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Myspace hack: Why you should delete your old, unused account right now

Posted in Trending Topics on 2nd June 2016

Myspace hack: Why you should delete your old, unused account right now

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As many as 360000000 MySpace accounts show up for sale Friday in a 33-GB dump online

Despite falling out of fashion years ago, MySpace – the ancient forerunner on Facebook – more details on more user accounts as the United States people. And now a solid part of the account credentials are leaked on the internet, in a humbling reminder that Matchbox Twenty-inspired user name you probably high school is still worth a heck of a lot of companies and criminals.

360000000 as many MySpace accounts show up for sale Friday in a 33-GB dump online, according to messages Monday through MySpace’s parent, Time Inc. has been confirmed.

The massive leak closes passwords, email addresses and user of recovered MySpace heel dating back to June 2013, MySpace has a website redesign that some security gaps.

concluded in a blog post Tuesday MySpace says it turned off the affected passwords so no one can use the leaked credentials to gain unauthorized access to accounts.

It is unclear how many of the bills still “active” in the sense in MySpace hack that they belong to the people who continue to log on to the service today. But the probability is at least a number of such accounts has not been touched for the year. The reason that makes you vulnerable to the same reason experts say you should use the same username and password for each online service – it makes it easy to take a set of stolen credentials and plug in another, potentially giving hackers access to a large spuitbane your digital life

In that light, it seems that there is a strong case for removing your old, unused accounts -. or at least create a disposable email address to associate with the services that you do not intend to use so that they are isolated from the email addresses that you use for more important things. Not only has allowed the number of references you have to remember (although hopefully the solution by using a password manager, right?), But it helps limit your exposure to hackers. The change of credentials on your old accounts and their separation from online services that you use today, you can help to ensure that no bringing your other Internet identities at risk.

Personal data will buy out the MySpace fracture to the tune of thousands of dollars, knows exactly how significant value even outdated information can wear. But whether you get old data used for marketing, fraud or some other nefarious purpose is always at least partly within your control.

MySpace was once one of the most popular social networks on the planet, reached 100000000 unique users per month in 2006. News Corp bought the site for $ 580 million, outbidding Viacom in the process. In 2011, MySpace was sold at a huge loss of $ 35 million, such as Facebook to start the social networking company.

dominate in February this year, Time bought MySpace and its parent company, Viant Technology. But the transaction announcement focused almost entirely on the value of Viant’s ads and tracking technology. MySpace mentioned in passing at the bottom of the press release.