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Sergey Kovalev says Andre Wards points win was wrong decision

Posted in Trending Topics on 21st November 2016

Sergey Kovalev says Andre Wards points win was wrong decision

The Russian called for a rematch immediately after losing his IBF, WBA Super and WBO world titles to a close points decision at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Kovalev put Ward on the floor in the second round only to lose 114-113 on all three judges’ scorecards

“It is the wrong decision,” Kovalev said.

“I do not want to say my opinion, so the people are the witnesses are here and everybody saw what happened.

“I made the best shape for this fight since I was 11 years old. It was the [biggest] fight of all my life and really I am disappointed with the judges decision.

“He got a few rounds. I am agreeing with that, it is not the full fight and controlled all the rounds. I lost maybe three rounds in all the fight.

“Of course I want a rematch. And I will kick his a***. I just wanted to show boxing I am good boxer and fight rounds – not small rounds.”

Kovalev was making his third appearance in Las Vegas in comparison to the winner, Ward, who was making his debut.

‘Krusher’ admitted he had no problem with the crowed backing the unbeaten Californian but made the point that judges, Burt A Clements, Glenn Trowbridge and John McKaie, are also American.

“I am the guest here in the USA… he’s a local and all the judges were from the USA,” he said.

“I agree they support a boxer but be honest, this is a sport – do not make it politics. I won this fight and everybody agreed.”

Ward, who suffered a knockdown for the first time in 11 years, refused to discuss a rematch, saying he would never make a decision like that so soon after a fight.

The Californian did pay credit to Kovalev but believes the unanimous decision was the correct outcome.

“I have been a champion and was a champion before I came in here and I knew it was going to be a tough fight,” he said.

“You never anticipate getting dropped; that was the first time in my career getting dropped but I was pleased with myself they way I responded.

“He did everything that I expected him too, including fade a little bit. He started to slow up. He never quit but he started to slow.

Demian Maia beats Condit in UFC Fight Night main event in Vancouver

Posted in Trending Topics on 29th August 2016

Demian Maia beats Condit in UFC Fight Night main event in Vancouver

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Demian Maia, right, Brazil, celebrate after defeating Carlos Condit, of Albuquerque, NM, in a welterweight bout at a UFC Fight Night event in Vancouver on Saturday, August 27, 2016.

Vancouver â ???? Demian Maia supported his calls for a welterweight title shot with an early submission victory over Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC Fight Night at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Saturday.

Maia, in third place in the division, said earlier this week said a win over Condit he has to queue for a titelgeveg. And, at the age of 38, he may later wish to receive in the year after compel Condit to tap out at 3:08 of the opening round -. An abrupt end to the UFC fourth stop in Vancouver in six years

Maia made quick work of the fight, which was scheduled for five rounds in front of a crowd of 10 533 fans. He has in tears in the middle of the octagon, when it was over. Now he will wait for word on when a potential titelgeveg can take place.

Maia said during a post-fight interview that if the UFC gives Stephen Thompson, the No. 2 position fighter in the welterweight division, shot the next title, he wants his chance right then.

???? eK ???? m very grateful for everything I ???? five accomplished in my life and very thankful for my family, a ???? said Maia, who has won six consecutive fights. â ???? My life is complete though. The title shot, which will be something else, something incredible as it happens.â ????

Tyron Woodley currently holds the welterweight championship.

Tom Wright, executive vice president and general manager for UFC Canada, Australia and New Zealand, has Maiaâ ???? Performance ???? Dominanta ???? but said a decision about a possible title fight Maia is not made.

Saturdayâ ???? the battle for the last Condit may have been in his career.

There is speculation about condita ???? the future in the UFC, and he strongly recommended after his defeat to Porto that his days as a fighter are over. He stood just less than a confirmation of his retirement, says he hopes the defeat will not ???? t be â ???? Swan song.â ????

He said HEA ???? ll talk to his management and his wife and make a decision after it. But he said a possible retirement was ???? in the back of my mind for a while.â ????

