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Former NFL player Antonio Armstrong and wife shot dead by teenage son

Posted in Trending Topics on 31st July 2016

Former NFL player Antonio Armstrong and wife shot dead by teenage son

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The shooting took place in the early morning hours of Friday morning at the couple at home in Houston

The teenage son of former NFL player Antonio Armstrong was accused of the murder of his parents at their home in Houston, Texas. Mr. Armstrong, who for a time as a Backer with the Miami Dolphins, and his wife Dawn were both shot in the early morning hours of Friday morning. Armstrong me at the scene, while her husband declared dead later at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the city, a gunshot wound suffered at his head.

All three of the few children were in the house at the time of the shooting, police said, including a 20-year-old boy and a teenage dogter, whose uninjured. The suspect, 16, called 911 about 01:30, shortly took place after the shooting. He is charged as a juvenile and his name has not yet been announced.

Police said they did not believe there was no history of domestic violence. Houston police detective Jimmy Dodson has KPRC that Armstrong was “a great family” and added that Mr. Armstrong was an accomplice pastor at a local church. “He’s a great man. The mother was apparently a great mom, according to family members,” says Mr Dodson. “It was a kind of all-American family.”

Mr Armstrong, 42, has a college football star at Texas A & amp; amp; M University, and was named an All-American in his senior season as a linebacker for the A & amp; amp; M Aggies. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the sixth round of the 1995 NFL Draft but broke a enkelbesering in training and was released later that year, the signing of the Dolphins, for whom he played four games.

a motivational and fitness coach, he and his wife owned a chain of three gyms called First Class Training in Houston area. Former A & amp; amp; M head coach RC Slocum said in a statement: “Antonio, he was a special young man an all-American and an excellent player, but he was a better man so he had a positive influence on his teammates, he always has a … great big smile and a pleasure to coach. “

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Sia Makes Surprise Survivor Appearance, Donates $50000 to a Finalist

Posted in Trending Topics on 20th May 2016

Sia Makes Surprise Survivor Appearance, Donates 000 to a Finalist

On last night’s Survivor: KaÃ’h RA ?? ng finals, an unexpected VIP guests change the life of a cast member, all because of a chicken …

In the third place finisher? Tai’s speech shouted a member of the public “Jeff!” more than once. Moments later, the member of the public has her way to the stage where the cast members have flatly. The instantly recognizable Sia, a blunt-cut black and platinum wig once a black hat, stepped onto the stage where Jeff Probst and Survivor:. KaÃ’h RA ?? ng cast was wobble board this season finale stem

“I could not let Tai go home without saying that your authenticity and your care for animals really inspired me,” Sia has to Tai. “SOA And I want to spend $ 50,000 to you, and I want to donate $ 50,000 to your choice there animal charity. And I just want to thank you for showing America how to be kind to animals.”

Tai, a gardener and beekeeper from San Francisco, protect and befriended a chicken also called Mark to document the duration of his survivor run, inspiring numerous fan wires and a parody Twitter account relationship tai with Mark and stressful life of the chicken on the Cambodian island.

“We can not man-centered, because without all this, the whole ecosystem, we will be doomed sooner than we think we will be,” Tai said to enthusiastic statement Sia’s.

“Sia and I are friends,” Jeff Probst has Entertainment Weekly to Sia’s surprise appearance. “[I] honestly donâ ???? t think of Sia as a pop star, even though she is a worldwide phenom. I know her as my friend who is as passionate about the rights of all people and animals. Whether itâ ?? ?? s LGBT organizations or any chicken on Survivor, Sia is someone who really care deeply about equal rights and a good person, regardless of your status in life. shea ???? SA truly kind soul who happen to write great music. ”