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Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 8, No One, recap: was the Arya twist a let down? Plus seven other things we …

Posted in Trending Topics on 14th June 2016

Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 8, No One, recap: was the Arya twist a let down? Plus seven other things we ...

You were all the attention? Let’s hope so, because it was one of those “Thinky” hours on game Trone, where violence and tits takes a back (sort of) with character development and dialogue flowers. never ending story Arya’s Braavos while a vaguely satisfactory conclusion (I say vaguely). We also have a look into the soul Jaime Lannister and find out that was not quite his howl to previously calculated. A few other things happen as well, but at the time of writing we are too busy suffering slow-motion flashbacks to the mountain rip cord’s thinking boyfriend of his jaw over the rest of the episode too deep. Thanks to Game of Thrones to fill us with horror and at the same time deepening our understanding of basic anatomy. A

Look, no one is even slightly worried about whether the Little Assassin who could not go run away from her struggle with whyf. As one of unkillable characters show participation continued Stark princess was never involved (game Trone is hardly Arya will drag all the way to Essos only to finish her off in a silty channel). Yet her desperate flight over the city has beautifully staged (even if the proposed show-runners David Benioff and DB Weiss have all night to play Assassin’s Creed for writing the scene). At such moments make game of the throne of mega budget a real difference as crowded markets Braavos and slippery sypaaie gone evocatively to life.Â

What to make of the big show that Arya is the set of all along Jaqen H’ghar divest the beach right? She has passed her exams and was now officially “Nobody” (white applause and uncomfortable picture). But why has Jaqen smile as Arya replied that they are actually the daughter of Winterfell, hurry to go home? The House of Black and White’s cloak of mystery is deployed, again, as a cover for gaping plot holes.Â

“You’re s *** to die – you know,” The dog has last of the Brotherhood Without banners possession he tracked down to their murder Septon Ray. What followed was a recall to the early Game of Thrones when the series was in pain to impress us with its seriousness by filling the screen with syringe Jugulars and waggling lady bits. Not much of that, but many of the former Sander Clegane roar back from retirement and set to work with some luck ax. See lopping him to head straight from the shoulders was unfounded – but in a nostalgic, “I ca not believe that they can see that on telly” way. O young and innocent and they never convince slain nice Ned Stark. The actual meat reached the end, but Sandor reunited with immortal Beric Dondarrion and learned of the White Walkers massing the north.Â

Heavy Popular early in the season six teasers, Cersei’s “I choose violence” line ultimately an air. Yet “violence” has barely justice that followed then, faster than you can say “Franken-Berg,” the zombified Ser Gregor Clegane has stuck in the initiates sent Cersei drag before the High Sparrow. A skull is removed and a spinal cord left hanging in the King’s Landing hot air and you feel like Chris Evans after a few laps in a sports car. Was it significant that Ser Gregor’s antics at the scene where his brother, The Hound, are prowess A showed an ax came right? Maybe Game of Thrones has tried something profound about family and the often bloody bands bind.Â

Our moral gyro was in a flutter as common Jaime says revealed his cuddly side in a truly fascinating reunion with old road pal Brienne. It was a sweet scene played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau locate an ember of decency among callowness Jaime’s. Too bad the dialogue was not as sharp as the acting, but it was fun, while the number of rowing as an old couple, Jaime painfully break “We should not fight about politics.” This is what you get for educating Brexit, Brienne

The Mountain are to her, we have not really feared Cersei -. Even after compensating for Jaime Riverrun ways to sit on the blackfish. However, with King Tommen shock se prohibition of the sacred ritual of interrogation by a battle, Game of Thrones amazes us much the same way Ser Clegane surprised that the mental decline backbone.Â

It was an ecumenical matter very important for Cersei, which would be unsuitable denies the fighting skills of Ser Gregor in its upcoming hearing. Lena Headey is one of the most subtle artists the show (which shade is needed meat on a two-dimensional harpy as Cersei Lannister sit). The way to freeze her face as Tommen tracking drop was simply masterful. A a