???? I donâ ???? t know if I fight business at this level is not. I ???? five were in this for a very long time, a ???? Condit said. â ???? Ita ???? has been great. I ???? Five … have to do what I like for a living for a very long time, but I donâ ???? t know … if I here.A belongs ????

Saturdayâ ???? “Fight card recommended 10 events, including four on the main card.

Charles Oliveira, through a translator, predicted earlier this week after a workout rescue his hand would be raised in victory over Anthony Pettis who entered their featherweight bout with three defeats in a row.

Instead, Oliveira use to tap out his hand in a loss to Pettis in the third round.

After the fall of the lightweight division (155 pounds) for the spring weighty division (145 pounds), Pettis avoid possible entry at least three times against Oliveira continued as their struggle. Pettis, who win with a knockout in the first round geflankeer, was able to Oliveira role in a guillotine choke, forcing his opponent finish the fight 3:11 of the third round.

A ??? ? I have two losing my whole career and then three (losses) back-to-back kids, I do some self-examination, to find out what drives me, â ???? Pettis said.

After taking time away from the Octagon on Dancing with the Stars to appear, Paige VanZant returned to the UFC with a second round knockout over Australiaâ ???? s Bec Rawlings.

VanZant, who last fought on December 10, 2015 when they lost by submission in the fifth round, was able to kick the ground at the head of Rawlings, driving her opponent to the ground. VanZant continued stopped a series of thrust for the fight.

Jim Miller’s main card with a split-decision victory over Joe Lauzon in the highly anticipated herontmoeting between the two lightweight fighters after their bloody, gruesome fights from UFC 155 four years ago.

Miller, Lauzon defeated in 2012, was able to land a devastating series of combinations in the second round, landing 97 total strikes against the end of the fight.

But he pays a price, with a few strokes on his face and forehead post-fight. He was a few seconds away from possibly losing by submission to the end of the third and final round, Lauzon can be closed in an armbar takedown in the final breath of the battle just to have was consumed time.

???? I just got this. I feel incredibly confident at the end of the fight. I knew it was close, but I thought I had rounds two and three for sure, especially with my take downs and my strikes landed, â ???? Lauzon said in a post-fight interview.

Jeremy Kennedy of Surrey, BC, the victory was won in his UFC debut, earned the victory by unanimous decision over Alessandro Ricci of Woodbridge, Ont., In a lightweight battle.

song â ???? JBCâ ???? echo throughout the arena, the 23-year-old Kennedy, who in the spring weighty division for this event has been moved, was able to fight against the 34-year-old Ricci control for all three rounds as he reached his dream of fighting in the UFC in the first phase group of the day.

Initially, Kennedy had Josh Emmett fight in Vancouver. Emmett is removed from the map as a result of an injury. Ricci replaces him with only a weeka ???? the notification.

???? Going up a weight class, I kind of expected to grind, around the implementation of a heavier body and take more shots. But it’s the way I wanted. I raised my hand. I feel I won every round and thatâ ???? is the way we planned it, â ???? said Kennedy, who he admits was nervous for battle.

???? There was a lot more people there than I expected. It was a little hard there, that’s cool. I built it in my head, anyway, so I was ready for it when it came.â ????

Kennedy battle with a professional record of 8-0-0 Battlefield Fight League, competing in the spring weighty department. He went to the lightweight division for Saturdayâ ???? the matter, but admitted afterwards he now feels more comfortable fighting at 145 pounds instead of 155.

???? I donâ ?? ?? t know what the UFC in the store, but I ???? Mon (spring weighty). Thatâ ???? my weight class, a ???? Kennedy said.

???? to have been given only doesn at the highest level, and the disadvantage of size ???? t make my feelings. I am young. Eventually I ???? will be (155 pounds), but now I ???? m a (spring weighty). I think thatâ ???? is the plan.â ????

