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Black Twitter roasts TODAY present for Queen Nefertiti reconstruction … – TheGrio (weblog)

Posted in Trending Topics on 6th February 2018
Nefertiti busts

Lauded for her African magnificence, Nefertiti is among the most well-known queens of historical Egypt –which is why the TODAY present’s extra caucasian-looking reconstructed bust left many individuals scratching their heads.

Utilizing preserved stays, fashionable know-how, and painstaking artistry, a group led by Expedition Unknown‘s Josh Gates introduced a reconstruction of what King Tut’s mom would have regarded like in her full royal regalia.

The colourful headdress, bejeweled collar, and complex earrings are all befitting of an Egyptian queen, however the equipment appear to be about all that was finished proper on the bust.

This model of Nefertiti has pores and skin that appears freshly tanned versus a pores and skin tone of somebody born with solar kissed pigment in her DNA. The rosy pink lips are in a everlasting pout and the hazel eyes shimmer underneath the studio lights.

Thutmose bust of Nefertiti

When most individuals consider historical Egyptian queens, they consider elegant, highly effective girls with lovely brown pores and skin. Essentially the most well-known illustration of Nefertiti is a bust believed to have been made by the sculptor Thutmose round 1345 BC. That bust is housed in Germany’s Neues Museum. It reveals a a lot browner model of Nefertiti (which in all probability pale over time) with barely fuller lips painted a deep cranberry. She is gorgeous and really a lot lives as much as her title, which suggests “the gorgeous one has come forth.”

The Nefertiti the TODAY present unveiled appears to be like extra like a white suburban mother taking part in dress-up for Halloween. Black Twitter agrees with that sentiment and has proven no mercy, particularly throughout Black Historical past Month.

US election 2016: polls open as Clinton and Trump aim to make history – live

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th November 2016

US election 2016: polls open as Clinton and Trump aim to make history – live

Hillary Clinton and her family will watch tonight’s election returns at the Peninsula, a very fancy hotel in Midtown Manhattan that is a mere two-minute walk away from Trump Tower, where Donald Trump will be watching with his family.

From the Guardian’s Sabrina Siddiqui, who is part of Hillary Clinton’s press pool tonight:

Clinton’s motorcade departed her home in Chappaqua at 4:48 p.m. en route to New York City. Your pooler did not spot Clinton, as we were already loaded in the vans and joined the motorcade as it was rolling.

The cake is a guy.

Florida’s “bluest” county, the Democratic Party stronghold of Broward, delivered potentially good news for Hillary Clinton less than three hours before the polls closed. At 4.30pm, Brenda Snipes, the county’s supervisor of elections, reported that more than 170,000 people had already voted in person today, added to the 622,000 that had already cast ballots in early voting. It means that more than 790,000 votes are in from a total county electorate of almost 1.2 million. Or about 66% so far.

With a high turnout seen as the key to the Clinton campaign, the Democratic nominee needs to rack up the tally in heavily populated Broward and Miami-Dade counties to counter the advantage Donald Trump holds in Florida’s more rural northern counties. The turnout in Broward in 2012 was 67%.

With a clear, low-humidity day in South Florida, voters are turning out steadily, and lines are moving smoothly. However, Snipes fired two poll clerks at a site in Pompano Beach following a dispute over where people could stand. Broward sheriff’s deputies were called to the polling station but no arrests were made during an incident a spokesperson described as “minor”.

The first early exit polls are coming out and they show that most of those who have voted are not feeling overjoyed. After a presidential race characterized by surprises and uncertainty, 71% say they are feeling nervous according to a Morning Consult/POLITICO Exit Poll which was conducted October 18-November 8 among 6,782 early and Election-Day voters. Another 85% said they “just want it to be over” and 39% said they were depressed.

The fact that only 25% of those surveyed said they were feeling “happy” while 53% said they were “angry” could well affect the mood of the country long after the final results are counted.

The most accurate exit poll available to us:

Iconic suffragette Susan B. Anthony’s gravesite in Rochester, New York, has become a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of voters celebrating the potential election of the nation’s first female president.

