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That was no white-power hand sign on the Kavanaugh listening to, Zina Bash’s husband says – Washington Submit

Posted in Trending Topics on 5th September 2018

Zina Bash, seated to the suitable behind Brett Kavanaugh, in the course of the decide’s affirmation listening to Tuesday. (The Washington Submit)

Republican operative Zina Bash rested her hand on her arm, fingers closed right into a circle, as she sat behind Brett Kavanaugh throughout his affirmation listening to on Tuesday. And #Resistance Twitter, watching the hearings dwell and seeing her hand, noticed a secret, nefarious code.

Bash was making the “okay” signal along with her hand, it appeared. A number of left-leaning Twitter customers with massive followings believed that Bash was selling an emblem meaning “white energy.” Eugene Gu, a physician with greater than 200,000 Twitter followers who has turn out to be a well known #Resistance Twitter determine, tweeted that Bash was “flashing a white energy signal behind him throughout his Senate affirmation listening to. They actually need to carry white supremacy to the Supreme Court docket. What a nationwide outrage and a shame to the rule of regulation.”

His tweet has greater than 13,000 retweets. The video from one other person that’s embedded in Gu’s tweet, focusing in on Bash’s hand, is approaching four million views.

Liberal activist and creator Amy Siskind, in a now deleted tweet, wrote that Bash’s hand image ought to “disqualify” Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court docket.

By the night, Bash’s title was trending on the service. Siskind continued to sow doubt about Bash’s intent into the night on Twitter.

“Attempt it for your self,” Siskind wrote of the hand gesture. “In case you watch the video you’ll see she held it in place for a very long time. It’s not a pure resting place.”

As the speculation went viral, devoid of any proof that it was really true, Bash’s husband John Bash, america lawyer for Western Texas, known as the accusations geared towards his spouse, a lawyer who has spent years working in Republican politics, “repulsive” in heated tweets.

“Everybody tweeting this vicious conspiracy principle ought to be ashamed of themselves,” John Bash wrote. “We weren’t even accustomed to the hateful image being attributed to her for the random method she rested her hand throughout a protracted listening to.”

Zina Bash, who labored within the Trump White Home as a particular assistant on regulatory reform and authorized and immigration coverage, at the moment works as a senior counsel for Texas Lawyer Common Ken Paxton (R).

“Zina is Mexican on her mom’s facet and Jewish on her father’s facet. She was born in Mexico,” Bash wrote. “Her grandparents had been Holocaust survivors. We after all don’t have anything to do with hate teams, which purpose to terrorize and demean different individuals — by no means have and by no means would.”

It was the second sideshow to steal consideration from the intense and substantive work of Kavanaugh’s listening to after trending on social media. Earlier, movies and pictures of Kavanaugh declining to shake the hand of Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was killed on the college taking pictures in Parkland, Fla., went viral, and Guttenberg later made the rounds on cable information exhibits.

Quickly, conservative personalities had jumped on #Resistance Twitter’s embrace of the okay hand signal principle, calling the entire controversy the left’s Pizzagate. The gleeful response on the suitable hints on the okay hand signal’s difficult origins as a viral hate image.

The concept that the hand signal is a secret image for white energy owes its mainstream unfold to a viral troll marketing campaign geared toward making liberals and the media look gullible. In February 2017, 4chan’s /pol/ board mentioned ongoing techniques to attempt to get the thought to go viral. “To any who haven’t seen the unique thread, our objective is to persuade individuals on twitter that the ‘okay’ hand signal has been co-opted by neo-nazis,” the unique poster of the thread wrote.

As BuzzFeed has beforehand reported, /pol/ was gleeful when the okay hand signal began to get mainstream traction. Because the marketing campaign unfold, nonetheless, the image was concurrently adopted by the alt-right — an umbrella time period for these on the far proper who embrace white nationalist views — and the pro-Trump Web, each of whom appear to make use of the gesture to “set off” liberals who believed the hand signal was a decoder ring to detect secret Nazis.

The gesture is not thought of an actual hate image by organizations such because the Anti-Defamation League. However like Pepe the Frog, its repeated affiliation with and use by white nationalists like Richard Spencer has imbued it with a brand new which means along with all of its different innocuous ones, making the image concurrently a prank, a innocent gesture of approval and an in-joke amongst a variety of right-wing personalities to anger liberals for their very own amusement.