From plumber to MMA superstar: The evolution of Conor McGregor

Posted in Trending Topics on 22nd August 2016

From plumber to MMA superstar: The evolution of Conor McGregor

McGregor is every centimeter of his â ???? Notoriousâ ???? nickname. The fast-talking, fast punching Irishman has the UFC as a storm of bravado that enthusiastic crowds on both sides of the Atlantic. He is one of the most talked about athletes of his generation. Chances are, if you do not ???? t seen him fight, youâ ???? heard the stories. The measure of his personality is such that even the lives of those interested to penetrate the work of his hands.

Some see it as a step sound bite, a showman which became a crossover star. But the evolution of Conor McGregor has been much more complex. Before Instagrammed Rolls Royces and adjust the size David August before making the first MMA fighter to Forbesa ???? list of top 100 highest paid athletes, McGregor whirlwind began as a whisper.

McGregor grew up in the South Dublin area of ​​Crumlin surrounded by a family of Manchester United fans. Young Conor was returning home from his Gaelic language school football in the street and dream of pleasing crowds did not play in the octagon, but on the pitch.

When he turned his football kit, he was sent to box, workout at local Crumlin Boxing Club along distinguished professional fighters. Here McGregor sweetened the devastating striking ability that saw him win 17 of his 19 fights to date by knockout, before going into MMA as a teenager. He says he has a ???? once a factory forums ???? Novices, developed into an A ???? addiction.â ????

But fighting wasnâ ???? t seen as a credible life McGregor, despite career rarely beat in his blue -collar neighborhood. Instead, he has an apprentice plumber in his late teens, a more suitable career for a modest man from Crumlin, but not for Conor McGregor

Read more:. A McGregor and Rousey has suffered at the hands of UFC? â ???? I spent a year and that only wasnâ ???? t for me, you know. Ita ???? s either all or nothing in this match. If youâ ???? again not training twice a day if youâ ???? re not youâ ???? dedicated re nowhere, â ???? McGregor said in an early interview.

???? I felt that I had enough talent, enough dedication and enough love for the sport’s time to pack up my job and take me dream.â was? ???

Thatâ ???? who has McGregor, Novices makes his work in 2008, under the leadership of the Irish martial arts pioneer John Kavanagh. Although she pushes has become stronger, it wasnâ ???? t long before its dependence on notable is exploited.

McGregor ???? The third pro outing, he was confronted Russian Artemi Sitenkov in Dublin. He was beaten in the first round by kneebar submission.

???? He considers himself a star. He was undefeated until my fight, â ???? Sitenkov recently to

???? Although I donâ ???? t think that he has made such a big star like the UFC him. HEA ???? s talk a good fight, hea ???? is Irish, and Americans and Irish because about 10 million Americans have Irish roots.

???? [After the game] He began to cry. Kavanagh over and comforted him.â ????

The lesson Sitenkov was hard but, despite the setback, a dreamy McGregor marched in pursuit of his goal. To become world champion

???? eK ???? ma professional MMA fighter with a record of 4 and 1. eK ???? m an up and coming fighter and no doubt you will see me in the UFC in the near future, a ???? McGregor said his words without poison, his vision skull without the brash hairstyles and know without a beard disguises preened a pock marked complexion.

He won his next two fights by knockout. Although his words were firm, but a year later McGregor beaten by his compatriot Joseph Duffy. Again by submission. Weather in Round 1. This time his opponent needs only 38 seconds to win.

Since that night, McGregor have gone on to win 15 of 16 fights seal, fulfilling his dream of becoming world champion by knocking spring weighty title king Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, garnering a fan base and a multi – million-dollar fortune along the way.

But the cars and money, however, belongs ???? t fool you. The A ???? Mac lifeâ ???? which is not very energetic around McGregor ???? t dilute his proud nature; He’s still the same humble son of Crumlin. HEA ???? s remained loyal to his long-term girlfriend, and he has his parentsâ paid off ???? mortgage after his victory against Aldo.