Esther Diamond does not like people who do not vote. “Voting is a privilege,” she reminds me, as we sit in her apartment in Queens, New York. “People have died for it. You ca not throw away an opportunity to be listened to.”

Diamond knows what that feels like. She was born in January 1920, months before the final state ratified the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. Now, the 96-year-old, who immigrated to America from Russia as a child, is looking forward to voting for a woman herself. “I have hoped for a long time that this day would come,” she says.

Diamond is just one of many women born before the 19thAmendment profiled on the website different women from different backgrounds sharing the same excitement about this historic moment. In a lifetime they have gone from being disenfranchised because of their sex to casting a vote for, potentially, the first female President of the United States.

There’s Eugenia Perkins, 102, in North Carolina: “It is about time there was a woman President!”

There’s Lung Hsin Wu, 98, in Oregon, by way of Beijing: “My vote means another step towards equity for women!”

And there’s Diamond, who says: “Since as long as I can remember…I do not want to be better than men. I want to be equal to them. You are a second-class citizen if you are not.”

Women’s rights have progressed a lot in Diamond’s lifetime, but there’s still a way to go. “When you hear the difference in salaries between men and woman for the same job and the men get more than you do…” she shakes her head. “Maybe Hillary can help.”

Diamond has been doing as much campaigning as she can for Clinton. When her assisted living facility had early voting a couple of weeks ago she got a placard of Hillary made up “sat 50 feet away from the voting booth” doing last minute electioneering.

Diamond thinks the final result will be close. But whether Clinton wins or not, “she’s opened the door for future women to think about running and that’s important. I am sure there will be others, maybe not in my lifetime. You just need one person to try the water. Maybe my great granddaughter will be President.”

Missing from the invite list: Tiffany Trump.

Donald Trump may not have had any celebrities appearing his behalf on Monday night – but he told a crowd of more than 10,000 that he was backed by the New England Patriots star quarterback, Tom Brady, and their head coach, Bill Belichick.

In a local interview earlier on Monday, though, Brady said he had not voted yet – “I am going to vote today or tomorrow” – and played coy on who he might vote for: “Next week I will tell you.”

Speaking in Manchester, New Hampshire, in an arena lit with laser lights and smoke machines, the Republican nominee took the stage in his penultimate event before election day to announce the support of two of the most beloved sports figures in New England.

Trump has long bragged that Brady, a two-time NFL MVP and four time Super Bowl champion, “is a great friend of mine”. Brady was suspended for four games at the start of the 2016 season for his role in the Deflategate scandal.

The Republican nominee told the cheering crowd on Monday night that Brady called him earlier in the day to say: “Donald, I support you. You are my friend and I voted for you.”

The quarterback was photographed in 2015 with a Make America Great Again hat in his locker. Brady also said in an interview in December 2015: “Donald is a good friend of mine. I have known him for a long time. I support all my friends.” However, Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, last week denied that the couple would vote for Trump in a comment on her Instagram page.

A man in the city of East Lansing, Michigan, pulled two women wearing hijabs out of line to check their IDs early this morning and attempted to prevent them from voting, officials said.

Ingham County clerk Barb Byrum confirmed the incident was reported to her office, which oversees East Lansing, at 7.53am this morning, in what she described as an act of voter intimidation.

According to the complaint received by Byrum’s office, the man pulled two women wearing hijabs out of line to check their voter registration cards.

“It appeared he was trying to direct them to another polling place, which may or may not have been justified,” the complaint from an East Lansing resident said, adding in an email to Mother Jones that the man “seemed polite and non-confrontational.”

The resident, Ron Fox, reported the incident to poll workers, and the man was soon asked to leave. Byrum told the Guardian she contacted the East Lansing clerk, who in turn contacted law enforcement.

“This was the procedure that was established a week or so ago in the event there was any event or voter intimidation or harassment,” she said.

“I have zero tolerance for the harassment or intimidation of my voters.” Byrum said she has received no additional reports of voter intimidation, as of4pm. East Lansing is located about 90 miles west of Detroit.

