can be under the guidance of some tough decisions on the shelves. When they tighten the No. 1 seed in two weeks, will Ron Rivera has to decide if she starts to rest to ensure their health for the playoffs or chase history, maintaining momentum entering January

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