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Sergey Kovalev says Andre Wards points win was wrong decision

Posted in Trending Topics on 21st November 2016

Sergey Kovalev says Andre Wards points win was wrong decision

The Russian called for a rematch immediately after losing his IBF, WBA Super and WBO world titles to a close points decision at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Kovalev put Ward on the floor in the second round only to lose 114-113 on all three judges’ scorecards

“It is the wrong decision,” Kovalev said.

“I do not want to say my opinion, so the people are the witnesses are here and everybody saw what happened.

“I made the best shape for this fight since I was 11 years old. It was the [biggest] fight of all my life and really I am disappointed with the judges decision.

“He got a few rounds. I am agreeing with that, it is not the full fight and controlled all the rounds. I lost maybe three rounds in all the fight.

“Of course I want a rematch. And I will kick his a***. I just wanted to show boxing I am good boxer and fight rounds – not small rounds.”

Kovalev was making his third appearance in Las Vegas in comparison to the winner, Ward, who was making his debut.

‘Krusher’ admitted he had no problem with the crowed backing the unbeaten Californian but made the point that judges, Burt A Clements, Glenn Trowbridge and John McKaie, are also American.

“I am the guest here in the USA… he’s a local and all the judges were from the USA,” he said.

“I agree they support a boxer but be honest, this is a sport – do not make it politics. I won this fight and everybody agreed.”

Ward, who suffered a knockdown for the first time in 11 years, refused to discuss a rematch, saying he would never make a decision like that so soon after a fight.

The Californian did pay credit to Kovalev but believes the unanimous decision was the correct outcome.

“I have been a champion and was a champion before I came in here and I knew it was going to be a tough fight,” he said.

“You never anticipate getting dropped; that was the first time in my career getting dropped but I was pleased with myself they way I responded.

“He did everything that I expected him too, including fade a little bit. He started to slow up. He never quit but he started to slow.

Steve Irwins daughter Bindi sparks outrage by posting video of herself wrestling a crocodile

Posted in Trending Topics on 6th September 2016

Steve Irwins daughter Bindi sparks outrage by posting video of herself wrestling a crocodile

This is the dramatic moment Steve Irwin’s daughter catch a crocodile with the help of AA rescue team.

The Instagram clip, posted 10 years since her early father’s deathâ point enraged some viewers sparks accusations cruelty

Bindi writing under the video:. aa. “Our highly experienced @AustraliaZoo Croc team uses the same capture techniques Pa developed many years ago

” We have really the most elite team when it comes to capturing crocodiles and we all share the passion for the protection of crocodiles and educating others. “

The technique seen jumping a group of rescue workers in the video at the top of a large crocodile, are said to be used for reptiles from areas where they tend to be removing stripped.

Steve Irwin was a well-known nature expert and TV présentera to death in September 2006 after beinga piercing shot in the chest by a stingray barb.

Did Kodak Black Get Sentenced To Prison For Three Years? Viral Rumor Claims Rapper Set To Serve Hard Time

Posted in Trending Topics on 1st August 2016

Did Kodak Black Get Sentenced To Prison For Three Years? Viral Rumor Claims Rapper Set To Serve Hard Time

If Kodak Black on his way to jail for the next three years?

Viral spreading rumors this weekend that the 19-year-old rapper was sentenced to some serious time for the long piece indictments HEA? ??? s face, but some are more reliable stores come forward to disprove the rumors and set the record straight.

Kodak Black is still in prison after his latest arrest, which in May. He was arrested in Broward County, Florida, on charges of armed robbery and false imprisonment included WSVN reported.

The arrest of May, just a few weeks after the Pompano Beach, Florida, native was arrested for another incident in which he allegedly has tried to arrest him, the police on a chase after them for making a drug deal. He has the incident with the costs for possession of marijuana, the flight of civil servants, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

So, while itâ ???? Obviously Kodak Black is on trial on a number of serious problems, the rumor circulating the HEA ???? s was sentenced to three years in prison just ISNA ???? t true. Ita ???? is not exactly clear how the rumor started, DJ Akademiks noted that itâ ???? difficult to trace back to the source.

But DJ Akademiks was one of a handful of media personalities try to disprove the rumor. He posted a YouTube clip calling those false reports that Kodak Black was sentenced to jail spread.

His report can be seen here [the video contains some adult language].

???? DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) July 30, 2016

Although the story of Kodak Blacka ???? the legal problems is the biggest news around him, hea ???? is still managed to make an impression as one of the most up-and-coming rappers in the industry. As MTV pointed out, he used a mixtape while he was still behind bars, one thatâ ???? s has a big impact on the rap world.

???? New Era Promotions (@ NewEraPromo954) July 30, 2016

Among the songs on the mixtape also affects the problems HEA ???? s is the preservation of the problems, noted the MTV report.

???? the fact that Kodak is in trouble with the law provides for an unfortunate timely backdrop for the tapeâ ???? Best track: â ???? Letter, â ???? where he describes how in the prison and reads a letter from a friend. The song may over-sentimental, but Kodak mixes it with the vicissitudes of two friends talking shit together. His friend â ???? just out of prison for him ???? Kodak wants the best if he does fight his case, told him how all his friends miss him, dreaming of what theyâ ???? will do together once HEA ???? free (a ???? I hoped if I could drive us out to the Cityâ ????), and even offers a bit of life advice (a ** t ???? It’s just a lesson to you , bruh, pay attention / when you, Kodak, holds just focus and keep spittingâ ????). Ita ???? SA novel way known desire to make it out of a difficult situation and to keep oneâ ???? up.â head ????