“It is kind of a special day,” Vermont senator Bernie Sanders said after he cast his vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont.

“When I am on the ballot, Jane and I usually drive around the state to kill some time and wait for the results to come in, but we have a beautiful day today. I hope we have a very large voter turnout,” Sanders said.

“I hope today we defeat Donald Trump and we defeat him badly,” Sanders continued. “I think when you have a campaign like Mr. Trump’s where the cornerstone of his campaign is based on bigotry and trying to divide us up, I think it is very bad for our country.”

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What is Amazon Prime Day? ALL the final deals as retail giant launch huge shopping sale

Posted in Trending Topics on 13th July 2016

What is Amazon Prime Day? ALL the final deals as retail giant launch huge shopping sale

This is the last eight hours – and here’s our selection of the best

This is the last eight hours – and here’s our selection of the best

It is the last eight hours – and here’s our selection of the best

This is the last eight hours – and here’s our selection of the best

builds After a great seven days, Amazon 24-hour buy First launch day – with more than 100,000 cuts worldwide, only to paying subscribers, from midnight tonight

Black Friday-style case, what is the name of the sixth biggest shopping day in the United Kingdom, in accordance with new data. SimilarWeb, promising “big summer trade” to make every five minutes today.

This will include dealing with the electronics, toys, video games, school uniforms, baby, health, beauty, sports and an additional 20% off Amazon Warehouse reductions. To know more, we see First Day shopping guide

In a statement, Amazon said. “First Day itself is to establish firmly as a big summer trading day and we have worked hard to ensure that we offer our first members of the lowest prices on even more great deals for first Day 2016 “

Although the event is reserved for subscribers only pay Amazon’s first -. non-paying members online store say could become increasingly concerned for free by signing up his 30-day free trial.

If you choose to go through this route, remember to cancel your membership before the 30-day trial ends to prevent deemed the full  £ 79 annual fee.

Want to shop sold the UK? Head to Amazon Prime Day here, American buyer can occupy here we have entered an exclusive head of launching all transactions today – .. And it’s our favorites

the reduction will fall at various times over the next 24 hours -. Create a bookmark any items and keep checking back for the big transactions

We also have Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership includes a free aa £ 10 Xbox One / 360 gift card amounts to £ 31.49 for the next 24 hours.

and buy an Amazon  £ 30 geskenk card today and get a free £ 5 get a promo code -. released on a purchase until 27 August 2016. Or order your free trial of Audible today, and you’ll get a £ 10 free credit to spend online

Stay tuned on our business page offers more than she announced first day in 2016

competitive nature mean Amazon’s prices -. especially in technology – is often cheaper than competitors – so whether you are shopping on the first day or any other day of the year -. a rapid comparison can never harm your wallet

If you’re in the market for a new TV or Xbox, it’s definitely worth a search engine today, to see if the price drops. A quick tip is to bookmark all the items you viewed, and keep checking back for possible reduction Amazon says trade will fall “every five minutes”.

Like Black Friday, First Day is especially good for technology – especially laptops and smart watches, TVs and video games. This is a good time to invest in Amazon’s own brand gadgets you’ve seen, with the fire TV stick (ie a £ 35 a £ 19.99), and the fire tablet down to its lowest ever price of one £ 34.99.

But, try not to impulse purchases or buying because of a hadeal. . With Christmas now only six months away – to be the busiest time of year for sales and product launches, there will be many more (and possibly better) savings

Read more: Toy’s Top kids for Christmas 2016 to uncovered – and most are not even out yet

launched in 2007, Amazon Prime is a membership program that copper offers unlimited delivery ODI, stream 15,000 movies and TV episodes, and access to 800,000 Kindle books for a £ 79 a year -. or £ 5.99 per month

You can indeed. Amazon Student offers a six months free trial of the first, even though the services bar ebook loans, and 50% off Initial membership if you want to continue proceeds to the process.

You will need to qualify an email address from a recognized body. Registration takes about 10 minutes.