Those who support him during his entrance is anything to McGregor, not the material things that came.

In his loss to American Nate Diaz, McGregor was undone on the ground. Diaz, a black belt in Jiu Jitsu under famed coach Cesar Gracie, authorized post-fight he wasnâ ???? t surprised by his victory. Was his words more than an off-the-cuff comment on adrenaline? Or has he studied McGregor ???? previous defeats and seen a weakness

Everything leads to the question: Will they herontmoeting Saturday will repeat or redemption? Will it be a repeat of McGregor ???? With three defeats by submission? Or will the former apprentice plumber who embarrassed if he wanted to confess to the top of his game loose themselves and contribute to the life of the â ???? Mac Life? Â ????

Canelo vs. Khan fight video: Live online stream of undercard fights

Posted in Trending Topics on 8th May 2016

Canelo vs. Khan fight video: Live online stream of undercard fights

In a post-post-Mayweather and Pacquiao world, boxing’s biggest star is undoubtedly Mexico Saul “rumo” Alvarez (46-1-1, 32 uitklophoue). The defensive WBC middleweight champion will make his first defense of the belt tonight on HBO PPV against England’s Amir Khan (31-3, 19 uitklophoue). As was the case for the last rumo fight, this fight will be contested at a 155 pound catch weight

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Included here (at the top of the page), the non-televised undercard fights are taking place for the 21:00 ET PPV telecast begins. The live stream free on YouTube. The undercard fights began at 19:00 ET tonight, Saturday, May 7th, the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fighter on the undercard is Diego De La Hoya, who is the nephew of the great Oscar De La Hoya. He is 21 years old and one of the more exciting prospects in the lower weight divisions. Ireland Jason Quigley, part of Oscar’s Golden Boy Promotions stable, will put his unbeaten record on the line against James De la Rosa

Here is the full undercard fight card.

Canelo vs. Cotto 2015: Prediction, Latest Betting Odds And What To Expect In …

Posted in Trending Topics on 22nd November 2015

Canelo vs. Cotto 2015: Prediction, Latest Betting Odds And What To Expect In ...

Only Floyd Mayweather against Manny Pacquiao has more hype this year Saturday fight between Miguel Cotto and rumo Alvarez. While the mega-fight from May 2 was considered a dull disappointment throughout comfortable fans, the next agent weighty title may struggle ended up as one of the most exciting fights of 2015.

Because of Mayweather’s style and defensive bravery, fans never had much of a chance of the best boxers of their generation did go blow blow. But Saturday’s fight could be converted into a slugfest, a consideration of the styles of Alvarez and Cotto.

There was not a dull moment in Alvarez’s last fight, when he and James Kirkland traded punches for less than three full rounds until the latter have been correct. Alvarez won his last three fights, two victories to get through the early termination.

Cotto may not have as much power as Alvarez, but he has won his last three fights by knockout. Cotto final opponent, Daniel Geale, it does not get past the fourth round. He previously knocked out Sergio Martinez in the 10th round and Delvin Rodriguez in the third round.

Alvarez was a bigger favorite than Mayweather, but Saturday’s fight certainly harder to call. After the start of the week as favorite -300, Alvarez commitment likely to -260 on Cotto is a 200 underdog.

If Cotto pull off the upset, it may be an early-round knockout. His career has seen a revival since joining coach Freddie Roach, and he has the ability to fight every morning ends with his devastating left hook.

But Alvarez has never knock, and his size advantage could help him upright for the entire fight. Two centimeters longer with a 3.5-inch reach advantage Alvarez weighed heavier than £ 1.5 Cotto on Friday. He can more than £ 20 over the catch weight of £ 155 when he actually steps into the ring on Saturday night.

Alvarez is 10 years younger than the 35-year-old Cotto, and he will get the advantage of the longer the fight goes. If Alvarez can make it through the early rounds, he can Cotto wears off and score a late knockout.