Game of Thrones is often accused also quickly turns to spurting Jugulars and lopped limbs. At Riverrun proves the opposite is true than the big Lannister-Tully Smackdown we are all frail to testify is afgelas the last minute.Â

We did not even go off the blackfish fighting after valiant see brave Ser Edmure orders his men to lay down their arms. It keeps Scrooge feel the off-screen death as calculated nose essay by Benioff and Weiss. It’s almost as if they want to create for our hatred Game of Thrones something before we have all reasons to love again with the year’s final double-whammy of episodes.Â

After weeks of endless faffing about moreâ storyline beaten on fire. It was literally the case when Tyrion in the form of a fleet of frigates Masters unfit spit fireballs confronted by the spirits of the Battle of the Blackwater. How fun to watch Tyrion completely flummoxed – his silver tongue and quick mind of little use in ominous exotic Essos.Â

Unfortunately, the excitement almost as soon as it was conjured be spoiled. Just as the Mother of Dragons ran into Tyrion’s pyramid HQ carries the slightly apologetic expression of someone who has announced that they pop to the shops, but ended up on a three-day bender instead.Â

It was a disappointing Daenerys time – almost, but not quite as stupid as something a few episodes back where gedraf to a turn and returned astride a huge, belching dragon. They have more titles like Real Madrid, but we can not for a late addendum, “Mother of implausible inputs?”

Stanley Cup Final 2016: Penguins vs. Sharks TV Schedule, Odds, Game 3 Prediction

Posted in Trending Topics on 3rd June 2016

Stanley Cup Final 2016: Penguins vs. Sharks TV Schedule, Odds, Game 3 Prediction

Conor Sheary deliver the game-winner for the player to get a wrist shot over the glove of Martin Jones, as you can see below courtesy of NHL on NBC:

Game. Winner. #StanleyCup

Matt Murray played another brilliant game for the player between the pipes. Murray, who only 22 years old, stopped 21 of 22 shots. The only goal he was given a shot by Justin Braun late in the third period. Braun has the back of the net through a sea of ​​bodies and looted the past Murray at the near side.

The Penguins’ HBK line of Carl Hagelin, Nick Bonino and Phil Kessel remained the sad children are the penguins. Kessel buried the team’s first goal. Hagelin and Bonino each one assists, and Bonino also blocked four shots. He has to get the go-ahead goal in Game 1.

Now the series shifts to San Jose, where the Sharks will get their hands full back in the series. The puck drops in Game 3 at 20:00 ET Saturday. You can catch the game on NBC Sports Network.

on the way to the series, the chance Shark is Pittsburgh has a minus-120 favorite in the series. With a 2-0 series lead, the chances seem good. However, as the home team in Game 3 San Jose is the favorite at -140, per Odds Shark. If you think Pittsburgh could be a stranglehold on the series, you can get them at + 127.Â

With the data out of the way, let some predictions for Game 3, shall we?

HBKÂ brings more Sweet Chin Music

Just like Shawn Michaels, former WWE Superstar’s namesake line of HBK line opposition to edit this postseason. NHL Public Relations has more on the dominance of this line in the playoffs:

The @penguins HBK Line now combined to 19-31-50 (20 GP) in #StanleyCup Playoffs (Hagelin: 5- 9-14, Bonino: 4-13-17, Kessel: 10-9-19)

Look for that to continue in a game 3 as the relentlessness of Hagelin, Bonino and Kessel will leads to a different purpose in the rear of the net.

Sharks get on the Council

Despite the penguins forth in waves to come, the Sharks back on track in Game 3. get the Sharks looked like a different team in the third period Game 2, hit the penguins and keep pucks in the offensive zone.

The Haaitenk endorse them, will keep the Sharks should at SAP Center and pulls. A match in the series

Prediction: Sharks win 3-2

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BDLs 2015-16 NBA Playoff Previews: Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat

Posted in Trending Topics on 3rd May 2016

BDLs 2015-16 NBA Playoff Previews: Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat

how they managed here

A ?? ¢ Toronto:. By not making it easy

like they wanted to beat us bad punchline, Toronto dropped a home game first afternoon show for the third postseason in a row. The team has just peeled off a franchise-record 56 wins, and no NBA team plays more home Matinee weekend if these same Raptors, but none of these seem to matter once the klieg light hit.