If 2015 is anything to go, then the answer is yes. We have already noted Currys ’10 day mega sales, Tesco Direct’s 50% discount on technology and toys clearout Argos and a great buy. We expect many more to do the same

We’ve trawled Amazon’s largest First Day trading to find the best bargains we Kana -. This is the best deals that you can still get into the hands

Game Rewind | Louisville rallies past Duke

Posted in Trending Topics on 22nd February 2016

Game Rewind | Louisville rallies past Duke

Damion Lee scored 24 points as Louisville managed 13 points in the second half to beat Duke 71-64 before a rowdy crowd at the KFC Yum! Centre. Read about updates of the game as they occurred

Please note that coaches press conferences live here, Louisville 71-64

Final:. Great effort and great atmosphere for Louisville after drag by 12 in the second half. 24. Damion Lee

: 21.3, second half, Louisville 71-64: Ingram slip and Kennard ended up missing three. Lee makes 1/2 FT. Ingram, Plumlee wrong and Onuaku approval and it is contaminated. Cards gonna win. What a great atmosphere at the Yum !. NUTS supporters for a team that does not really have much to play for not

:. 41.5, second half, Louisville 70-64: Lee makes both FTS, Thornton barely misses a controversial shot in the lane, and Johnson gets the board and was fouled. He makes both FTS. Tickets seem good

1:03, second half, Louisville 66-64:. After Lee called for an indictment, Jeter scores from the timeout and Snider missed a three as the shot clock expires. Thornton comes back and nails a 15-foot. Very difficult child. Lee malfunction at the station

3:55, second half, Louisville 66-59:. After Lewis missed both technicals after Coach K’s T Lee makes only half FTS Allen T. missed opportunities for cards.

3:55, second half, Louisville 65-59: Whoa. Big turn when Allen drives to achieve the goal on the right baseline, running in traffic and kicking and is known as an accusation, which he mistakes out. He had T – which means he gets six errors in the official book. He has 29 points today, was Duke’s only state point guard left. I really do not know how Duke finishes the game. I think Kennard will point play, and will anyone here use

5:04, second half, Louisville 61-57:. KFC Yum! Center as hard as I’ve ever heard when Lee hit a go-ahead three-recover after an attack, Adel receive a shaft leading to a wet Johnson. When two FTS by Allen but a further three by Lee, and another Duke turnover against the press. Blue Devils stunned and probably very tired. This place NUTS. And now she’s up T Coach K. Duke in big trouble

7:52, second half, Duke 54-50:. Deng Adel, which begins today, is a very active game. He leads the cards with 12 points (5/6) and also has four rebounds, a steal and a help

9:05, second half, Duke 54-49:. Derrick Thornton put him ride on the track and apparently his shoulder really badly hurt. Louis has a 5-on-4 for a whole inheritance as Thornton has his arm in pain on the other side, but could not be resolved. All now run the point, and Kennard back with four errors. Duke’s depth and conditioning will really be tested here, because they have basically no subs are about Thornton playing

9:39, second half, Duke 54-49:. Great fly through the cards on a 8-2 run, be limited by Onuaku basket, then a steal with Adel Onuaku throw a big hit light strokes to a wide open Lewis for a layup. Duke called tyduit

11:38, second half, Duke 50-41:. People on Twitter that is, a benefit of repetition that Allen and Johnson appeared to exchange a few elbows in the melee for losbal. Crazy stat for today – super freshman Brandon Ingram has 8 convert today. Louis picks him hard every time he gets it, he is not treated well and pour over the entire site

11:49, seconda half, Duke 50-41:. Refs give a technical to Jaylen Johnson and nothing to Allen. All making half technical FTS while heavy angry. In real time, I thought it was more important than this. I do not think Pitino was pleased with all of Johnson. Meanwhile Plumlee scores for a 12-point lead, but Adel answers with a 3

13:11, seconda half, Duke 47-37:. Kennard sitting with his fourth foul. Jaylen Johnson and Grayson Allen fight for a loose ball, and I think they exchanged some punch in the post. Whoa. Refs goes it monitors to see it. I do not be surprised if we see wee emit a few

