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Drakes Childs Play Video Shows What Happens When You Cheat on Tyra Banks: Watch Hear Nicki Minajs New …

Posted in Trending Topics on 5th September 2016

Drakes Childs Play Video Shows What Happens When You Cheat on Tyra Banks: Watch Hear Nicki Minajs New ...

Drake gets his comeuppance in his new “Childs Play” video when she discovers he has cheated on his girlfriend, played by Tyra Banks.Â

The two are celebrating a birthday likely best in the world cheesecake Factory when things skeefloop as she discovers sniff some unfortunate news on the mobile phone the rapper while he’s in the bathroom. A Scenic breaks out and Drizzy winds with cake on her face and wine on his head, let alone sitting with his comeuppance.Â

But Drake fans do not break out in anger at the Carlos “Spiff TV” Suarez – directed 12-minute videos second half seems to restore the six God fine when he hits the strip club.Â

Drake also announced a new event called the Ballet is levied as a “new dance experience” and will in Houston on Monday. He has also recently spotted aa short film project called Please forgive me provided top debut on Sept. 30.A

Its Official! Aaron Paul Has “Adopted” Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown

Posted in Trending Topics on 3rd September 2016

Its Official! Aaron Paul Has

World: Meet Millie Bobby Paul

Or at least that’s Whatâ pace Stara stranger things’ Millie Bobby Brown will now go through if you ASKA Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren. After the Breaking Bad Aluma profess his admiration for the talented young actress (go so far as to say that he wanted TOA Adopta Millie in his family), the trio finally together about what was sure to be an incredibly dinner. met

Lauren has a beautiful picture of newfound friends on Instagram, writing, “This is the official,” and added the hashtags “#milliebobbypaul #firstfamilyphoto #happyholidayslovethepauls” the 12-year-old Brit has her own photo evening captions, “had a great night with Aaron and Lauren! love my #fakeadoptedparents”

how Millie has landed smack dab in the middle of one of the most beloved couples Hollywood’s? Let explain.Â

Winona Ryder & amp; amp; Millie Bobby Brown on odder things Success

Earlier this month, Paul Brown for an interview a celebrity-to-celebrity chat via Elle magazine. A self-proclaimed superfan actress, Aaron can not help but flow over their time together when he talks TOA Jimmy Fallonon The Tonight Showa last week.Â

“I was terrified,” he said said his mission. “She is the exist ?? | But I was so scared they were on a family vacation Spain and I was like, â ???? I have this good’â ?? |. To get on the phone with her She cute little Accenta ?? | She’s much more articulated than me and I was terrified “

” My wife and I said we want to take Hera ?? |. she said we can, “says Paul. a

The Emmy winner also promotes the interview with a heartwarming message that certainly would have made an actor emerging as Millie blush. “If the absolute pleasure of the brilliant, expressed absolutely adorable and maintenance @milliebobby_brown the other day,” he said. “They obviously exceeds all my expectations. If you have seen stranger things when you know how amazing this young lady is. If you do not show that you need that to get seen as quickly as possible. Millie, you’re the best .. . “

Luckily for Paul’s only extend an odd things for a second season. More options for Millie to bond with her “fake adopted parents,” guaranteed.Â

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Courteney Cox on aging: I regret cosmetic procedures

Posted in Trending Topics on 24th August 2016

Courteney Cox on aging: I regret cosmetic procedures

Courteney Cox spoke about the pressure to look a certain way in Hollywood on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.’Â (Photo: Justin Tallis, AFP / Getty Images)

When you oorlewings- an adventure that will slide over a ravine on a wire and cook maggots for food, which means you ca not really something.

Maybe that’s why Courteney Cox opened Ona Running Wild with Bear Grylls Monday during their company Ina Ireland, which has the actress-producer gets mourning on the issue involved aging in Hollywood.

“There was pressure to look a certain way or not?” Grylls Ona said the episode.

“Only a woman in this business … age is not the easiest,” she replied. “But I’ve learned lessons. I think I’ve tried to keep pace with that parent.”

Cox launched to fame as a star Ona friendsâ from 1994 TOA 2004, and then with a star Ina Cougar Town from 2005 TOA 2015. She said she bother gracefully aging have in Hollywood, “” Oh. God, I’m terrible “you find yourself trying, and then you look at a picture of yourself and get a”

“I have things that I regret, and fortunately they are things loose and go so it’s good because it’s not always done my best look, “said she stayed Ina are undergoing reference TOA cosmetic surgeries in the past.

Cox, right, Monica played on ‘Friends .’Â (Photo:. Warner Bros.)

Google searches omitted key US presidential candidates (update: bug)

Posted in Trending Topics on 28th July 2016

Google searches omitted key US presidential candidates (update: bug)

Google has a rich, unbiased source of information American elections so far, but it is obviously not perfect. NBC notes that certain searches for aspiring presidents (such as “presidential candidates” or “US presidential candidates”) not show major candidates in the list of active campaigns, including Republican nominee Donald Trump and pick Libertarian Gary Johnson. They have always included Bernie Sanders – strange when his party nominated Hillary Clinton

We have Google asked his opinion about what happened, and we will let you know if it was a reaction .. As it now , the problem can be solved by the time you read this, depending on the cards at all during the writing of this article will disappear. It is doubtful whether there is a sinister conspiracy here. indicate regular still results in the missing candidates, and Google have shown results for other hopefuls in the past. Most likely, it is a mistake – though it is one that definitely eyebrows light

Update: A Google spokesman Sure enough, tells us that this is the result of one. “Technical error.” They search code is only emphasize candidates engaged in an active primary election. Since Trump and Johnson already sewn their candidacy, she was wrongly excluded from the results. It is still strange that Sanders is included (only because the DNC is underway does not mean his campaign is active), but things are effectively back to normal. You can read the full statement below.