The group managed to get two games on the road in Indianapolis, but almost squandered Game 7 at home – so that a thin Pacer team deciding game makes a one-possession game in the final minute. Although coach Dwane Casey rotund first rotation with a lot of potential, it depends on tired left “us against the world, boys’ -motivation techniques despite the start of the series with a No. 2 seed in the face of a team that are needed to make the final weekend of the regular season to the playoffs

A ?? ¢ Miami. by, well, do not make it easy

Heat outscored winning the Charlotte Hornets with 62 points in Miami’s seven-game – 62 points, and they have three games

Unlike the scattershot Toronto / Indiana series, but the heat was not just stubbing their toes on the way to the conference semifinals!. The team rarely has the ball on that to remain far above the fray when challenged (even while losses), and coach Erik Spoelstra agile management rotations on the fly. Amar’e Stoudemire is no longer in the picture -. Let’s put it

In what may have been in many ways most entertaining opening of the NBA’s round series (Heaven help us all), the heat swallow Charlotte 4-3 behind a monstrous and well-inspired game 7 lost. In a strange strengthen a mediocre offensive year, five Heat players average double-digit points in the series even sitting with Chris Bosh on the bench. Luol Deng is out of nowhere to hit 20 of his 39 three-point efforts, Dwyane Wade somehow sealed Game 6 victory with his first (and second!) Three-pointers since December and Heat mainstay Udonis Haslem actually played 27 in the series – again, that allows us to describe him as a

this all comes on the heels of a regular season that the team wins 48 games, with Wade plays sound and consistent basketball next to the “mainstay . ” . Emerging in first-talented center Hassan Whiteside and point guard Goran Dragic

head to head. Toronto has the season series by a 3-1 margin

only victory Miami’s likely to be sloughed off due to the presence of Christopher Wesson Bosh.

Bosh, who sadly out since the second week in February as a result of blood clots, scored 23 points wins only 14 shots in a November 8, declining to please the ball while pulling in eight rebounds in just 30 minutes. That kind of all-out game, alas, alas not shown in the conference semifinals, then Bosh not even have accompanied the heat to Toronto for Game 1. In NBA still mourning the absence of Stephen Curry, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin the loss of the brilliant, amusing and avuncular madness remains the league’s most under-reported story.

of that early setback, the raptors have been managing affairs.

Outline players Demar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry and Terrence Ross combined for 68 points in a 108-94 victory on December 18, the camp on the second night of a back-to-back. . With Heat Dragic and Whiteside started out, Toronto moving at 20 on January 22, and Wade from the Raptors by eight prevailed on March 12

Probably Initial Span Keuses:

Toronto to credit for the mixing of things.

Big forward Luis Scola remain a team favorite and clear leader, but after starting in all 76 regular season games he appeared in, and the first four games of Toronto opening round series against Indiana, former Supersub Patrick Patterson the call was like lead power forward. This followed Norman Powell’s relegation from the leading five in favor of the improvement (after Midseason knee surgery) Demarre Carroll reintroduction as a starter in Game 2.

Patterson’s statistical contributions humble, he has added 23 points and eight rebounds in total as a starter, working around 25 minutes a game, but a well-known ability to then extends its reach to the three-point line held the pacers stump. Carroll walkie talkie work was more prominent; He tied for the lead Raptor points in Game 6 with 15 and three times in double figures with his brilliant defense.

They will join Toronto All-Star backcourt of DeRozan and Lowry, with center Jonas Valančiūnas jump at center circle.

Miami tops that go with the occupation, we looking forward to it for months, minus the much-missed Chris Bosh.

D-Wade and Goran Dragic starting in the backcourt, with Midseason addition Joe Johnson works as a small forward along the slender Luol Deng at power forward. Hassan Whiteside manned the means for Miami. Whiteside has been used as a sixth man sometimes on the stretch of the regular season, but he has worked as a starter since April 10

watch Matchups.