There isn’t any credible proof to recommend that Bash was conscious of the hand signal’s associations with the alt-right, or the troll marketing campaign that made it fashionable.

One of many causes the meme may need unfold up to now with none precise proof is the truth that white nationalism’s entry to energy in 2018 just isn’t a very made-up concern. White Home officers maintain getting linked to white nationalist individuals and organizations. A speechwriter for President Trump left the White Home in August after CNN reported that the staffer attended a convention fashionable with white nationalists. And Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted a distinguished writer of white nationalists in his residence, as The Submit’s Robert Costa just lately reported.

Mark Pitcavage, a researcher who research extremism, shared the sentiments of many when he dismissed the controversy in a press release on Twitter.

“Out of all of the issues you ought to be legitimately involved about relating to the Senate affirmation hearings in Washington, DC, right now for Choose Kavanaugh,” he wrote, “handshakes and handsigns ought not be amongst them. Precise severe constitutional points are at stake.”

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Pepe the Frog grew to become a hate image. Now he’s only a lifeless hate image.

The lady who invented Mom’s Day got here to hate it – CNN

Posted in Trending Topics on 13th May 2018

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The real winner in Starbucks red-cup controversy

Posted in Trending Topics on 14th November 2015

The real winner in Starbucks red-cup controversy

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This week Starbucks red cup controversy should become a future MBA case study about how things can get into the subconscious of consumers. Without spending a dime on advertising, PR or even lifting a cup, Starbucks has made his mark in the conversation of nearly every American.

Facebook, Twitter, presidential candidates, celebrities, artists, even the passive couch potatoes all right to have an opinion – good or bad – why Starbucks was or was not the Grinch who stole Christmas. If you believe Google, it is now 9200000 news about the “Starbucks red cup controversy.” This is a lot of free publicity.

There is an old cliché © among entrepreneurs that all publicity is good publicity, but what about when customers threaten to boycott your product? Is it still good publicity?

All publicity is not always good publicity, but in this case – even with this threatened boycott – it’s a pure PR coup for Starbucks. It is the lightning in a bottle.

Trump: Maybe we should boycott Starbucks

He’s at a rally in Illinois, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump weighs in on the controversy Starbucks and red cups of coffee


She crisis communication team can be in turmoil trying to manage “the story” and their finance team can determine how it will impact quarterly profit, but as Demi Lovato so eloquently Tweeted, “Why do we care about this lot a cup …. ?? “

This Starbucks red cup controversy is not over Christmas or publicity. It is about tapping into a memory that we all crave. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or agnostic, we all live on memories. This is why we document our children’s lives and write stories. We want to remember what we did yesterday. It is at the root of a successful brand connection.

In our small office, trying to remember what our team looks like last year, Starbucks Christmas cup.

Does the “Merry Christmas” on it? Does the snowflakes? Was there a snowman? Because everyone associates with Christmas snow.

No one remembers.

But in a month or a year from now, will remind everyone in our office that Starbucks conversation – and it is the beauty of this divine line PR coup.

In the world of PR, I say to potential customers is always a PR machine behind the biggest publicity campaigns that get into our subconscious. But in this situation, I seriously doubt Starbucks has to take the vision, conviction and courage on Christmas. I suspect no one in corporate saw coming. I doubt the red cup controversy was born in a PR room.

What Starbucks must now does the world on fire on a red cup?

Absolutely nothing.

Just sit back and watch the rest of America debate and discussion about why we love or hate this new red head. And just when the debate on that next week will be, I would bet Starbucks management will be smart enough to create a new holiday-themed cup not argue. And not because Starbucks will spawn one who believes in Christ.

It will make a new holiday coffee cup because people walk Starbucks is smart. She knows the importance of relevant and to remain in the conversation. But unfortunately for Starbucks, lightning rarely strike twice in the same place. The next red head showdown will be a little PR genius to us twice fooled.

Comments by Mark Macías, head of PR Macías, a global public relations firm that media and branding campaigns have run for politics, technology start-ups, financial corporations, non-profits and businesses. He is also the author of the book, “Beat the Press:. Your Guide to the management of the Media” Follow him on Twittermarkmacias.

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