Former WSU Cougars QB Ryan Leaf reflects on career, says he should have sought help like Johnny Manziel

Posted in Trending Topics on 7th February 2016

Former WSU Cougars QB Ryan Leaf reflects on career, says he should have sought help like Johnny Manziel

The former quarterback Ryan Leaf Washington State might never labeled a ???? biggest draft bust in NFL shake historyâ ???? but he now finds himself with a company.

After a police report to this week came portrays ahead of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, Brown’s first-round draft pick (22nd overall) in the 2014 NFL Draft will probably be released by Cleveland this March and former Texas A & amp; amp; M star already marked by some as the biggest draft bust since Leaf.Â

Time and perspective helped Leaf comes to catch with his turbulent past and he empathizes with what the beleaguered Manziel, 23, by middle of the corridor.

“It feels like I’m like a mirror,” Leaf said on Friday in an interview with Dan Patrick on NBC’s Dan Patrick Show. “When I heard stories come out (about Manziel), I go,” Oh my God, I did it. This is how I acted. “

problems Manziel’s even his parents were afraid for the past two years. His father, Paul Manziel has the Dallas Morning News this week said his son did not get help,” I believe he will not live to see his 24th birthday. “

magazine, which selected is no. 2 overall by the San Diego Chargers, never lived up to his promise, and soon had a bad son standing in the NFL. He and Manziel faced several off-the-field issues early in their NFL careers, but there are similarities are arcs between their career.

As Leaf, Manziel has a tough time in his first two years in the NFL and many of his problems seem to have been self-administered .

Manziel opslae made this week after a police report revealed depict Manzielâ ???? allegedly assaulting his girlfriend on January 29th. According to the woman, Coleen Crowley, Manziel hit her repeatedly while she at a hotel in Dallas, Texas, and while he manages her home.

the COMESA just months after Manziel pulled over by a police officer in Cleveland in the fall when a fellow motorist observed the couple arguing intensely enough which Manziel’s girlfriend at the time, Colleen Crowley, trying to get out of the car while it is in motion.

Manziel also has a reputation as a partier. He was demoted to third string in November for a video of his party went viral online, and his party-boy tendencies came to light when he was at a Las Vegas casino the night before the Browns last regular season game.

For this season, Manziel checked himself into an alcohol abuse rehabilitation facility in February 2014, and continued for more than 10 weeks before surfacing again to close the Browns in their offseason workouts.

sheet problems were frustrating more of his poor play, and manage due antagonistic relationship with Chargers, his teammates and the media.

Looking back now, he regrets the way things unfold and says he should have sought help.

“If things start going badly, I started to fight against the media and then my teammates and I was like,” I’m a big, strong football player, there is no vulnerability in mine, I will it out. Leave me alone, “said Leaf.” You just do not win about going to war. You play the best defense every weekend and fight against the media all week long. It is only exhausting.

“Your central nervous system is on tilt every day for about 20 hours.”

Leaf has also battled substance abuse, but unlike Manziel, he struggled more with opiate painkiller addiction with alcohol and drug abuse problems have come to light only after his speeldae was over.

“I was right to say that my drug use was the reason why I played bad, but I did not start drug use until after I retire,” Leaf has Patrick. “So I do not about the blame that. I just do not play well, so this is another dynamic that I do not know.”

blade is twice arrested in 2012 and charged with burglary and theft of medicines.

Both cases concerned Leaf broken homes and steal oxycodone and hydrocodone pills. Leaf served two years

Since then leaf in prison in Montana and was released in December 2014, has kept a low profile. until this week, his last known public statement has been on Twitter in May 2015, when he commented on how the NFL deal with the New England Patriots scandal known as become “Deflategate,” versus how they interact former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice’s abuse his fiancà ©.

“2 (sic) games to defeat your fiancé © unconscious, four games to deflate a stupid football, get your priorities right, NFL,” Leaf tweeted then.

& amp; amp; mdash; Ryan D Leaf (RyanDLeaf) May 12, 2015

In his interview with Patrick on Friday, Leaf has been introspective side, wondering how things could be different worked out for him if he sought help early for some of his problems on.

“What happened last year, I thought it was the greatest thing,” Leaf said, referring to how Manziel checked himself into a rehab facility.

“Imagine that I would have to – just go get behavioral counseling when I fall into my second year and things off the rails,” says Leaf. “Sometimes, things just spiral for maybe about a year. You’ve gotta be out of football for a year. You’ve gotta get things right.”

Leaf has only three seasons with the Chargers for the team on him after several incidents of bad behavior. He has a reputation for having a poor work ethic, and he quickly lost the support of his coaches and teammates.

After his release from San Diego in 2001, Leaf caught on with Tampa Bay and Dallas, but never fixed. In May 2002, leaves from the NFL. His career quarterback rating is 50.0 and he threw 14 touchdowns to 36 onderskeppings.

It is not lost on leaf old arranged to have a place above him in a storybook career and will play that could be the last game of his career this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

to come out of college in 1998, Leaf and current Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was considered two sure-bet NFL beginners. But their careers couldnâ ???? t taken more diametrically opposite lane and thrive Manning and Leaf floundered in the NFL spotlight.

Manning has an All-Pro and a future Hall-of-Famer playing this weekend for a second Super Bowl ring. Leaf, meanwhile, realizing that football fame and fortune ones with the kind of talent he shave to come out of WSU’s no guarantee even in 1998.

“While this is a great game and it’s a institution in the country, this is transitory, “Leaf has Patrick. “It’s gone in a second. Everyone is not like Peyton Manning and can play 18 seasons.”