A ?? ¢ Demar DeRozan against Himself

The Raptors shoot to wait on average 33.7 points on 51 percent shooting in three victories over Miami this season, shooting 51 percent along the way, and adds five assist and nearly seven rebounds per game. In Toronto a defeat against the heat, he missed nine of 14 shots and finished with 15 points, eight below his season average to convert six.

Against Indiana, DeRozan hit 31 percent of his shots, having scored 19.7 shots after his 17.9 points per game. He contributed a combined 6.2 rebounds / game help. He was not a good

It’s really this simple

Demar ca not expect the portion of his recordings wait counterpart tree – .. Future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade – in his first but he can approach things. The two share a love to get to the free throw line and the treatment of the three-point line if it was something created for those cups in the ABA. With Wade’s head constantly turned elsewhere defense, look at the ball when he still must DeRozan countless opportunities to cut and buckle, creating scoring or passing Opportunities on the fly.

If he is unable to move with enthusiasm and offense bog down, things will go sour again.

A ?? ¢ Luol Deng against the little guys

The skinniest power forward left in the playoffs (depending on what you are observing the position of the far-less-enjoyable Al-Farouq Aminu be se) wo unhampered by firecrackers in this round.

Hornets (final) starting power forward Frank Kaminsky is not exactly pull Elvin Hayes move on Deng in the first round, but at least there was the threat that Luol will be forced to fight with 7-foot and crash the glass. Vs. Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey even dust off Luis Scola (which have not played since Game 4 against Indiana), Deng woe not charge repel traditional power forward types. The competition has changed.

Deng should be to eliminate a long list of Raptor swingmen who literally and figuratively will look at the 12-year veteran. Rookie Norman Powell will hunt Deng from his sweet spots, Demar DeRozan and Demarre Carroll will have a go, while starting power forward Patrick Patterson (which at least one centimeter shorter) can hang.

What they can do is to play to create a quick hit with which a stripe Deng to cut its way in the direction of freedom and the front of the rim, with the aid of his fraud, length and touch Miami’s advantage to in a way which is much more creative than to ask him to stand in the corner and hit 20-39 three-pointers again.

Now, as Deng would make nearly half of his three-pointers again as he did against Charlotte, the heat will certainly take it.

A ?? ¢ Jonas Valančiūnas against the front of the rim

Some 13 points and nearly 12 rebounds in only 26 minutes of a game, a good distance for a center in this era. Especially going against a (admittedly, pain) Ian Mahinmi. The Raptors center even led the playoff ledge there recovering for a while, and are decorated reserve (Bismack Biyombo) was not far behind -. He finished the series with Raptors 9.4 caroms per game, tops among playoff reserves

What follows will be a completely different challenge. Mahinmi’s floor-bound, using timing and able to make your throw your rhythm and beat you to a place. Miami started center Hassan Whiteside is hyperactive – a wrinkled brow will send him into the air, ready to take your shot rejected by a swinging elbow

Whiteside has the NBA with 3.7 blocks per game and more ridiculous block rate of almost 10 percent, and he is far from the dirty tendency bruiser you expect him to be. The man can change games.

For example, Jonah learned as the pacers during parts of the first round, when Raptor guards constantly looking for him while he was teaching his way to the muscular basketball hoop at a screen and roll. If Whiteside is able to challenge and recover, though, Valanciunas may have to pump fake his way into oblivion

How could win the Raptors.

This equates to health, and it’s hard to have a positive outlook on this area.

Yes, Demar DeRozan corresponding Kyle Lowry’s 31 percent shooting in the first round without the pretense of simply being a working poor, but his work can always return to the mean. With Lowry, the use of a sore right injury, you do not get the same feeling. It is to his credit that he burned things out so long, and while an injury not wee in the way of hounding him Goran Dragic (despite waiting Pacer George Hill trigger for a 8-11 shooting night in Game 7 Sunday) the poor shooting was unsustainable.

