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Mindy Kaling Introduced BJ Novak as Her Date to an Oscars Celebration — and Followers Love Their Reunion! –

Posted in Trending Topics on 5th March 2018

Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard collectively once more!

Mindy Kaling celebrated Oscars Sunday by bringing her longtime pal and ex-boyfriend B.J. Novak to the Self-importance Truthful celebration in Los Angeles. And the Kaling-Novak couple fandom was actual on social media as Workplace diehards and romance shippers freaked out over their reunion.

The A Wrinkle In Time star loved a kid-free night time as she documented the star-studded outing on social media. The actress welcomed a daughter named Katherine Swati Kaling in December.

“I’m headed out for an evening of enjoyable with my finest pal…,” Kaling stated earlier than turning the digicam to Novak.

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The Self-importance Truthful outing had many on Twitter, gasping on the thought of a romance reconciliation past their finest pal standing.

Make sure you try PEOPLE’s full Academy Awards protection to get the newest information on Hollywood’s massive night time.

Although the pair has not been publicly or romantically linked since their days on the Steve Carrell-headlined NBC comedy, she has shared particulars about their shut bond.

“I’ll freely admit: My relationship with B.J. Novak is bizarre as hell. He isn’t my boyfriend, however he’s not my finest pal,” Kaling admitted to InStyle in 2015.

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“I suppose you may describe our relationship as a ‘romantically charged camaraderie with loud arguments,’ however I don’t suppose Fb would settle for this as a brand new standing,” she added.

The 90th Oscars had been held on the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Heart on March four, 2018, and had been telecast stay on ABC.

Reports of active shooter at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington deemed false alarm

Posted in Trending Topics on 1st July 2016

Reports of active shooter at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington deemed false alarm

Joint Base Andrews outside Washington in lockdown yesterday after a security drill was mistaken for a real life active shooter situation, an error that stranded the US vice president and prompted panic on the base.

The high-security base is the home of Air Force One, and the point through which top US officials and foreign dignitaries come in and differs from the US capital.

A simulation of a shooting was planned on the basis of Thursday morning, but as someone who is not familiar with the plan two suspected gunmen contacted those authorities.

A command issued to shelter in place, and a warning is placed on social media that a “real world active shooter situation” has been announced.

Vice President Joe Biden was scheduled way to Andrews for Ohio, but was held in place in a safe place for the duration of the lockdown.

Jeh Johnson, the US Secretary of Homeland Security, testified to Congress on terrorist attack Tuesday in Istanbul, but said he just can exit the process as a result of the “bet situation at Andrews Air Force Base.”

Although the first responding worked on the scene and authorities to determine if there really is a threat to security, members of the military and other basic bracing for a possible attack.

An officer who hide under his desk in an office, the Telegraph has text message: “We’re like sitting ducks So we have an hour of thousands of people trapped…”

He is furious that he did not hand over a weapon had not, and said the incident occurred in a building a few steps away.

The building in which its putative active shooter situation was Malcolm Grow Medical Facility. In fact, someone in the building only two people taking part in the drill seen, and thought she might be a threat.

About 90 minutes after the lockdown is called an “everything” has been issued.

Col. Brad Hoagland defend the decision to send the base at Lockdown.

“We take all threats seriously and responded to ensure the safety of the people on the base,” he said.

There are several shooting military bases in recent years, including at the Navy Yard in Washington on US in 2014 and at Fort Hood in Texas in 2009.

These incidents leave 12 and 13 people dead respectively. Two pilots are dead at a base in Texas in April in what is considered an act of workplace violence.

Hada which appear to resolve a major security situasie in happy, if somewhat embarrassing circumstances.

There was no active shooter at Joint Base Andrews. Instead, a witness reportedly saw the two gunmen and one did not know theyâ is to participate in drilling an active shooter, reported.

Due to intense security protocols, which led officials to the base under lockdown place, and broadcast warnings on social media.

People in the base lies in place, fearing that a shooting occurred. Fortunately, a whip of the base led to the determination that everyone safely and all clear given.

Nick Allen, they have an officer on the basis, for the news that it was apparently a false alarm:

An officer at the base, hide under his desk in an office , the Telegraph has by text message: “We’re like sitting ducks so we have an hour .. thousands of people trapped.”

He is furious that he had not given a weapon. He said the incident occurred in a building a few steps away.