Kodak Black has his first mixtape, when he was 16 years old, and he has his first big break two years later when Drake a video of himself dancing Kodaka ???? the number â ???? Skrt.â posted ???? Kodak Black later signed with Atlantic Records.

And even ā after his last arrest, Kodak Black racked one of the greatest honors for a new rapper ???? is referred to XXLâ ???? s cram class of 2016.

???? XXL Magazine (@XXL) June 13, 2016

Possible Hillary VP pick Tim Kaine brings solid economic record

Posted in Trending Topics on 22nd July 2016

Possible Hillary VP pick Tim Kaine brings solid economic record

With the economy are central in the presidential election this year, voters will likely size vice president nominees party based on their performance on economic issues.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, a former governor of the Commonwealth, is a leading candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate on the Democratic ticket are. If so, Kaine has a record that should provide some solid talking points.

Kaine was sworn in over 70 containers Virginia as the Great Recession in January 2006 was about to send reverse the national economy and start a wave of layoffs that millions of workers leaving the air.

Many of those came contraction in the private sector. Thanks in part to heavy reliance of the state on federal contracting and public works, Virginia was largely spared the worst of the economic pain of the recession’s.

To be sure, Virginia economy did not escape unscathed. When Kaine left office in January 2010, the jobless rate has risen to 7.4 percent of state – of 3.2 percent when he took office four years earlier. But it was still lower than the national average, which increased in January 2006 from 4.7 percent to 9.9 percent four years later

A strong service Virginia have also helped to maintain relatively strong growth wages. the state ranks just over the middle median annual salaries.

Like many countries Virginia also faces rising costs of pensions and health benefits for current and future retired state employees. But compared with other governments, Virginia langtermyn expense and debt relatively small.

But Virginia residents is one of the most heavily taxed in the country, 12th highest of the 50 countries, according to the Tax Foundation. In 2012, the most recent data available, Virginians pay $ 4,623 per person in state and local taxes.

Data is a real-time snapshot * Data delayed at least 15 minutes Global Business and Financial News, stock quotes and market data and analysis

The data also

Warriors have interest in Ray Allen [report]

Posted in Trending Topics on 6th July 2016

Warriors have interest in Ray Allen [report]

As a result of the Warriors have to offer very little money free agents, the names will be driven aging veteran players a ton of the coming days.

And because of his shooting touch, a name is very interesting: 41-year-old Ray Allen

????. Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) July 5, 2016

Kennedyâ ???? However, one report ???? t lightly be included. He was the first to Draymond Green get on the phone yesterday, just a few hours after Kevin Durant grabbed the Warriors.

The obvious concern is allena ???? age. Can he realistically any kind of punch to deliver the bank’s Warriors? Well, other older players have done this before.

Kevin Willis is to adapt the oldest player in today’s NBA. The big man is therefore 44 years old. Other notable players to play in their 40A ???? s includes, Dikembe Mutombo, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, John Stockton, Grant Hill, Kurt Thomas, Charles Oakley, Juwan Howard, Steve Nash, Michael Jordan, Jason Kidd, Andre Miller and Tim Duncan. Ita ???? is not completely unheard of.

Of course, Allen is the NBAA ???? the all-time leading three-point shooter, has made in 2973 in his 19-year career. Allen last for the Miami Heat in 2013-14, where he averaged 9.6 points in 26.5 minutes while shooting 37.5 percent from downtown. He was more productive on offense, but a burden on the defense.

But you can imagine Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Ray Allen on the floor at the same time? Warriors fans will foam at the mouth. Someone might wide open on the court, and the Splash Brothers will expand to the Splash Family. Allen would become the new fan favorite, just like how Mo Speights Oracle Arena give rise could make to their feet always hit it off three of the bank. They shoot would deliver the bank’s momentum.

ensure ???? No telling what kind of shape All are in, even though Kennedyâ ???? Report Says HEA ???? s pruning. Walk around the gym is different than the monitoring of J. R. Smith. Ita ???? is also incredible how much the league two seasons has moved to allena ???? SA pension. The three-point shot over the NBA taken as a forest fire, a large part of the Warriors. The competition is aimed at the archers back in the day, ???? A allena ???? ‘S legacy mighta included five more championships and personal awards.

If you ask Allen to Ian Clark filla garbage-time role at the end of the bench, he probably will not ???? t in. HEA ???? enter wants to play then hea ???? deserted beach and family. If youâ ???? Re asks him to live up to the production Leandro Barbosa you have, make sure ??? ? s no telling if he’s still the legs to do it. All were never a lock-down defender, and two years away froma NBA game will not ???? t help that a part of the argument.

Then again, itâ ???? it is unclear how many players will be willing to play for $ 1.5 million. Matthew Dellavedova will be $ 9,000,000 per year over the next four years. If youâ ???? entire league five sent off for a few seasons now the best Timea is to earn a little money. Not everyone is going to be like Zaza Pachulia and sign for much less than they are worth. The Warriors will have question marks on the roster.

And the team needs shooters off the couch. The second unit Kana ???? t play a very different style than the beginning. Andre Iguodala is a capable shooter off the couch, but you donâ ???? t want to be his main duty on offense. Shaun Livingston is much more of a midrange player and hea ???? is more effective when; s surrounded by snipers. Rookie Patrick McCaw can hit three-pointers, but leaning to rescue him right away is risky.