The Raptors really need Lowry to be a force, acceleration backpedaling defense in transition and save broken play. The painful elbow is no excuse to blur his left foot on long jumpers. If his goal is not true or, even worse, as his self-confidence is (understandably) shot through the buttocks elbow, raptors toast.

What would be a damn shame.

How could win the Heat:

the heat, despite the veteran stereotype is a slippery presence. Whiteside change things. Wade is not just a fluke-y late-game contributions, and Joe Johnson is the king of making something more efficient from broken play. If someone is going to get a call from a row Demar DeRozan, it’s Udonis Haslem, and trust Dragic’s ca not help grow after two weeks spent channeling Kemba Walker in relief.

It’s a no 3 seed, and we are not overreact to Toronto underwhelming Game 7 victory and turn Miami’s dominant in his own game 7 conquest. If all these giant basketball brains move the ball and do not fall trying big shots, it’s a strong suit

completely subjective Entertainment Ranking: .. Nine of the 10

The combined mixture Toronto-level paranoia, the potential revenue from DeRozan, and the growing possibility of Deng / Dragic / Whiteside / Wade / Johnson capacity to play a string is much to force to retrieve.

The games start at a reasonable time, which help

Outlook:. Miami 6.

Five takeaways from the Clippers 96-88 loss to Portland

Posted in Trending Topics on 25th April 2016

Five takeaways from the Clippers 96-88 loss to Portland

a playoff game that was taking them for attacks in the Clippersâ ???? grab. Does this sound familiar? They point Saturday night felt at the Moda Center repeating a song on. They lose, 96-88, the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 3 of their first-round playoff series. Here are five takeaways from a match that trimmed the Clippersâ ???? lead in the best-of-seven series to 2-1

1. Night belongs to the Trail Blazers. They have all the dramas on the gameâ ???? final 3:52 to Jamal Crawfordâ ???? The three-point play, the Clippers took a 85-81 lead. Portland outscored the Clippers 15-3 the rest of the way, thanks to a few gravel from Maurice Harkless, of all people, on a putback wet and large C.J. McCollum three-pointer. The Clippersâ ???? Blake Griffin trying to get a bad timed three-pointer that missed predictable, and Chris Paul airballed his own uncontested three-pointer. It wasnâ ???? t collapse on par with the Clippersâ ???? A Game 5 against Oklahoma City in 2014 of Game 6 against Houston in 2015, but it certainly seems to be a potential turning point in a series in Game 4 significantly tougher road on Monday. â ???? When the wentyd, they play a better, â ???? Paul said. â ???? The coaches always say itâ ???? SA make-miss league, but at the end of the day you should give yourself a chance, which means you have to execute.â ???? give

2. Griffin looks like someone more than three months. She jumper was off again, and he’s out of rhythm. He has only five of 16 shots and has a turnover in the final minutes during a possession when the Clippers dogged by just three points. â ???? I ???? ve got better at the end of the contest in order to win for us, â ???? Griffin said. â ???? I take that man. Ita ???? s on me.â ???? The Clippers have released their first seven games with Griffin since returning from a 45-game absence, but coach Doc Rivers said had an uneven performance to wait. â ???? He just has a difficult night, a ???? Riviere said. â ???? You donâ ???? t miss three months of the basketball and just keep coming back and big. Ensures ???? engage nights HEA ???? contract likely to be struggling in this run, and as I said before the playoffs, make sure ???? is nothing we can do about it. I ???? m happy to have him back.â ????

3. The Clippers out-climb reworked. The Trail Blazers were the one who seized most of the loose balls and played with the additional oemf of a team that was worried about the threat of extinction. â ???? She pushed and we didnâ ???? t really pushes back, â ???? Griffin said. â ???? You have to be the team that initiating. You Kana ???? t is the team that responds to it. They have everything, I felt like they wanted do.â ????

