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New Births Eddie Long says hes recovering from a “health challenge”

Posted in Trending Topics on 7th September 2016

New Births Eddie Long says hes recovering from a “health challenge”

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Senior Pastor New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Eddie L. Long said in a statement released by the church he recovers from a “health challenge,” but has not to disclose any details.

Speculation is rampant about the health Lithonia pastor since he recently released a video that placed a much-slimmer body.

He said he eats a raw vegan diet and give a “slave” menu.

He said he was confident “God

save me from” the challenge.

“It is not in connection with the eating habits for life diet consisting of mostly raw vegetables I produced, as part of an holistic

approach to good health. At the moment my family and I request that you respect

he said he appreciated the prayers and support for him, his loved ones and church family.

In the video seen megachurch pastor working out and he said questions from concerned members asking his church Süd his dramatic weight loss. not long ago, appears for a show at the Steve Harvey to promote his new book.

he bit the big weight loss which was clearly shown by the latest video

the video went viral and social media with a weight on his health

“People ask:”.. bishop, who happened to you all? ” he said in the video posted on his public Facebook page. “Well, all melted my way,” he said, drawing the word melted.

He said he wanted to live to be 100 years old and then some.

“I’m on medication that God has given to you to build your immune system feed you,” he says in the clip. “You know, if you really want to move through this world and affects you mentally and you have to walk through his commandments and you have to be healthy.”

Video shows much slimmer Bishop Eddie Long

Eddie Long revealed he even considered suicide

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Dallas shooting: Gunman wanted to kill whites says police chief

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th July 2016

Dallas shooting: Gunman wanted to kill whites says police chief

The suspect, identified as Micah Johnson, 25, said he was appalled by the recent police were shooting black people, Police Chief David Brown said.

Five policemen were slain and seven wounded during a march against shooting black men by police.

Three people have been arrested but it is not clear whether other men.

held protests in Dallas after the deaths this week Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana.

Mr Brown said the suspect is dead when police use of explosives by a robot in a tense stand-off ends in a building where he took cover. For this, he said a negotiator

“He said he was upset about Black Lives Case [protests] was, he said he was appalled by the recent police shooting”. Mr Brown a press conference.

“the suspect said he was troubled by white people. The suspect said he wanted white people, especially white to kill officers.”

Mr Brown added that the man said he not only groups

But connected and Mr Brown acted alone., Earlier speaking on Friday, has said two snipers from “elevated position” fired, shoot some officers in the back.

red roses and worn looking stuffed animals left on Griffin Street near the place where the officers shot down.

Dozens of police are now patrolling the area under a harsh midday sun, and employees of a nearby Westin Hotel is lugging around giving bottled water and dried bars to officials.

Things are tense. Brandt Sadlowski, 24, has an argument with the officers about his gun, a 9mm that he wears on his belt.

It is legal in Texas, but the officers asked him to steer clear of the memorial. The police do not want incidents – especially not today.

The White House later said investigators have certainly from any connection with a terrorist organization.

Micah Johnson with his mother in Mesquite, an eastern suburb of Dallas, and was a member of the US Army Reserve, US media reported.

Researchers subsequently sealed and searched his home, carrying away several bags of material.

Gunfire erupted around 20:45 local time on Thursday (01:45 GMT Friday) as protesters marched through the city. There was panic as people stir for cover. The police ambush so carefully planned and executed.

Officers later surrounded a car park near El Centro College where the stand-off with the suspect have been made.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said two civilians were also injured in the shooting. A surgery for a gunshot wound to the leg.

He said the three suspects in custody so far has been co-operating and was “tight-lipped”.

President Barack Obama, the presence of a NATO summit in Poland, calling it an “evil, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.”

He later ordered all flags on public buildings be flown halfmas.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch described events in Dallas as “an unfathomable tragedy.”

“Americans across our country a sense of helplessness, uncertainty and fear,” she said.

“These feelings are understandable and justified. But the answer is not to force.”

The Dallas attack indicates the deadliest day for our law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

The rally which path wound through the city was one of several held in the US on police use of lethal force against African Americans.

Philando Castile shot dead after his car stopped by police in St. Paul, Minnesota, said yesterday.

Alton Sterling was slain by police a day earlier in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Both incidents were caught on video, reigniting which has become a national debate.

The disturbing video of Philando Castilla’s last breath galvanized Pastor Thomas Myth more to speak out publicly against the police murder.

But, he says, the Dallas attacks to push a setback to the activists for change and justice not. The mood in St. Paul was absorbed sober as residents turn this shock and what it can mean.

“Dallas is a larger than Philando,” says Mr. Castilla’s friend to media at the protest site outside the Governor’s Mansion, and adds. “This is bigger than all of us”

“I hope there is justice for the people’s murder in Dallas and for the person who has done the murder here,” one of the protesters. When he was not expected to fears.

“I hope not cop gets angry here and try to take revenge.”

Powerball jackpot increases to $415 million

Posted in Trending Topics on 6th May 2016

Powerball jackpot increases to 5 million

Powerball jackpot to grow to $ 415M

No jackpot winner in drawing Wednesday raising the top prize.

The Lotto jackpot even bigger growth.

There was no jackpot winner in Wednesday night drawing increasing the price of $ 348 million to an estimated $ 415 million.