14:57, seconda half, Duke 44-35:. Duke started the second half strongly, including a three Kennard (Duke’s seventh) increased by 11. But Lee is a steal after Brandon Ingram is captured and makes a bad pass to the perimeter. Lee goes all the way, will move a large spider on the rim for a layup

rest has Duke 37-29:. Grayson Allen is killing the cards. Duke waving it around in the last owner of the half, then are open to a deep three. He has 19 points, including four three

2:00, first half, Duke 32-29:. Kennard, who starts today, while Matt Jones is hurt, picked up his third foul. Duke has only about six guys that are available today, and then Kennard is in the bank, which more trouble. Jeter for him

3:28, first half, Duke 31-26:. Grayson Allen and the Blue Devils at first. Duke has already hit six threes, and Allen, which 3/4 of deep, has 13 points after a coast-to-coast driving layup while fouled right for the timeout. He will be a FT when game start back. Onuaku has 8 points and 5 RBS Louisville, which is 12/21. Spalding has 7 points and 3 RBS

7:49, first half, tied 22-22: a Spalding shows some impressive skill. After making the three, he hit a turnaround jumper in the mail, had a wet off a delicious meal in the path of Mitchell, then Ingram stopped all going on the block. Spalding has seven points (3/3 and 3 rebounds).

Lee with a Euro step dribble float to Louisville rise by three, but Grayson Allen, so tough, nail a three in the lower left corner to tie it at 22 at the under-8 tyduit

11:40 first half, Duke 16-14:. Ray Spalding shows recordings are in touch with his first three career (career on his second attempt), then Louisville force a turnover directly to the incoming and will have, after the time-out. U of L is 6/9 to start, but Duke has another three as the cards hit

15:48 first half, Louisville 7-6: Stud freshman Brandon Ingram hit a pair of threes for Duke, but the cards, thanks to a Onuaku block on Ingram’s attempt to take dunk which U of L to the other side ends with a Snider anda three. start exciting atmosphere

pregame:. Louisville is expected to throw wear white uniforms back in the spirit of the 1986 NCAA championship team, who will be honored on Saturday. Those cards beat Duke in the national title game.

Follow Jeff GreerÂJeffGreer_CJ Ona Twitter for more updates. Here’s Jeff’s preview game and a look at Thea-ups and storylines. Duke is expected to shoot without waiting Matt Jones, although he is warming up this morning and may try to play. Louisville is expected to begin Deng wing Adel.

U of L (20-6, 9 -4 ACC) and Duke (20-6, 9-4) – along with Notre Dame – is tied for fourth in the ACC standings, one game behind fellow leaders North Carolina and Miami and a half game behind Virginia, so it’s a great game if the cards hoping to stay alive for the ACC regular season title, which is the only real price they have to play for on this point.

Freedom 251: Indian electronics company launches worlds cheapest smartphone today

Posted in Trending Topics on 19th February 2016

Freedom 251: Indian electronics company launches worlds cheapest smartphone today

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an Indian electronics company has a smartphone that costs just 251 rupees launched – .. Or a £ 2.60

the Freedom 251, manufactured by lazy clocks, launched on 18 February and will bring a “revolution in the industry,” a company spokesman told AFP.

Having regard to the costs about Mucha than a cup of coffee, the 251 boasts some fairly decent specs -. it runs the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system, and Isaiah powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core processor

It also has a 4-inch screen, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory (expandable to 32GB) and a 3.2 megapixel front camera.

Freedom 251 owners will have access to all programs in the Google Play store, though some of them the phone can push to its limits.

The 251A also comes with a number of pre-installed applications such as agriculture and fisheries programs that are designed to fit the target phone.

The lazy clocks spokesman told AFP that the phone is assembled in India overseas produced parts – but the company is reportedly planning to have devices produced entirely in India within a year

low-cost smartphones, many of them Chinese-made, is readily available in India, but even it. cheapest models usually cost £ 15 a £ TOA 20.

It is currently unclear how lazy clocks has managed to produce such a cheap smartphone. It is not suggested that the Indian government may subsidization of the company, but no such action has been announced.