According to TOA MSNBC, someone reported according to two gunmen werea not realize at the hospital that “gunmen” werea actually take part in a drill.

This leads down to the base in lockdown, with security personnel search the device. As the protocol, put Andrews officials from reporting on social media.

It now appears that confusion about the drilling led to the lockdown.

Officials at Andrews is still examining the situation actively, but the local police are now saying they believe the lockdown was due to confusion over the safety drill was underway.

We will continue to monitor the situation until we receive confirmation thatâ the situation is no longer active.

Joe Biden, the vice president was scheduled to fly this morning from Andrews to Ohio, but he is being kept inside his house to safety.

Jeh Johnson, the US Secretary of Homeland Security, is witnessing the Congress at the moment about the terrorist attack at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

He has the members of Congress that he may need to leave the process as a result of a situation unfolding at Andrews.

There is a limited amount of information available at the time, but the Department of Defense confirmed that an “active shooter” situation underway.

There is additional confusion because the reports of an active shooter began during a drill at the base. We have now learned that the drilling and active shooter situation did not believe in connection with his.

Barack Obama used Andrews and fly from Washington. It is also regularly used by other top US officials and foreign dignitaries.

Mr Obama also has regular golfing at the base.

Friends, social media give insight into teen killed in Northlake Mall shooting

Posted in Trending Topics on 26th December 2015

Friends, social media give insight into teen killed in Northlake Mall shooting

Daquan Westbrook was a residential rapper under the name “Donkey Cartel ‘

Police said an argument broke out between two groups of people at North Lake

By Jonathan McFadden and Adam Bell

On social media, Daquan Antonio Westbrook has the name “Donkey Cartel.”

His persona was that of an up-and-coming rapper who beats and lyrics posted on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

His musical repertoire included songs with titles like “No. Hook. “” Pac “and” Do it from the Mudd. “

Friends say Westbrook, 18, longs for recognition and star. But now he is dead after Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say he a firearm on an off-duty officer who shot him

[Read more: police kill teen gunman inside Northlake Mall].

Police say Officer Thomas Ferguson fired the shots that Westbrook slain at Northlake Mall on Thursday after an argument between two groups of people increased by gunfire.

Main CMPD Kerr Putney told reporters late Thursday, at least two people involved in the dispute guns drawn and have the fire on the mall’s lower level, near Dick’s Sporting Goods.

As hundreds Eve buyer ran for cover, the police have responded works at the mall. Putney said witnesses to the police said that when Ferguson reached the scene, one of the men turned and that his gun at the officer.

Ferguson, a 19-year police veteran, fired his service weapon, and Westbrook was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

The incident has national and social media coverage, yield hashtags like “Northlake Mall” and “ripDonk,” what’s trending topics on Twitter.

speculation about what motivated the fight rampant on social media have not. Manny Sadek, a videographer Westbrook’s music videos for the past two years, believe it may be linked to an incident on Thanksgiving, when Westbrook brother was shot. The brother, whose nickname is “Wop” continues to recover in hospital.

“After that situation, things are a little more heated,” Sadek, said. “I felt like something coming, but I did not know what.”

Friends upset by the media’s portrayal of Westbrook, which arrest records show has a long criminal record which drugs and arms, jumped to his defense. Others condemned a widely shared images of Westbrook’s slain body on the mall floor.

Briana Wright was one of them.

His and Westbrook grew up around each other. Westbrook, who had another nickname, “Dada,” was known as a “stupid little brother” who try to laugh others.

“He was a good man,” said Wright. “We’re all just sitting in situations … we have no control over. He did not deserve to lose his life and sent his photo through all the paths of social media.”

Sadek said his friend “is working to become a better person.”

When Sadek first met Westbrook, the aspiring rapper was 16, in and out of trouble with the police, and sports two ankle bracelets, Sadek said.

But over time, rocky past Westbrook’s has towards his “strong heart” and raw talent, he said.

“He has a job, they both have ankle bracelets and his life to run,” says Sadek. “People do not understand that the level of hip-hop. (Music) was his way of venting his life and frustration.”

Westbrook was part of a group of north Charlotte musicians called “Cartel Music Group,” Sadek said. Many find their videos on YouTube.

Westbrook, who last shot a video with Sadek on Wednesday, was also an expectant father.