Although not craving change, it is far from the $ 1600000000 Lotto prize shared by three winning lottery kaartjie houers in January, attracting the biggest ever jackpot in the world. No one has the full jackpot won from March 2.

Powerball say the odds of winning the grand prize is one of the more than 292 million.

Lotto tickets sold in 44 countries, as well as the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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Also, data reported by

a © 2016 CNBC LLC. All rights reserved. A section of NBCUniversal

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At least 2 dead in Lackland Air Force Base shooting

Posted in Trending Topics on 9th April 2016

At least 2 dead in Lackland Air Force Base shooting

Sheriff:. Two shooting deaths at Lackland AFB

CNBC’s Sue Herera report that two people have been slain in a shooting at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas

At least two died in a Friday shooting at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.

the office of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said his deputies continued to search the base, and that they found at least two deaths in the incident. The scene is still active as of 10:40, seen ET, but a representative for the MSNBC sheriff said his office does not believe that there is an active shooter situation.

The spokesman said the incident was an apparent murder-suicide.

The official bill for the sheriff first posted on Twitter about the active shooter reports at 09:50, ET.

About 25 minutes later, the same account said officials are working to clean buildings based programs.

Shortly after the account of the sheriff’s office said: “We have victims” in the increasingly active scene.

Data is a real-time snapshot * Data delayed at least 15 minutes Global Business and Financial News, stock quotes, and Mark data and analysis

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a © 2016 CNBC LLC. All rights reserved. A section of NBCUniversal

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Foo Fighters, Who Are Definitely Not Broken Up, Are Rocks Funniest Band

Posted in Trending Topics on 4th March 2016

Foo Fighters, Who Are Definitely Not Broken Up, Are Rocks Funniest Band

foo we have good last night but Whatâ ???? is so remarkable is that Dave Grohl and his brittle defensive jesters in Rocka ???? the court now for about 20 years. Their love of jokes and send-ups has become synonymous with their power chords ever since they typically self grunge severe form 1996a ???? s winning, Mentos commercial spoofing clip for ???? Big me.â ????

Only somewhere their tour mates Weezer managed to crack the same code and realize that anxiety-ridden guitar-rock can be combined with lighter, more in-jokey imagery. But the boys never completely engrossed in the utter slapstick and sketch comedy that Grohl and Co. volunteer for: It is, Weezer didnâ ???? Don t prosthetics to play sumo wrestlers in their â ???? Hash Pipeâ? ??? clip. Thatâ ???? however, necessarily being that Foo Fighters has 1999a ???? s â ???? Learning to fly, â ???? which was one of their catchiest singles, but also one of their most stone-faced to date. How calm ringing and search text to a harmless ???? looking to the sky to save me? Â ???? By wigs and fake breasts on Grohl in a clip where macho rock strips Tenacious Da drug aircraft crew and passengers -. As played by the foo, of course (including the former Sunny Day Real Estate moper Nate Mendel as a baby)

At this time it is almost impudent silliness touched expected not only in the Banda ?? ? ? s videos (2002a lurk ???? s homophobe bait â ???? Low, â ???? where a trucker hats Grohl cross-dresses in a motel with Jack Black – 100-upped almost a decade later by the Banda ???? ‘s truck-stop bulk-raging â ???? ???? Hot Bunsâ promo video); ita ???? has become a steady part of their actual approach to the stage. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day gave their stupid poses a long time ago, in favor of almost dangerous seriousness makeovers -A Foo Fightersâ ???? tack is closer than Alien Ant Farm was a major tire and puts it out for two decades.

You can use the argument that their mega-success after Kurt Cobainâ ???? death directly correlate to how they make deflated grunge with a smile, the famous pro-LGBTQ Cobain himself would be proud, he lived to see his drummer goes to the Westboro Baptist Church troll. Namely: In 2011, when the bigots lances a ???? God hates Fagsâ ???? try picket signs show Foo Fighters, they have cheated in a disguised rejoice country performance texts as a ???? In the mood for some hot man-Lovina ???? recorded. â ???? And it wasnâ ???? not even the only time theyâ ???? five punked the world elite ???? worst church. At this point, Grohl is a companion and peer Paul McCartney, Bono, and John Paul Jones. Even with Mr. Macphisto and â ???? Dirk McQuicklyâ ???? in that forest, the boys never seen anything like confrontation and Jackass-like effort over the foo’s to do this:

And the Banda ???? s also known for turning lemons in Lynchburg Lemonade anointed Grohl famous remain a tour last year after frontman with a real throne broke his leg. This kicked off his finest variety of stunts still, in public introductory revenge on a rival drummer ninth grade, making fun of his wealthy fans in box seats, and challenging animal from the Muppets a percussionistsâ ???? clash. What does this Sophomoric banana peels unique is that between, Grohlâ ???? s vasgehaak two Emmys, performed with a jazz piano legend, and along with the cute Beatle himself. He claims to be proud to be commonplace grandeur it deserves. Nobody else has. And if he makes good music sometimes, itâ ???? is to suppose obvious that Grohlâ ???? s charisma is at least half-execution of his Rocka ???? to ???? roll torch. That brings us to the last evenings ???? s premature speculation about â ???? announcementâ ???? video. It worked just as well as it did because it makes total sense that Foo Fighters will be ready for a break, but she couldnâ ???? t also have their fans pranked (and, frankly, we) as they WERENA ???? t so shameless to begin with. Nobody else coulda ???? has snatching with a straight face.