4. Mason Plumlee better than Deandre Jordan? Yes indeed. Plumlee had 21 rebounds, nine assists and six points and had not missed five of six free throws over the final four minutes, then Jordan have partially sealed in the Clippersâ ???? lot. â ???? Plumleeâ ???? a good, athletic big that help his team from a very, â ???? Jordan said after seven of 10 free throws and finished with 16 rebounds and 11 points. â ???? Much bounce to him. He has a lot of them, but this game is over. WEA ???? re looking forward to [Game] 4.A ????

5. Nothing comes easy for the Clippers in the playoffs. They never have a series of three games to none not less swept a series in 17 attempts. Now it seems that a series that could have been properly exclude them in a relatively easy fashion could go six or seven games, unless they regroup quickly. â ???? We really donâ ???? t want to go into this long playoff series, â ???? Clippers shoot waiting J.J. Redick said. â ???? Anything can happen as we demonstrated last year against Houston. If you get a team down and we have a four-point Leada against a team we’ve had 2-0. We have a great chance to go 3-0 on Monday WEA ???? will have an opportunity to go 3-1.â ???? Paul says a ???? Game 4 is a great game for us. It was, but we must allow it go. But we really need to get game 4.A ????

Twitter: @latbbolch

a playoff game that was taking them to the mat grasping case the Clippers. Does this sound familiar? They point Saturday night felt at the Moda Center repeating a song on. They lose, 96-88, the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 3 of their first-round playoff series. Here are five takeaways from …

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers has a few words with referee Scott Foster in the first quarter of Game 3 of the Western Conference first round playoff on Saturday.Â

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers has a few words with referee Scott Foster in the first quarter of Game 3 of the Western Conference first round playoff on Saturday.Â

Portland Trail Blazers’ a Damian Lillard (0) sitting in a shot past Clippers’ Deandre Jordan (6) in the first quarter of Game 3 of the Western Conference first round playoff Saturday.

Thunder Bouncing Back, Working On What It Can Control

Posted in Trending Topics on 20th April 2016

Thunder Bouncing Back, Working On What It Can Control

The Thunder shooting woes Monday night was obvious. This is what stood out on the stat sheet by a large margin

But shooting is a difficult thing -. Sometimes there is a lack of control that can have each team when flying shots. Just ask the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the first-round series, and you will have a similar response to that of thunder since Game 2’s heartbreaking 85-84 defeat that leaves the data series tied 1-1.

If the thunder comes back to practice on Tuesday, they do not spend an inordinate amount of time on his shooting. Instead, head coach Billy Donovan has his team focused on his defense and offensive execution.

“We ca not lose sight or focus on the things we can control in an effort to make improvements,” says Donovan.

which would be less likely been lying on the stat sheet Monday that Dallas recorded on eight of its last 13 possessions in the game – a number not in the previous three-plus quarters of the game have gained, or in game 1. While most of the night the thunder defense was sharp, and Dallas shot just 5-for-19 from three-point range, there were moments in the play where Donovan believes his team can have done a better job.

The fact remains that if Kevin Durant going 8-for-33 instead of 7-by-33 or go to the free throw line more than five times, the thunder may be up 2-0 in this series. On Tuesday, Durant said Dallas was as physically been with him as other teams, but he for his spots on the floor. Durant did, have shots in rhythm and even going to the edge, but just could not hit the ball to go down. In Game 3, the Thunder want more physical, sharp and more diverse in its offensive half court.

“We have to be better,” Durant said. “We have to be more physical on the offensive end and play with more speed.”

fall from a game at home want to do in the Playoffs not a team, but there is an understanding on this Thunder team on a given night, anything can happen in the NBA postseason. The Thunder is on, off, and tied in almost every conceivable combination of records in playoff series. The resilience, his attitude and his fight will be very important for success when it hits the road for the next two games, hoping to return two wins behind Oklahoma City in time for Game 5.

“it goes to show what kind of team we are – how we respond,” has waiters. “We ca now do not break. We know that goes with it. That’s what we want, a chance to face adversity, go on, we have road in a hostile environment. To provide to the business. We have to work together come as a whole, as we are busy all year, and bounce back. “